Hi my name is constantinbaum i’m a Master of wine and this is my channel Where we are thirsty for knowledge And wine this series is called the wine Tasting where i do a deep dive tasting Of some of the best wines in the world And some wines that might one day be Amongst the best Today we are tasting stars to borrow a Phrase that is associated With one of the most famous people from The champagne region Dom perignon and i’m going to taste the 2010 Dom perignon that was just released so Make sure that you stick around until The end for the tasting of this beauty Though this one is named after the Famous benedictine monk Dom perignon never even got to taste This wine because he died more than 200 Years Before this label was first released Counter to popular belief dom perignon Didn’t actually invent sparkling Champagne he was the seller master at The ebay de utv And he improved the quality of champagne Still wines quite significantly But he didn’t actually invent sparkling Champagne another fun fact is that the Brand name don perennial was first Registered by the mercier champagne House

And was passed on to muette in chandon In 1927 The first vintage of dom perignon that Was ever produced Was the 1921 that was first sold in 1936 Until 1943 don perrignon was actually Just the normal muay the chandler Vintage wine That was rebottled in this very distinct Traditional bottle And the 1947 vintage was the first Vintage of dom perignon That was made completely separately Other important milestones include that In 1959 the first dom perignon jose was Produced In 1981 dom perignon was actually served At the wedding reception Of prince charles and princess diana it Was the 1961 Dom perignon from magnums and since 2000 The name Muay chandong has been dropped from the Label of dom perignon To give the wine its own identity so Let’s talk about the origins of dom Peregno the vineyards where the grapes Are coming from for this wine Chandon the owners of dom perignon own Roughly 1 200 hectares of vineyards in the region And roughly 50 percent of those Vineyards are classified as grand cru There’s no detailed information on where

The grapes for dom perignon actually Come from but the wineries suggest that They are using grapes From the 17 sides in champagne that are Classified as corn cool but they are Also using some grapes from premier Cruise sites surrounding oatville where Dom peregrino Originally worked and this is why they Are not allowed to put grunkle on the Label because they are also using some Fruit From premier cruise sites if you want to Learn more about grown crew premier crew And everything with regards to champagne Then check out my video On the champagne region i’ll link it up Somewhere up there So let’s talk about the wine now dom Perignon was always a vintage wine that Was only released in exceptional Vintages and it was very rare in the Past that more than Two vintages in a row were declared for Dom perignon the only exception was 1969 70 and 71 but since 98 Only 2001 and 2007 were not declared for Dom peregno So either the vintages are just getting Better or they are just better at Quality management Or they are not as selective as they Used to be donperon is a luxury item but It is produced in very large numbers

Winery doesn’t release any official Numbers on production volumes But estimates range between five and Seven million bottles per year which is A huge number And which still shocks me but at the Same time i gotta say That it is a great example for the fact That it is possible To produce great quality at great Quantities So dom perignon today produces three Different ranges the first one is the White dom perignon vintage wine that i’m Going to focus on In this video the second one is the dom Perignon jose which is always a vintage Wine And is usually quite rich and Concentrated as a rose wine From the champagne region and the third One is the Plenitude series which is formerly known As the uno tech series They are marked with a p on the label The p2 wines Actually aged for an additional 15 years Sewer lut in contact with the yeast And the p3 wines get 20 more years So you’re not in contact with the yeast So those wines are more complex more Rich And more dominated by the yeast flavor And they usually also get a lower level

Of dosage So the base wine for this vintage dom Perignon gets fermented in stainless Steel at between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius it undergoes full malolactic Fermentation in tank and it then gets Re-fermented In bottle as all champagnes do and it Gets aged for roughly 10 years on the yeast and the dosage Level usually Is around six grams per liter which is Pretty dry so when it comes to grape Varieties dom perignon is always a Caveat of pinot noir and chardonnay Roughly at equal parts Sometimes it goes up to 60 of pinot noir Or chardonnay the only exception was the 1970 vintage When they used 65 of chardonnay If you want to learn more about Chardonnay and then check out my video On the grape variety i’ll link it up Somewhere up there i think it is over Here So let’s talk about the vintage 2010 was Not a great vintage for champagne So the summer was actually pretty nice It wasn’t too hot which is good for the Production of champagne but in august There were a major rainfalls and after Those rainfalls diseases spread all Across the region And many maisons didn’t actually declare

