Drink Italy! All About Chianti Wine

Chianti smells and tastes like Italy Spicy dry coarse and fruity all at the Same time these aren't flaws they're Classic characteristics of Chianti's Major grape sanjavesai which also Happens to be the number one variety of Italy so how do we find great Chianti Let's learn more about this famous Italian wine so you can taste the good Stuff hey what's up it's Madeline Paquette from Wine Folly and if you'd Like to taste great wines from around The world check out Wine Folly Club it's A monthly tasting group with me and my Cadra of wine Pros Chianti this is a Regional wine so just like champagne it Can only be made in a specific place and That place is in Tuscany close to the City of Florence and it's where we'll Find The Vineyards that produce grapes For Chianti wines it's an intense wine To taste for a few reasons firstly Chianti is made of San giovese and this Grape is a Powerhouse of flavor with Aromas of cherry sauce sundried tomato Oregano balsamic smoke salami and even Espresso it's so complex that your Tasting Journal is going to be full of Notes of flavors the wines build tannins And high acidity For food pairing it's possible to pair With tomato sauces in lasagna Pizza and Pasta because of Chianti's high acidity It also cuts the fats in Rich roasted

Meats so if a Savory spicy red sounds Delicious to you let's get into how to Find great quality [Music] Not all Chianti is made equal and it's Okay because the region is quite large With varying growing areas in mountains And in valleys so the good people of Chianti have broken up the region into Eight sub zones the most popular and Well-known include Chianti Classico the Original Chianti Zone demarcated with a Black rooster on the label Chianti Rufina a tiny hot spot making cherry Fruit and chianti wines Chianti Kohli Fiorentini this is right next to Florence in a popular destination for Wine tourism one of the reasons why These Chianti subzones are considered Exceptional is because of their rigorous Classifications and this leads me to our Next tip on buying Chianti the big Secret about Chianti is that it tastes Better with age the spicy coarse nature Of this wine becomes smooth and leathery With extended time and bottle this chart Shows us the various ways you can see Chianti labeled one year bottled aging Is a great start eating includes all Chianti labeled Superior and anything Labeled Classico rufina and Cauliflorentini things really start to Get interesting at the Reserva level not Only do these wines have two years of

Bottle aging producers often save their Best grapes for this classification Finally at the top of the Aging pyramid Is Grand celexione this is a popular Choice for collectors Grand celexiona is The only allowed in Chianti Classico and These wines often fetch top dollar I Have one last little tip for you but I Wanted to share a special introduction From us here at Wine Folly hey look what We have here I'd like to introduce you To colleena Marshall curating for the Wine Folly club and my name is Christine Marcelo I'm a master wine and I'm the Director of education at wine falling so We've got some pretty big news but I'm Gonna let Kalina drop it we have started The Wine Folly Club as a way to share Delicious interesting wines to explore The world with you yeah so not only Going to taste amazing wines with us Every month you're also going to learn And go a little bit deeper on each of Those wines too which we're really Excited about I've got to say this has Been a huge effort us putting this all Together and we're so excited to share These wines together with you and to Learn more about wine together I hope You're excited to explore more Italian Wines and my last tip for you on Chianti Is to pay attention to the Vintage look Up vintage charts for Tuscany on a great Vintage it's actually a fantastic time

To stock up on value wines whereas you Should be buying vetted producers on Less than perfect vintages okay I hope This helps you find your next bottle of Chianti and until next time happy Tasting Peace out