Domaine de Bousquet, Gaia Organic Malbec 2019 review

Foreign [Music] Week this week I've gone to Argentina And I guess fairly predictably it's some Malbec this is the demend busky Gaia Organic Malbec 2019 and it's in waitrose Stores at a normal place of 16.99 but Starting on the 25th of January 2023 and Running through to Saint Valentine's Day 2023 the price Falls to 13.99 and hand On heart that's the price to pay for it I would say so it's a 100 organic Malbec From high altitude Vineyards in Topanga To 1200 meters altitude they aged an Older French Oak barrels and on the nose I particularly like This um Slightly kind of Cassis and slightly Violety floral lift to the wine Something that malbe can do and that Comes through nicely here along with Quite deep black fruit in this very Vibrant purple colored wine On the palette Oh there's a burst of Juicy dark berries Blueberries and blackberries Um Talons come in quite firmly quite you Know quite a grip to this wine And that gives it a bit of kind of bite Of intensity of savoriness that means It's going to be great with red meat Which is kind of the cliche of what Malbec's all about Now there's a little brother of this

Wine Um also in waitrose and the promotion For it ends tomorrow the 24th of January 2023 down from 9.99 to 6.99 Um think of the landi is the is the Brand but you know I wasn't too keen on It I have to be absolutely honest I Think it had a little bit of a slightly Harsh character and much prefer this Wine you have to pay a bit more but Certainly at the better buy from me So when we chose at 13.99 until the 14th Of February 2023 it's the demand buski It's the Gaia organic Malbec 2019 and It's my wine of the week [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music]