2010 As a vintage but the team at dom Perignon decided that they Want to do a very thorough selection of The fruit that is coming into the winery And they believe that they made a great Wine in a very difficult vintage So before i start tasting the wine i Want to talk about dumpling pop culture Dumpling Has actually become really famous and is A status symbol today The most famous association between dom Perignon and something else Probably the association with the james Bond movies James bond drinks dom perignon seven Times in the movies over the last few Decades today The singer lenny kravitz is actually the Creative director of don perrino Does yeah marketing and creates Different labels for the brand And don perignon as the name is also Mentioned in rap lyrics From rappers like ja rule 50 cent or Asap Rocky so before i open this bottle i Want to tell you what the price is this Bottle of 2010 dom perignon currently Sells at 140 euros a bottle and old vintages of Dom perignon Sell at crazy prices three bottles of

The 1921 Don perignon the first vintage ever Produced sold at auction for 25 000 us dollars for example so when i Drink great champagne i really want to Make sure that i use a great glass This is my favorite champagne glass it’s The real champagne glass Which is really big big enough to allow The wine To really shine so let’s open this wine Dom piano has this weird foil that Doesn’t really open properly so you just Have to kind of Rip it open by removing the aircraft but Hold on this is a bit Too boring one second This is much better [ __ ] this is not what i expected so i’m Really making a fool of myself because Normally you should keep this bottle Really cold When you when i open it with the saber i Had it At a really cold temperature but then it Stood there for I don’t know an hour or whatever and now It was a bit too warm but Anyways i saved most of the champagnes So we are good so as you can see the Wine has a beautiful Fine purlage which is pretty normal for A vintage champagne that has been aged For a long time it’s actually really

Delicate and fine it has some Citrus flavors but there’s also Beautiful Brioche and croissant flavors coming Through after a bit the flavors change They become a bit more exotic you have Some mango there Some ripe peaches on the palate it’s Really juicy and rich You got lots of concentration but it’s Not the most Vibrant and fresh champagne it’s more A rich and exotic kind of champagne so When it comes to food pairing You could beautifully pair this wine With seafood Lobster would be the classic combo with Vintage champagne Some people also serve caviar with Champagne but that doesn’t work at all In my opinion Just makes the wine taste very metallic And very harsh But i’m going to go really basic and i’m Going to pair this wine With some crisps So the idea is that this wine is really Rich and vibrant And this should go well with the salty Crisps So let’s see So the salty and fatty crisps actually Go really well with the juicy And vibrant champagne but in the end

Next time i’d probably rather go for Lobster So before cleaning up this mess i Actually have to score This wine robert parker gave this one 92 Points and winners gave it 93 points Which actually makes it the worst scored Dom perignon Of the century this is obviously coming From a high level But i also think that this is definitely Not the greatest dom perignon i’ve ever Tasted The 2008 vintage for example that was Released before this one Was just amazing and this 2010 dumper in Your Legs structure and doesn’t have the same Vibrancy and the same freshness The same completeness as some previous Vintages had But i still think it’s a really good Wine but i would give it 91 points so a little less than robert Parker and venice Gave it but yeah it’s still enjoyable And i’m Definitely going to enjoy drinking this Bottle so thanks for watching if you Like this video then please Like it down here subscribe to my Channel to make sure that you’re not Missing Any of my upcoming videos the question

Of the day is Have you ever tried don pereno and if Yes which Is your favorite vintage please comment Down here I also want to tell you that i really Appreciated all of your suggestions on Which ones To taste next i actually compiled a list And i got some of them already on my Shelves down there so i’m definitely Going to do Some videos based on your suggestions so Stay tuned and whatever you do Stay thirsty and I’m going to stay thirsty tonight [Music] You