Hello my name is constantin baum i’m a Master of wine and today I’m going to taste one of the best wines From barolo a region that is already Known for a pretty high standard when it Comes to wine making I’m going to open a bottle of the 2015 Barolo gavarini quiniera from elio Grasso So make sure that you stick around until The end for the tasting of this Beauty [Music] Winery is located in montfort dalber in The south of the bauelo docg The winery owns 42 hectares of land but Only 18 hectares are planted to vines The rest are forests Today it’s gianluca grasso who runs the Estate but it was elio who really put The winery on the map He returned home when his father died And left his job as a banker in turin He then really turned around the estate Made sure that one hundred percent of The wine is bottled at the winery And improved quality quite significantly Gender grazo represents the third Generation today they produce roughly 90 000 bottles per year and the top wines Are the single vineyard Wines from gabarini quiniera casa mati And the reserve room court for barrollo The vignette is really important it’s a

Bit like in burgundy where different Sides give you very different Expressions from the same grape variety Coming from the same wine maker So in 1978 the winery decided To bottle their different sides Separately and that was the first time This wine was bottled under this name But let’s look at the site now gabarini Quinera is a parcel in the cru Genestra which is right outside of Montfort dalbe In the southern part of the barolo docg There’s no official classification of The cruise of paolo but the wine critic Antonio galloni Created a classification for his website Venice and he rated genestra At the highest level as exceptional Together with other famous sites Like montrevato and bunata in the local Dialect people would call this site Sorry which means sunny and describes a Slope that is exposed to the south It’s at 350 to 400 meters altitude And the soil is limestone mixed with Sand the vines are pretty old at 35 Years of age on average And they’re saying that they are working Organically in the vineyard but they are Not certified organic The grapes for this one are 100 nebiolo And they are harvested by hand In mid october which is pretty late in

General but pretty normal for barolo Because nebula grapes just need a lot of Time To fully mature the wine is then Fermented in stainless steel tanks does The malolactic fermentation in stainless Steel And gets then transferred into 25 Hectare liter Slavonian oak barrels those big barrels Are the traditional Barrels in piemonte for barolo and they Don’t really give the wine a lot of Flavor They are more there to give the wine a Little bit more roundness Give it age ability and another Dimension the winery also uses french Oak barites but only for the reserva Wine When it comes to grape varieties their Focus is clearly on nebula but they also Added dolcetto and barbara in the 1970s And 1980s They even planted chardonnay in 1986. Nebiolo is one of the most exciting Grape varieties in the wine world and It’s a very difficult great variety To grow if you want to learn more about Nebiolo and barolo in general then check Out my video i’ll link it up Somewhere up there but let’s talk about The vintage now the vintage 2015 Followed the very difficult

In 2014 gianluca grazo actually decided Not to make any single vineyard wines Because he felt that the quality Just wasn’t there so he blended all of Those wines into a generic Baroda 2015 started really rainy But the winter finished warm and the Growing season started at the normal Time the summer was very Hot but september and october were Actually cooler Than the average temperatures for those Two months and as nebioto is a great Variety that ripens pretty late This had a big impact on the quality of The wines the wines didn’t appear hot Or overly alcoholic they were more Refined and more elegant than people Would have expected but even in this Vintage you really had to go for the Best producers because the quality Wasn’t always consistent but let’s talk About the price now i went on wine Searcher To check for the current price of the 2015 gallerini Quiniere and it currently retails for 85 Us dollars which isn’t that bad Considering that It’s from one of the top producers from This very classic Wine growing region so for the wine Tasting i’m using my rital pinot noir Glass which is in my opinion

The best glass for naviolo based ones as Well naviolo has a lot of flavor and you Really want to give this wine A little bit more space to fully express Its beautiful nose So shall we open the bottle now so this Bottle type is called albeza And it’s the traditional bottle for Barolo and barbaresco It’s called that because it was first Used by producers from Alba in the 1700s in 1973 it was Re-launched by producers Under the leadership of renato rati and Producers actually must use the albays But there are A couple of exceptions but producers Outside of those Regions are not allowed to use this Bottle shape So as you can see here the bottle is Closed on the beautiful long Natural cork so the first big question With a younger roller like this is Should i Craft it or decant it or not but i don’t Really know that Before i’ve tasted the wine so i first Have a sip from my glass I believe this wine will benefit from a Little bit more oxygen so i will put it Into my Decanter a candle would be more romantic But this also gets the job done

There isn’t really any deposit here so That’s fine So let’s give this baby another chance Biola has a beautiful period when it’s Young and quite fresh And it’s obviously also beautiful when It’s aged but there’s a period in Between where it’s kind of tricky and Doesn’t really open up It’s a bit like a teenager so you really Have to wake the wine up By decanting it by exposing it to oxygen To get the best out of the wine So the wine is very complex and elegant With flavors of cherries raspberries Violets lavender and also a little bit Of licorice It’s not in your face at all it’s very Harmonious and [Music] Fine On the palette it’s quite demanding it Has a lot of tenons lots of acidity It’s beautiful but i think it will be Really in its prime in another 10 years It just needs a little bit more time to Mellow out Today i think i definitely need a piece Of meat in order to enjoy this wine Properly Life is good i wouldn’t necessarily say That parole and duck breasts are the Most classic Combo but i felt like eating duck breast

Today and my rationale behind this match Was that the fat And the free protein of this medium Fried duck breast Would polish off the tannins and the Acidity of the young barolo And the wine isn’t really super Concentrated so it wouldn’t necessarily Overpower The bird so let’s see how it works [Music] It works the wine actually feels a Little bit more rounded and less young But i still feel a little bit bad about Opening this bottle so early Fortunately it’s not my only bottle but I’m pretty sure that This one will be a lot more fun in a few Years so what is my rating of this wine Robert parker gave this one 96 points James suckling gave it 98 points winners Gave it 97 points and antonio galloni Wrote That the gabarini quinera is one of the Wines of the vintage Don’t miss it i personally feel like This wine is absolutely beautiful I would however rate it a bit lower i Would go For 95 points i think it’s stunning and Beautiful But it’s not quite up there in my Opinion i mean It is beautiful everything is there but

It just Lacks a little bit more complexity and Concentration Maybe it’s because this one is right now In the face where it doesn’t really show Everything It has but i have to rate what i have in The glass and for me This is 95 points so thank you for Watching i hope you enjoyed this video If you liked it then please Like it down here subscribe to my Channel if you haven’t done so Already i got a question for you have You ever tasted paulo Did you like it did you not like it Please let me know Down there in the comments i will stay Hungry And you stay thirsty bye [Music] You