EXPENSIVE WINE Pt 2 – MASTER of WINE Guesses Cheap vs. Expensive Wine

Hi my name is considering baum i’m a Master of wine and it’s time to talk About wine prices Again my last video on this topic was Picked up by the youtube algorithm And kind of went viral and i want to use This video in order to address some of The questions that you guys had I will also blind taste these four Different wines that a local wine Merchant picked out for me In order to go into more detail on how i Identify quality in a wine I do not know anything about these wines Apart from the fact that they are all Made from the same grape variety And are from different countries and set At different price points Sounds impossible let’s find out [Music] First of all hello to all of the new Faces i’m very happy about the recent Growth of this channel If you haven’t subscribed yet then Please do and turn on the notification Bell it’s free and it’s your chance to Learn more about wine The question i’m trying to answer today Is whether it’s possible to Identify the quality of a wine without Seeing the label just by tasting the Wine In my previous video on this topic i Explained the relationship between the

Price and the quality of a wine With this graph warning if you are Allergic to sharpie noises Then put your fingers into your ears now As the price increases the quality on Average also increases but at some point The quality does not change anymore even Though the price can rise Indefinitely the most expensive bottle Of wine ever was the 1945 romani Quantity which sold At sotheby’s recently for 558 000 us dollars the highest score anyone Has ever received including romani conti Is 100 points This graph represents the average there Of course also exceptions to the rule Like wines That get great scores but are really Cheap and there are ones that are pretty Expensive even though they are bad in Quality like for example this 1974 lafitte rothschild that currently Retails for 550 us dollars Even though it got this pretty bad Review from robert parker This wine is browning badly has a tired Stale flat taste And is inexcusably diluted and very Short and thin on the palate 56 points that’s 0.1 point Per dollar in blind tastings it can get Difficult if you have to identify the Price of the wine

And you have over and under performance In the mix what you are actually tasting Is not the price the actual dollar signs Of the wine But its quality in contact with its Origin in order to get to the price you Therefore also have to identify the Origin the grape varieties the wine Making procedures And maybe even the vintage a very good Cabernet sauvignon from south africa Might cost only 20 us dollars While the same style and quality from Pojak in bordeaux might cost a few Hundred us dollars this is also why it’s So difficult for untrained wine tasters To identify the quality of a wine In a blind tasting they do not have the Tasting experience And do not know about pricing in Different regions They might really enjoy the juicy fruity 10 us dollar cabernet sauvignon While the 100 us dollar cabernet Sauvignon that might be Considered of higher quality by wine Geeks is titanic for their taste In order to become a master of wine i Had to practice blind tastings regularly And in order to pass the exam i had to Identify 36 different wines Including the origin grape varieties Wine making And quality levels but now it’s time to

Find out whether i can actually identify The price of the wines In a blind tasting so let’s go Man i can’t believe this actually worked Magic so these ones are actually in the Order that the wine merchant picked one Two Three four i don’t know anything about The wines apart from the fact That they are made from the same grape Variety and are being sold at different Price points My wife labeled those wines and put the Price onto the bottle And then put them into these socks so i Haven’t really touched the wines At all and now i’m going to first of all Try to find out which grape variety These wines are being made from And then i want to find out what the Price levels are for each and every one Of those wines So just by looking at the wines i can Already say that they are from a Light skinned grape variety the color is Not super Intense but it varies quite a bit so Wine one And two are quite bright purple while Three And four also have some garnet reflexes There Flavor wise it’s very much on the berry Fruit and cherries so you got some

Blackberries there some raspberries And also some sherry flavors i also get Some oak influence in wine two Three and four when one doesn’t have Much oak influence On the palette the wines are quite Velvety with fresh acidity Fine granular tannins wine two maybe has Most tannins one and three and four Seemed A little bit more aged so they are a bit Rounder and One is quite light and fresh so i would Say This grape variety is for me pretty easy To pick i think This is a pinot noir or speed bucuna as We call it in germany So let’s go through the wines one by one Wine number one seems to be more juicy Fruit driven there’s not a lot of oak Influence here So i’m thinking this is more of an entry Level style i would say this is probably From my home region Barton i might even put it to into the South of baden into the kaiserstuhl area Because of the style it’s a rich and Generous Pinot noir nevertheless it’s burgundian In style but I think the clones that were used here Are not burgundian clones For me it seems more like a german clone

