FIVE wines 100 DOLLARS – On the HUNT for Value Wines

Master of wine and today I'm going to Show you how to save money while Shopping for a wine I have spent a lot Of money on wine on this channel in 2022 But not this time it takes skill to find Value once ones that are not expensive But deliver bulkloads of quality and I'm Therefore going to show you how to Identify these Wines in order to make Sure that you're not breaking the bank All these Wines in front of me together Cost a hundred US Dollars and I'm going To taste them in order to verify whether They are actually great values so let's Go [Music] These ones were selected by Leon and While he usually has unlimited budget Within reason I told him this time to Spend less than 100 US dollars on all Five of them I realized that 100 US Dollars for five bottles of wine is Still a lot of money but these wines Should deliver quite a lot of value and Depending on the market you're based in You will end up spending far less than 100 US dollars on all of them if you Decide to buy them of course where you Always have to be looked at in relation To where the wine is from a 10 bottle of Burgundy is rarely as good as a 10 Bottle of Portuguese wine but it might Offer Great Value in the context of its Origin in most cases you find great

Values off the beaten tracks wines from Unknown regions made by overlooked Producers using how to pronounce grape Varieties tend to be much better values Than the next Grand Cru burgundy but now Let's dive into the wines before I Continue with the tasting I just want to Say thank you for watching but how about Liking and subscribing this video if you Haven't done so already it really helps Out the channel it helps you learn more About wine so it's a win-win for Everyone Thanks the first one is a sparkling wine The buffet that would be cremon de Luis Excellence boot which retails depending On where you are at 19 US dollars so why Did Leon pick cremorne de Luis I Actually believe that Offers Great Value especially if you're Into champagne and who isn't these two Regions are very close together Geographically stylistically they are Also fairly similar in cremundo Noir They use mainly Chardonnay and shenan Shenan blah is also a great variety that Is fairly neutral and that can bring Quite a lot of acidity into the wine and Then the production methods are very Similar as well they use the traditional Methods so they ferment the wine for a Second time in bottles so you also get These briochi Brady characters which can Just be beautiful on top of that Vive La

Dube is actually one of the best Producers in the region they're fairly Large so you'll be able to find those Wines in many different markets and they Actually produce great quality Especially actually when you look at the Value they're probably one of the best Producers in France when it comes to Value wine so let's open this baby up I Hope I didn't take too long for the Intro the wine is still nice and cold Otherwise it might explode so Well let's see I'm a pro you know So this one actually has a beautiful Mousse there are lots of tiny pearls Going up from the bottom of the glass to The top but that's not super important I Mean the smell and the tastes are far More important compared to what it looks Like so the wine spots of oranges pears There's just a little bit of brioche Character so if you're not into that Flavor if you don't like champagne Because it smells too much of baked Goods then this is more for you on the Palette it's actually quite juicy fresh The acidity is not too high it's really Well balanced and there's good length There so it's a really complete more Fruit driven sparkling wine wine Enthusiast rate this one 90 points but I Don't think that I can go that high I Would rate it 89 points which is still a

Pretty good rating for one of that price And I definitely think this is a great Value wine so why number two is the 2021 Whitman Riesling is stayed dry and this Is for from Ryan hessen and I think this Is good quality because Riesling still Is really good quality it's often Considered to be one of the best if not The best white grave Variety in the wine World by wine critics or wine writers But not necessarily by the general Public surprises are still reasonable in Most cases on top of that Whitman is one Of the best producers in that region and Picking their entry level one is Actually a very good strategy if you're A great producer you don't want to Produce any bad wine but you also need Some entry-level ones in order to get People interested in your Winery so in Many cases the estate wise the most Basic wines from the top Estates are Really good value this one here retails For 23 US Dollars and it's actually less Than 14 euros in Germany and it received 92 points from James suckling and 91 Plus points from Robert Parker sounds Like good value but let's try first One day when I'm able to do this I'll be Like the coolest person ever Yeah better than nothing so this is Super delicate complex and at the same Time intense it smells of tangerines it Smells of ripe lemons it smells of

Really crunchy delicious apple it's very Pure on the palette it's very very fresh Very Lively but it still has weight even Though it only has 11.5 percent of Alcohol so this is kind of the real deal This is exciting for an entry-level wine I think this could be well in a lineup With some much more expensive rieslings From Germany and would still do really Really well I mean it's not the most Powerful and most concentrated Riesling But it has just the right balance and I Think at this price point you can't go Wrong buying this wine I'm going to rate It 91 points it's beautiful and really Great value so the next one is the 2021 Domain So why code your own and kotoron blonde In particular I think what you want Still offers really really great value For money I think in Europe it's one of The best places one of the best aocs When it comes to delivering quality for What you're actually paying in some Cases those ones are pretty much Declassified shuttle enough to pups so They can be be absolutely delicious and They rarely cost much more than 10 euros Or 20 US dollars in the US probably so This is a Couture Blanc and Couture and Blanc is really overlooked While most People know could you own red could your Own blondes can also be really beautiful Especially if done right by the right

Producer and tomatoes is one of the top Producers in the region so I'm looking Forward to open this baby up so this one Is 50 Grenache blonde and the rest is Claret we will need So it's a classic mix for the region When it comes to white wines so the People at domain de la janas really know What they're doing I actually have that Top one in here somewhere let me check Yeah so this is the Chopin this is the Top one this one is from the 2012 Vintage but we're not going to taste This because This isn't really great value let's Focus on this one the white ones from The Ron are often overlooked I mean There are some top wines that are really Expensive like white amitas but most of Them are really not all that expensive And they can be really interesting Especially when the producer makes sure That the wine doesn't get too rich and Concentrated I want some acidity in my whites you Know so this actually comes in at 30 Alcohol which is great I think when they Are 14 and a half 15 then they're just Too too Hot so this isn't that it has quite a Lot of freshness but it feels a little Bit unripe so on the nose I get quite a Lot of bruised apple and like the flavor Of the core of the Apple so a little bit

