Extreme FOOD and WINE Matching – Master of Wine pairs Snacks and Wine!

Master of wine and today we are Demystifying food and wine matching I Think people often still believe that Finding the right wine for your dish is A very sophisticated and tricky task the Truth is it doesn't have to be that way That's why I asked my wife to go to the Supermarket and buy a bag of random Snacks and it is my job today to find The right wine match from my collection Without knowing beforehand what she Bought got it let's go [Music] Food and wine matching is often Associated with fancy michelada starred Restaurants and snooty summaries but Many of the best food and wine matches Actually developed as accidents somebody Hundreds of years ago had foie gras for Dinner and decided to open a bottle of Saturn that his neighbor made just Because he didn't have anything else to Drink I don't think that person ran the Numbers and calculated that this combo Will work he might not even have thought That it could work but the thing that Happened on his palate just blew his Socks off so let let's see where I can Find the perfect match today and teach You one or two things about how I match Food and wine so let's start with the First snack I'm just going to reach in There Okay this is a fairly German thing I

Believe this is camped herring in a red Bell pepper sauce and this is going to Be a little bit tricky when I see white Fish my head automatically goes to Lighter white ones like an avarino for Example Or maybe a Riesling but the sauce is a Crucial element in food and wine Matching and here we have a pretty Intense red bell pepper sauce that is Thick Rich has some acidity usually and That makes the whole combo a little bit Different so let me grab a bottle that Should match with this dish give me a Sec I'm back with the real Beauty this is a Mulla Avon from Beaujolais a gummy based Red wine from Pierre Marie charmet Really nice producer and I think this Should actually work quite well it Wouldn't work with the fish alone but Because of the sauce there's fruity Juicy red wine from the Beaujolais Region should kind of yeah match the Dish shouldn't overpower the dish and at The same time shouldn't be overpowered By the dish so let's move on What is this My wonderful wife picked some m m Cookies I've never seen Eminem cookie Cookies before so I think I have to try This These cookies are Crunchy

Of course they are sweet but not super Sweet and there's quite a lot of Chocolate flavor coming through so um Let me think and let me have another Bite I think I have just the right wine For Foreign So this is a wine style that I'm not Super into but it's very popular in Germany and I think it's pretty popular In many different markets this is a Primitivo di manduria from the south of Italy and the reason why I picked this Is that it is a rich and concentrated Wine Primitivo produces well pretty rich And bulky red wines in the US this wine Style or this grape variety is known as Zinfander but in Italy it often also Contains a little bit of residual sugar So it's often off dry So this I think should make this combo Kind of kind of beautiful if you have a Little bit of sugar in your dish or in Your snack you also need a little bit of Sugar in the wine otherwise the wine Starts tasting stale and Harsh so this wine has no chance that This wine will ever taste harsh and Acidic So I think this should work before I put This away let me finish the cookie you Can't survive on snacks and wine alone Sometimes you want to cook a nice meal But it's difficult to fit that into your

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Little bit of boiling water and the meal Is finished I think I know which one I would pick with this Give me a sec so you could go one way or Another but you should definitely go for Something fresh vibrant I would actually Go white wine automatically something With acidity to break through the broth The fatty sauce that the pasta the Noodles are in and um Today so I picked a Shannon blonde from So Muir this is gibber tours 2018 or maybe Sauvignon blonde from many To Salon a beautiful region that Produces great white wines and they tend To be a little bit cheaper than what you Get out of sansea and Pui fumi so I Think a heavy red just wouldn't work it Would cover everything in that cup so Yeah something fresh Lively and vibrant And these two wines definitely qualify For that and the next snack is All right Come on Chris you call them crisps we call them Chips over here in Germany but well you Know what I mean this is usually a Fairly easy I think I've even had that Combo already here on the Channel with Normal crisps but these are Thai Sweet Chili crisps which makes the combo a Little bit more difficult you see with Normal sea salt crisps I usually go for

Champagne because I like the way the Fatty salty snack works with this high Acid and beautiful sparkling wine that Usually doesn't have a lot of flavor But here we have Thai Sweet Chili crisps And that indicates that there's heat There there's also maybe a little bit More flavor than you would get from Normal crisps so I think I have to go For something else by the way I really Like the way they advertise that they Use real food ingredients What else would they use but let me get The wine So I would actually go for a Prosecco And not necessarily one that is brute Dry one that is extra derived tends to Have a little bit more sweetness I know This is confusing but extra dry Proseccos tend to be more juicy fruity Lively and I think this would work quite Well in this case the back is getting Emptier and emptier but they're still a Lot in there Peanuts so who doesn't love salted nuts I mean I could eat salted nuts all day And the only thing that makes them even More enjoyable is if you have the right Wine with them they're basically two Tracks you can take when matching food And wine you either find something both Have in common or you find differences Let me show you what I mean So with salted nuts you could go the

Sherry route Sherry is a wine that tends To have like quite a lot of saltiness And is actually a little bit Briny Doesn't have very high levels of acidity And it works beautifully with salted Nuts I actually picked the one that Isn't a classic Sherry but this is made In a similar style to a Sherry without The fortification so it has 11 of Alcohol actually but it has lots of this Briny kind of wild and funky flavors That you get out of a sherry wine but if You want to match two things that are Different because differences attract You know you could also go for a Riesling cabinet from the mosul this is A 2015 Riesling cabinet from the mosul So it contains quite a bit of sweetness I would say maybe 50 grams of residual Sugar and this combo I love it sweetness And saltiness it often works really well You remember from the beginning the Pairing between foie gras and Saturn This is actually building on the same Dynamics even though I I don't think it Will be as perfect as Saturn and foie Gras but the saltiness of the nuts and The sweetness of the wine will form a Beautiful marriage making the wine taste Less sweet and the nuts taste less salty And just well giving both a totally new Dimension let's dive in again Rocky Mountain marshmallows and I don't Really eat marshmallows ever and this is