Style I would say this is probably around 10 Euros Roughly 10 us dollars it’s an entry Level wine But it’s well made and it actually has Some aging potential but i wouldn’t keep This For a long long time so let’s move on to Wine number two For me wine number two is quite a Hedonistic rich and concentrated wine With lots of oak flavor as well the yolk Is well integrated but the thing is as Soon as you use barriques You have to charge more for your wine a Berry can Cost easily a thousand us dollars and The wine maker somehow has to make the Money back through selling the wines i Think This style wise could be from a warmer Region so it could be from a place like For example santa barbara where Great classic pinot noirs are being Produced But it could also be from the old world I think In germany we also have some wines that Go into this direction for example From the false region from baden my home Region Also in the r you have some opulent Pinot noirs

This is stylistically not really what i Would expect from the R i would maybe say this could be false Or barden I’m not really sure it’s quite difficult Um i I would i would really struggle to put It Directly into one place but if i had to I would probably say it’s from baden And the price point i think here is Way higher than this one so i think this Could be a 30 to 40 euro wine so let’s move on to Wine number three as an mw Student i assessed quality following an Acronym which was blick B-l-i-c so i look at the balance The length the intensity and the Complexity of the wine If the wine scores high in all of those Four then it’s a great wine And this is also how i assess those Four wines this one is actually quite a Bit more aged Than the previous ones i think you can See the garnet color here This is a pretty clear indicator that The wine has some Age and if you smell the wine you also Get some aged mature Flavors like mushrooms and forest floor This is pretty typical for pinot noir Might sound weird but this is actually a

Pretty Good sign for quality i would actually Say that this is From burgundy stylistically and this Fits very much with burgundy It’s probably not a great wine from Burgundy Not necessarily a premier or grand cru Wine i would say it’s probably more like Village Quality level price points in burgundy Are really difficult Prices can be insanely high for pretty Low quality I think this is solid and i would Guess that this retails between 30 and 40 euros Similar to the previous one even though I thought the wine number two Was way better than this one point Number three And now let’s move on to wine number Four the last one So this wine also has some h you can see That again by the color but also by the Flavor profile For me this is more vibrant more Concentrated more intense so wine number Four has a similar style to wine number Three it’s also quite complex Fresh vibrant and classic so i would Also be in burgundy With wine number four for me this is Slightly higher in quality

It’s not super high quality but i’d say It’s maybe a premier crew I would say this retails probably around 50 to 60 Euros it’s time for the big reveal let’s Do this I said wine number one retails around 10 euros so let’s see whether i was Right okay Well i know this one and it retails for 11.50 so that’s a pretty good price It’s the best bookheimer bugunder Ortzwein from the 2016 vintage so one Down Three more to go so wine number two i Thought was also from baden and i Thought it was from the 30 to 40 euro price bracket so let’s see Whether i was right okay cool so this is Wine good cop from my hometown actually It’s from around the corner and it’s From a Pretty good site in the zonenbc and it’s 31 euros So it’s actually pretty cheap i would Say this is definitely worth the money So if you Can find this somewhere go and get it so Let’s move on to wine number three i Said this is A village wine from burgundy i said it Was in the 30 to 40 euro price bracket Let’s see whether i was right and yes It’s a puma village

And it retails for 43 euros I thought this was not necessarily the Best parma i’ve tasted so now let’s Reveal the last one wine number four I thought this was from burgundy i Thought it was In the 50 to 60 euro price bracket i Thought it was pretty good quality Maybe a premier crew maybe a bone Premier crew So a pretty good pinot noir from The pinot noir homeland let’s see what It is And it’s a murray sandinis So it’s a maurice underneath village Wine From the 2011 vintage same vintage as Wine number three and it’s 47 euros that’s it for different ones And i was pretty much Right with all four of them so i’m happy With the results You see expensive wine is not for Suckers Sometimes you need a little bit of Experience in order to Appreciate the quality and i’m pretty Sure that i will appreciate All four of them tonight with dinner Thank you for watching if you like this Video then please like it down here Subscribe to my channel and turn on the Notification bell So that you don’t miss any of my

Upcoming videos My question of the day is which is your Favorite Value wine please comment down below I hope i see you guys again soon until Then Stay thirsty [Music] Me