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If you're just getting into white wine You've undoubtedly seen the wide array Of options that are out there and Probably dabbled in a few as well I'm Here to geek out with you about the six Most popular types of white wine you Need to know so that you can drink more Awesome juice more often hey what's up It's Madeline if you've always wanted to Learn more about wine but don't know Where to start check out Wine Folly Courses each one of these wines Represents a totally different taste Profile that you can find in dry white Wine once you know about these popular Types of wine you'll have a pretty good Understanding of what's out there in the World of dry white wine this last one I Picked because it's a little bit nuts Pinot Grigio Or is it Pinot Gris this is your Prototypical dry white wine served with Your classic fish dish but there's more To the scrape than meets the eye the Name gree and Grigio means gray and the Grape varieties are actually a pinkish Gray color in Italy where it's called Pinot Grigio wines tend to be lean and Dry and minerally and when you move into Germany and France where it's called Pinot Gris you'll get more richer peachy Flavors and oiliness on the palette this Wine is from Oregon and it's called Pinot Gris so I can expect them to be

Inspired by the French style with more Oiliness and texture on the palate some Peachy notes and maybe a touch off dry Wow it's a pale golden color that might Be because of those peachy pink gray Skins I smell ripe yellow peaches sweet Meyer lemon and melons there's not a lot Of minerality in this wine but Definitely loads of fruit On the palette this wine has tons of Rich peachy fruit with sweet Meyer lemon There's an oily texture that happens Right on the mid palette and the Finish Is tingly and dry if Pinot Gris sounds Delicious to you there's some other Grape varieties that you deserve to know About there's cricketo arneis and Grillo From Italy Pinot Blanc and Albarino from Spain Sauvignon Blanc The word Sauvignon in French means wild And this is the wild white wine that's Likely originated somewhere in the Center of Lower Valley of France what You'll find most likely in the glass are The notes of green whether it's fresh Cut grass Gooseberry or bell pepper Those flavors are derived from aromatic Compound found in the grapes called Methoxypyrizines the very same compounds You would find in a green bell pepper I Tried to find the greenest sauvignon Blanc of them all and I went to North Canterbury in New Zealand taking a look

At the color this wine is a pale yellow Color Green bell pepper unmistakable jalapeno A little white peach crushed rocks and a Fresh summer rain This wine is super lean green and dry it Has a fair amount of fruit and texture On the mid palette but finishes dry and Tingly this would be an amazing wine to Pair with Sashimi or maybe fish tacos if A grape like sauvignon blanc sounds Fascinating to you there are some other Varieties you should try verdejo from Spain gruner Vet Clinic from Austria Vermentino from Italy and colombard from Southern France Riesling Now here's a great most people know to Make a sweet wine although it can make a Very dry wine as well Riesling Originated in Germany and what makes it Special are these high intensity Aromas It gives off of peaches and apricots and Sweet Meyer lemons and as it ages it'll Develop this funky petrol-like Aroma now The wine right here I have isn't even a Riesling it's a casatelli but I think You'll be surprised at how similar it is To what I've just described taking a Look at this wine it is a pale straw Color on the nose ripe peaches apricot Fresh tarragon it has this chalky Minerality and a subtle whiff of what's That petrol

It's fruity yet sour with high acidity And I suspect this wine to be just off Dry now this style of wine with these Aromatics would pair fabulously with Indian food all manner of curries are Spicy Thai if wines like this sound Interesting to you there are a few grape Varieties you should know about of Course we have Riesling from Germany From Eastern Europe ferment from Hungary Caracante from Sicily and laurero from Portugal Tzstrominer Now if there was ever a wine that you Either love or you hate this is that Variety and the reason why is it smells Like flowers whether it's roses Potpourri or grandmother's bathroom These are the Aromas that come out of The glass of these whites it's because They have high levels of terpenes Aromas Also found in roses and potpourri I Found a wine that I got crazy excited About that isn't ofertz demeanor but it Has shockingly similar Aromas this is a Mushka filaro from peloponnese taking a Look at the color it looks to be a pale Gold I get lychee Rose subtle notes of Ginger And Ruby Red Grapefruit On the palette despite this wine having Super sweet floral aromatics it tastes Quite dry and a smooth floral finish if Floral driven white wines sound

Interesting to you there are a few Grapes you should know about gewurtz Demer moshka falero from Greece torontes From Argentina and Mueller turgow from Germany Chardonnay Chardonnay is the most popular white Wine planted throughout the world it Originated in France around burgundy and The reason people love this grape so Much might have nothing to do with this Variety at all in fact in burgundy when These wines were made they were put into Oak barrels now Aging in Oak made a few Interactions happen that changed the Flavor of this wine including adding Toasty notes of vanilla and creme brulee And a creaminess often described as Buttery naturally I couldn't help myself I found another Wine Not Chardonnay at All also aged in Oak barrels to show you How these flavors can come through it's A Portuguese wine made with indigenous Varieties taking a look at the color wow It's much darker than our other wines as Medium gold I smell yellow apple and a little lemon Balm with these rich flavors of beeswax Creme brulee and toasted almond I'm immediately hit with an explosion of Acidity which leads to a rich creamy and Buttery palette that finishes with a Little bit of waxiness and that tingle Of acidity this wine doesn't look like

Chardonnay at all and yet it has many of The same flavors and that's because it Used the same winemaking process if you Like the sound of a rich full-bodied White wine pay attention to how it was Made if it spent time in oak or went Through malolactic fermentation you're Likely to experience a similar wine to What we have here Orange wines And I'm not talking like a wine made With orange I mean look at that color in Along the border between Italy and Slovenia where a grape variety called Rubolojala grows producers are looking To an ancient style of wine making Method and much like a red wine these White wines develop a rich color and Actually have tannin taking a look at This wine yes it is a pale amber color On the nose very unlike other white Wines it's funky with mushroom preserved Lemon linseed oil bruised apple and this Minerality like crushed wet rocks This wine is richer with actual tannins On the pellet much more like a light Bodied red wine than it is like a white Wine so if you're excited about orange Wines pay attention to that bleeding Edge of what's happening out there wines With many days of skin contact will Produce Tannins in the wine much like you would Find in red wines so here are the most

Popular types of white wine we have the Neutral and dry Pinot Gris The herbal sauvignon blanc the aromatic Riesling the floral gaverstrominer the Full body Chardonnay and finally the Wacky and out there ribola Jala orange Wine as you can see white wines have Incredible diversity in their Styles and Tastes and I hope this helps you find What you're looking for if you're Interested in learning more about wine Definitely subscribe wine Follies Newsletter has helpful tips and tricks For you to drink more of what you love Until next time happy tasting peace out Foreign