This is challenging you know Marshmallows don't really taste like Much they are sweet they are chewy they Live off their texture and of the fact That you can roast them over a campfire But there's not a lot of flavor there on Top of that they are sweet so that kind Of rules out most dry ones that you Could kind of think of light white wines For example so I need to get really Creative here give me a minute So I'm back with a wine that might work I don't know I think I actually have to Try this but this is a Moscato Dusty a White sparkling wine with quite a lot of Sweetness but it's not super super sweet It's very juicy really it has quite a Lot of flavor but I think finding a wine That doesn't overpower the flavor of the Marshmallows is kind of impossible the Thing is I don't drink this style of Wine very often and I realize this is a 2016 vintage which is kind of old for Moscato dusty but let's give it a chance Shall we There's still CO2 in there It's actually Quite fresh It's maybe not Super Fresh but there's Lots of freshness here still it smells Of lychees pineapple real ripe exotic Fruit Kind of delicious and on the pad it's Juicy and refreshing and the great thing

About it is that it only has 5.5 percent Of alcohol but now let's Taste the rainbow no that was another Sweet okay this smells of cotton candy It smells of marshmallows really Um It's so sweet I really don't like this well while you Definitely won't find me indulging on a Bag of marshmallows and a bottle of Moscato Dusty anytime soon this is Actually quite nice I mean it adds Flavor to the marshmallows it also adds Acidity to the marshmallows and Yeah it's quite quite enjoyable so let's See what else we can find here An egg Is it Eastern already acts are pretty Tricky to pair with one because of the High protein content they can make wines With acidity taste a little bit weird Like like licking on steel basically so It's not the easiest thing to match but There is one one that I can think of but Before I pick the one let me tell you a Little story there was actually an egg And wine diet that was popularized by an Author in the unmarried woman's guide to Men in 1962 and it was published in the Vogue magazine in 1977 and the diet Consisted of three to five eggs per day Plus a whole bottle of wine That just can't be healthy what you Didn't write about though is which wine

To have with those three to five eggs And that's my job So a fairly classic food and wine match Is eggs and champagne as eggs are Notoriously difficult to match and Champagne kinda does the job I think It's the fact that champagne has quite a Bit of acidity but also this creaminess Of the aging on the leaves plus the CO2 That kind of mixes everything up on the Palate it actually works fairly well Even though I don't necessarily think That it's a great match it's just a Match all right let me do one more snack What is this so this is pretzel peat Smoky bacon and cheddar And it's some kind of some kind of snack But I think I have to try it before I Can find a match So it's intense solidly smoky A little bit cheesy and crunchy Let me find Let me find the right one Okay here we go this is not a judgment On the quality of this wine because it's An absolute Beauty and when I open it I Probably won't open it to drink it with This type of snack but this should work Quite well so this is a chardonnay from California or Santa Barbara to be more Precise and this is an intense and Flavoursome white wine that was aged in Oak therefore has some nutty and roasted Notes coming through and lots of

Freshness and vibrancy on the palette And this is why I think this should work So you'll find Smoky characters in both The snack and the wine but the wine has Fruit flavor coming through lots of Freshness in acidity that would push Away the greasy fatty texture of the Snack and I think This would be yeah like a nice combo at The end of the day on a Friday I can't miss so let's do one last snack Oreos I haven't tasted Oreos in a while So I I think I have to try one this is One of those snacks way where people Debate whether you can If the half separately or whether you Have to eat the whole thing at once but I won't get into that debate don't worry So the cookie Taste of chocolate and Cream and it's actually fairly sweet Let me get something So I might go 20 Port here I think this should work it shouldn't be A very old and very concentrated Tony Pod it should be a younger one this is a 10 year old so fairly juicy up front Fruit flavors combined with this Chocolate tea creamy cookie I think that That's a good combo so let's try one More snack before I call it a day Thank you Nice Salami sticks Are they called that I don't know

They're like mini salamis this is Actually something I sometimes buy it's Kind of a guilty pleasure even though You never really know where they got the Meat from but this is salami meat Together with walnuts so there's a Little bit of nuttiness there and lots Of meatiness And I think I know just the one hold on So Pinot Noir and cold cuts salami and All those kinds of beautiful things Works really well the thing is this Grape variety tends to produce lighter Wines that are not super powerful and They have quite a lot of acidity and Those cold cuts salami like this doesn't Have all that much flavor it's not Roasted for example but it has lots of Fatty bits so the acidity of the wine Cuts through the fat doesn't overpower The salami the salami doesn't overpower The wine And that just works so I hope I could Inspire you a little bit to try our new Wines with the snacks that you eat Anyways and just pair things things that Shouldn't work and maybe they will just Try it so thank you for watching if you Like this video then please like it down Here subscribe to my channel if you Haven't done so already my question of The day is what is your favorite snack And why match let me know down below I Hope I see you guys again soon until

Then stay thirsty and hungry [Music] Thank you [Music]