Discovering the Delightful Light Bodied Beauty in Just 1 Minute: Blind Tasting #18

Welcome to our blog, where we uncover the hidden gems of the wine world. In this edition of our Blind Tasting series, we embark on a journey to discover the delightful light-bodied beauties that never fail to surprise us. In just one minute, we aim to unravel the mysteries hidden within bottle #18, as we dive headfirst into the captivating world of blind tasting. Join us as we sip, savor, and unveil the secrets of this enchanting wine. Are you ready to indulge in a sensory adventure like no other? Let’s dive in!

Discovering the Delightful Light Bodied Beauty in Just 1 Minute: Blind Tasting #18


Welcome to our blind tasting series where we invite you to join us on an exploration of the world of wines. In this edition, we dive into Blind Tasting #18, focusing on a delightful light-bodied beauty that will tantalize your taste buds. Get ready to uncover the hidden gems that lie within this exquisite wine.

Wine geek explores the conversation between grape and land

Wine is more than just a beverage; it is an expression of the conversation between grape and land. Blind Tasting #18 showcases a medium ruby-colored wine with an average alcohol content. This wine captivates with its delicate flavors and aromas, taking you on a journey through the vineyards where it was born.

Aromas that awaken the senses

As you pour yourself a glass of Blind Tasting #18, you will be greeted with enchanting aromas that awaken the senses. Notes of roses and violets dance together, while ripe raspberry adds a touch of fruity sweetness. The scent of wet rocks transports you to the vineyard, as if you were standing amidst the terroir itself. And don’t be surprised if you detect a hint of dried jerky, adding a unique savory element to this fascinating blend.

Possible native fermentation with wild yeasts

The winemaker behind Blind Tasting #18 may have opted for native fermentation with wild yeasts, adding an extra layer of complexity to the wine. This natural approach to winemaking allows the grape’s true character to shine through, resulting in a more authentic and expressive wine.

Light yet ripe tannins and a touch of elegance

One of the distinguishing features of Blind Tasting #18 is its lighter-bodied nature. The wine delicately coats the palate, offering a graceful experience that leaves a lasting impression. Despite its lightness, the tannins are ripe, adding a subtle structure that complements the overall harmony of the wine.

Possible varieties: Ponir, Granache, Mero or Seno

Though the exact grape varieties used in Blind Tasting #18 remain a mystery, there are some potential contenders. The Ponir grape with its bright acidity and floral notes could be a favorable candidate. Granache, known for its spicy and berry flavors, may also make an appearance. The Mero grape, with its elegant tannins and red fruit character, might be another possibility. Lastly, the Seno grape, often associated with aromas of violet and lavender, could round out this alluring blend.


In just one minute, Blind Tasting #18 allows you to discover a delightful light-bodied beauty that is sure to captivate your senses. The wine’s medium ruby color, fascinating aromas, and gentle tannins create an experience that transports you to the vineyards where it was crafted.

Unveiling the genius behind the blend, this wine represents the exquisite conversation between grape and land. Whether it’s Ponir, Granache, Mero, or Seno, the grape varieties in Blind Tasting #18 harmoniously come together to create an elegant and enchanting wine.


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Please note that variations in Blind Tasting #18 may occur depending on the vintage and winemaking techniques used.