Of bitterness is a little bit of harsh Acidity And then there's also a good body there It's actually quite fun so there's quite A lot of stuff going on in my mouth Right now but I don't think it's that Great Jeff dunnock gave it 90 points and I don't think it's that good I'm going To rate it 86 points I think it's very Good but it's not Extraordinary in Germany you would pay 13 euros for it in the US I believe it's Around 22 US dollars So that price I mean it's still a value If you're looking for this style of wine But I actually think that you might be Able to find better Wines in the same Price category from uh could you own Especially when it comes to the red Wines but also when it comes to the White ones so yeah it's it's good it's Very good It's not the greatest value but it's a Good value so we're moving on to red Wines and this is the 2020 Fratelli Revello babera dalba from Piedmont in Italy and it retails for around 21 US Dollars I think Leon picked this because Barbara is a grape variety that can Offer great value for money Piedmont is Getting more and more expensive the top Bar rollers and barbarescos can be Really really expensive but Barbara Still tends to be quite affordable it's

More like the Workhorse grape variety Producing quite a lot of mass Market Wines that can be a bit thin and not Really interesting but if you handle Barbara well then you can produce Beautiful juicy wines with great Structure and great freshness and I love really good Barbara so let's see Whether this one is all that good I know That James suckling gave this one 91 Points but for a different vintage SO For the 2019 vintage Yeah only one way to find out let's open It Alba the town this appellation is Named after is a beautiful place and a Place that is also really well known for Truffles for white truffles I actually Went on a white truffle hunt last year And that was a lot of fun especially Eating those little tiny Mushrooms really good so this wine Basically has two sides to it the nose Is really nice it smells of ripe Cherries and a little bit of spice black Tea characteristics that are often Associated with Barbara it's quite Pretty very fruit driven there's not Oak Influence not Oak influence that I could Detect and yeah it's well the nose is Quite nice on the palette it's a little Bit harsh a little bit grippy the Tans Are a little bit too astringent so yeah I don't know it's it's good it's really It's it's very good but it's not quite

What I was hoping for I mean tasting it Again it's actually quite quite well Made I I I must say that the astringency Kind of threw me off but it's not that Present anymore it's actually a Juicy intense wine and the nose is Developing more and more so I think this Is Well all of this astringency will go Away if you drink this wine over dinner Which you definitely should so I'm going To rate it 89 points I think it's really Good this retails for around 15 euros in Germany 20 what was it 21 in the U.S So it's it's a it's a really good value It's it's good value for sure so the Last one is the 2019 kaikin estate mod Back and I think Leon picked this Because well if you're looking for Value Ones one of them certainly is my back From Argentina those wines tend to be Fairly cheap in general and they often Over deliver this one retails for 12 US Dollars and Let's see whether it's any good my back Actually used to be a grape variety that Was a bit tricky to grow in France where It originates from but in Argentina it's Much easier because they have very Reliable hot summers so they definitely Managed to ripen Those Grapes fully and And then they they've learned how to Handle it well so it doesn't have the

Power and in the super intense tenants That you sometimes get from bags from France They tend to be a little bit more silky And velvety which is something most People prefer not necessarily me Sometimes I really like it when my gums Get a good pounding so the reasons why Argentinian wines tend to be quite cheap I think there's a number of reasons the First is certainly the cost of land I Think it's still quite inexpensive to Buy land in Argentina it certainly was a Few decades ago then the cost of Labor I Mean it's much cheaper to hire somebody In Argentina than if you would do that In Europe or in the US and the third is The size of the Estates so there are Quite a lot of really big Estates and You just get economies of scale if you Have a big big Vineyard and are able to Produce lots of bottles but another Reason certainly also is the reliability Of their climate of their weather Conditions tends to be yeah dry and warm In summer so you don't don't really have To worry too much about Autumn Reigns Because They ain't gonna happen Well my job is really dangerous almost Right there Almost so this one is actually quite a Bit lighter than some other malbecs that I've tasted on this channel but it's

Still fairly dark it smells of Cassis And blackberries and there's also Oak Influence here interestingly at this Price point they still manage to age 40 Of the wine in Barracks so you Definitely get a little bit of that Spice flavor coming through on the Palette it's juicy and the tents are Round and Polished It's a good wine I mean it's juicy a Little bit one-dimensional wine but it's Still good so I'm going to rate this 86 Points I think it is a very good wine I Mean it's enjoyable it's not the most Sophisticated why nothing to well think About really it's just a juicy enjoyable Red I think many people will like this Kind of one so It's definitely good and at that price Point it's a really good value so this Was an interesting tasting and it showed That great wine doesn't have to be Expensive especially this one here the Whitman estate Riesling was just Beautiful and at that price it's kind of A no-brainer but also the other ones did Do a really good job I think in some of Those categories I would find better Ones at a similar price but still I mean They were all really enjoyable so well Done Leon so if you like this video then Please like it down here subscribe to my Channel if you haven't done so already a Question of the day is what is your

Favorite value wine let me know down Below I hope I see you guys again soon Until then stay Thirsty [Music]