Feudi Di San Gregorio 2008 Serpico, Irpinia IGT

This is a quite a remarkable find It's the fiuti San Gregorio Serpico 2008 100 Ayanico with amazing bottle age on this Wine you know the allianical grapes big Bold grape from Southern Italy and you Know it needs those years in the bottle To unwind and open up and here it is we Did all the Aging for you so Something you really should grab and Enjoy right away Um Getting amazing Aromas on the nose yeah There's a beautiful black truffle note There's those dark cherry notes a little Bit of uh pomegranate in there too you Can pick up some of that uh that Volcanic ash you know like yeah crushed Granite right on there right I don't Know a little smokiness well yeah some Some roasted nuts anyway great nose wow I'm gonna let Marshall give you his take On this yeah and by the way extremely Intense the aroma's in this room are Just true wafting out of the glass top To bottom Well as intense as it was on the nose It's even more intense on the palette It is a huge mouth filling wine that Still has some real Elegance to it uh The black fruits the dark cherries Bramley fruit but it also carries a lot Of the kind of underbrushed tones and Some of that pipe tobacco a little bit

Of tar that kind of Tarn asphalt Combination that comes off on this one Right but but soft right and those Tannins are all resolved soft so it's a You know well-aged wine so the tannins Are soft softened out but the acidity is Still lifted in this wine which is these Older wines need to eat right and that's From the the High Altitude that these Grapes are grown at so that high Altitude Creates that wonderful diurnal Temperature differential where you have Really warm sunny days during the during The day and then at night temperature Drops and so the grapes retain that Bright acidity yeah and it it comes Across through the finish right it's Still sitting here this is a really long Lengthy finish a wine that's drinking Now you know this is a wine that's as You said been perfectly aged already and Is in its drinking window and ready to Enjoy which is a beautiful thing hey Grab this one yeah don't miss it cheers Thank you