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Of course we love Prosecco it's light It's fruity dry or sweet and it's not Gonna melt your credit card but what you Might not know is this wine is way more Serious and sophisticated than you ever Thought possible I'm here to introduce You to a new tool winefall you just Released to help us find some of the Best Prosecco out there See Prosecco Doc is made in this huge Area that's mostly Flatlands and it's Not really making great tasting wines However Prosecco Superior Bocg comes from a very special terroir In corneliano Val dobiadene it's an Elevated spot Quite literally Hogs back ridges Define the landscape Here Trails Wind Through breathtaking Scenes past charming casero bnbs and Vineyards Lush with Galera Vines And in glare we find the secret to the Finest Prosecco see this grape is Actually very sensitive to the soil and Elevation in which it grows and we need These Hills To make the glare in its best possible Expression So when you use the new guide you'll be Able to discover the region its Secrets The sweetness levels and where to look For the best quality wines I'll give you Some examples check out wineries like Chiodes bumante in the famed cartitse

Zone or bartolomeo making wines with Very long names like mayor valdobia Superior radio CG dry melismato there Are more than 190 producers in all in The new guide and it will help you Decode these labels and find wines that Best suit your palette what's surprising To me is that even some of the most Knowledgeable sommeliers I know don't Really know this region that well and You know what that means there's value To be found the guide is dynamic and Producers are always updating it with New wines for you to discover so I'd Like you to enjoy it salute