Expert Master of Wine Reviews ‘Drops of God’ Series on Apple TV+

As wine enthusiasts eagerly await the next ‘Drops of God’ episode to air on Apple TV+, Master of Wine experts have taken it upon themselves to review the series. With their wealth of knowledge, they provide insightful commentary on the wine culture showcased in the show and the accuracy of its depictions. As an avid wine fan or just someone curious about the series, you won’t want to miss out on the expert reviews of this beloved Apple TV+ show.

Expert Master of Wine Reviews ‘Drops of God’ Series on Apple TV+


Wine is often portrayed as an old-fashioned drink that only older people enjoy, making it less relevant today. This perception, however, couldn’t be further from the truth. In recent years, wine has become more popular than ever among all age groups.

One of the reasons for this surge in popularity is because of the “Drops of God” manga, which has now been turned into a series on Apple TV+. The series follows the story of a young wine professional named Shizuku Kanzaki, who battles a wine expert named Issei Tumina to win his deceased father’s wine collection.

Recently, a French wine expert and Master of Wine, Emma Briffault, reviewed the “Drops of God” series on Apple TV+. In this article, we’ll take a look at her review and what we can expect from the series.

What Does the Series Feature?

The “Drops of God” TV adaptation follows the story of Camille Legier, a French woman who wants to inherit her father’s wine cellar worth USD 148 million but must win a blind tasting competition against Issei Tumina. Camille has a condition that causes her to have nosebleeds and pass out when tasting wine, making her goal of inheriting her father’s wine collection even more difficult.

To achieve her aspirations, Camille goes through training to improve her blind tasting abilities and also learns about her relationship with her late father. The series has a focus on blind tastings and how to approach wine.

Expert Review

Emma Briffault, a Master of Wine with years of experience in the wine industry, reviewed the series and found it to be a unique, interesting, and enjoyable experience. She appreciated that the series took a different approach to wine and how it was presenting the story.

According to Emma, “the series has, in a way, demystified the wine world, making it more accessible to people who are not familiar with wine or are intimidated by it.” She also applauded the show for its diverse cast and how it showcased the region, history, and culture of wine in France.

Emma Briffault also pointed out how the series offers a unique perspective on the world of wine, compared to other wine-related TV shows. Rather than focusing on the fancy, high-end aspect of wine, the “Drops of God” series emphasizes the importance of blind tastings and developing sensory abilities to understand wine.

Emma also added that the series is not just about wine but also touches on personal growth, loss, and rediscovering one’s identity.


The “Drops of God” series is a unique take on the world of wine and how it can change a person’s life. As Emma Briffault’s review suggests, it’s not just a series about wine but also about personal growth, development, and rediscovering one’s identity.

With its focus on blind tastings and developing sensory abilities, the show is well-suited for those who want to learn more about wine and the culture surrounding it. The series is available on Apple TV+, and it’s definitely worth giving it a watch.


  1. Is “Drops of God” only for wine enthusiasts?
    A: No, the series is for everyone who enjoys a well-told story and is interested in learning more about wine.

  2. Is the series only focused on wine, or does it cover other topics as well?
    A: The “Drops of God” series is not just about wine but also about personal growth, loss, and rediscovering one’s identity.

  3. Is Camille the only main character in the series, or are there other characters as well?
    A: Camille is the main protagonist, but the series has a diverse cast of characters who play critical roles in the storyline.

  4. Can I find the manga version of “Drops of God” easily?
    A: Yes, the “Drops of God” manga is widely available online and can be purchased from various retailers.

  5. Is it necessary to have wine knowledge to enjoy the series?
    A: It’s not necessary to have extensive wine knowledge to enjoy the series, but it may enhance your appreciation for it.