Does SIZE Matter? Blind Tasting Champagne from Mini to Double-Magnum Bottle.

Master of one and today I'm trying to Answer a question that has plagued the Wine word for a long time does size Matter or rather does the size of the Bottle have an impact on the quality of The wine in order to do that I'm going To take a bath in champagne or rather Taste the same champagne from five Different bottle sizes in a blind Tasting extraordinaire let's pop some Corks Bottles are more important than people Might think without the glass bottle Wine would have never developed the way It did before techniques evolved so that Glass bottles could be produced in bulk Wine was generally transported and Stored in barrels and forests and skins Only when the glass bottle was Introduced at a larger scale wine could Slowly evolve in bottle without going Bad one style of wine that did not exist Before the glass bottle was sparkling Wine the point of sparkling wine is well That it Sparkles and the CO2 would Generally escape from all other vessels But the glass bottle poor champagne and Other sparkling wines the bottle is even More important as it becomes the vessel For the second fermentation when a Simple sour and light base wine is Turned into sparkling wine champagne Bottles therefore need to be thicker as They have to withstand the pressure that

Builds up in the bottle which can be way Higher than the pressure in your tire For example on top of that they Generally have a deeper punt because That increases the surface area of the Glass and makes the bottle even stronger The Japanese do love their bottles they Come in all shapes and sizes and they Were very creative when naming their Bottles most people know the standard Bottle the half bottle and the Magnum Bottle but there's also the quarter Bottle which is called quarter bottle Even though it's not really a quarter of Anything it's 0.2 liters in size the Bigger bottles carry names taken from The Bible like geroboam baltazar and Salomon some of them were Kings but not All of them as some sources suggest and No one really knows why these names were Picked there's a lot of discussion about The ideal bottle size most producers and Experts agree though that the same base Wine fermented and aged in different Bottle sizes taste different this is Mainly explained by the fact that larger Size bottles contain less oxygen and are Exposed to less oxygen during Discouragement relative to their volume It was also discovered that the oxygen Contained in the cork which is the same Size for a standard bottle and a magnum Forex example has less impact on the Larger volume bottle and therefore the

Wine tastes fresher and more vibrant you Can also add that external factors such As light and temperature have less of an Impact on a large bottle than on a small One and the fermentation in a large Bottle generally takes longer and Therefore produces more complex wines Most champagne producers seem to Recommend the Magnum bottle over the Smaller size bottles but is this really Good advice or are they just trying to Sell more champagne let's find out I Have five bottles of the same champagne Here the quarter bottle the half bottle The standard bottle the Magnum bottle And the three liter gero Boron bottle And I'm going to taste them all blind to See whether I can spot any differences And find out which one I prefer so this Is Imperial which is produced on a wide Scale and is generally very consistent In quality so all of these babies were Filled with the same base wine the only Difference is the size of the bottle so Let's open them so this thing is really Cute a baby bottle really but it looks Like a miniature champagne bottle I Think this is the first time I've opened One of those quarter bottles and I still Don't really know why they are called Quarter bottles so comment down below if You know Would be funny if it would make like a

Smaller pop sound so this is the half Bottle which is like the ideal picnic Size on well if you have an evening Alone and don't want to drink too much And this is the standard bottle I don't Know how many of these are produced Every year but I reckon a lot And this is the Magnum the bottle shape Most champagne producers actually prefer Little fun fact most bottles bigger than The three liter bottle are actually Filled with Magnum bottles so the wine Doesn't re-ferment in these huge bottles It's just filled with Magnums so I Haven't made a mess so far which is good But you shouldn't praise the day before Night time Is that the saying I don't know and now The biggest of the bunch the three liter Gero boam bottle which is a bottle size That I don't very often hold in my hands Unfortunately it's kind of heavy But I'm excited to open it at some point Those bottles get really difficult to Manage one of the biggest formats the Pre-match contains 36 champagne bottles That's 27 liters it's one meter tall and It weighs 65 kilograms so you really Need help when you want to pour yourself A glass I've been working out so I can Still handle this Barely Imagine one of those bottles exploding On you

That'd be a mess you can see here that The general born bottle actually has a Bigger cork than the Magnum bottle Standard bottle and the half bottle and The only one here that has a really tiny Cork is the quarter bottle which is yeah It's cute it's really really small I'm Going to pour The champagne into the glasses all of The glasses are labeled so there's a cue For a quarter H for half and S for Standard Magnum and J for jeroboam and Then I'm going to get out my randomizer So now I'm going to just mix them up a Little bit on the table before I put Them on my randomizer Patent pending This is a little bit tight but I think It's going to work Let's go [Music] Let's taste so looking at the glasses They kind of look the same even though In this one looks like it has less Bubbles Don't really know what that means but I'm just going to start off with this One it smells of lemon zest quite fresh Vibrant not too many yeasty briochi Notes so quite delicate on the palette It's light and creamy it again feels Like it has lower CO2 levels than other Champagnes might have But well let's taste the rest first just

Smelling them is fascinating because They are very different this one for Example has quite pronounced complex Flavors it's quite intense and Rich Where Well some are lighter and some are Stronger so Interesting so as I'm tasting them I'm Going to shuffle them around in the Order of preference with this one being The less exciting and this one being the Best Foreign Okay this is fascinating I think this is My lineup in order of preference from The worst to the best I actually think They are fairly similar with the Exception of this one which is In my opinion outstanding I mean it's Much better than all of the rest With the other four it's kind of well There's a difference by a point or two Between them so not a lot they are very Similar in style very similar in Expression especially on the palette They tend to taste quite similar this One just on the nose it has this Flintiness this reduction which is Really appealing and very very Interesting so let's find out which one Is which Shall we so let's start with the worst I Mean it's not there's not a world of Difference between them I thought this

Was kind of lighter the CO2 was lower There was less bubbles it was more fruit Driven a little bit less exciting I'd Say so this one is the Half bottle All right so not the smallest bottle but The second smallest and I just thought It wasn't really well it wasn't really Doing it for me but it was fine so let's Move on to the next which was the Quarter bottle okay the smallest bottle Actually was better than the half bottle And I'm actually not 100 sure whether The quarter bottle is actually fermented In this tiny bottle or whether it's also Being somehow refilled from other bottle Sizes I should have found that out before Making this video I guess but I will Find out somehow okay let's move on to The third and I actually thought those Two were very similar in style and the Third is A standard bottle okay so the one with The S here so there is a clear Trend Towards bigger is better but now let's Find out whether the best wine came Actually from The biggest bottle Magnum so this is the M4 Magnum and this One came in second like I said I Actually thought that the Magnum bottle Tasted very similar to The Standard Bottle and if I'm honest it actually

Also tasted fairly similar to the Quarter bottle so those three were Pretty much on the same level so that Means that the huge bottle the big J the Gero Bohan bottle won the tasting and Well I really thought this was quite Extraordinary it was very complex very Very interesting much more complex than The previous wines I mean again it's not There's not a world between them it's I Think a few points maybe two or three Points but this is definitely better I Do love serving champagne from big Bottles at birthday parties or other Celebrations in my house and normally I'm using the Magnum but maybe not going For the jeroboam instead Let's see so thank you for watching if You like this video then please like it Down here subscribe to my channel if you Haven't done so already a question of The day is what am I supposed to do with All this champagne let me know down Below also let me know if you have any Experiences when it comes to Quality and Bottle size I'm really interested in Hearing what your experiences are I hope I see you guys again soon until then Man Lots of champagne ahead of me So stay thirsty Just like me [Music] [Applause]