Fried, smoke and spice! How to create the perfect food and wine matches

Hello everyone and welcome to fried Smoke and spice how to create the Perfect food and wine matches part of The wsct webinar series My name is christine canine and i’m the Account development manager for wsct Americas based in los angeles california And i am here to introduce our hosts for The tay for today bonnie buchanan Bonnie is the head of global accounts For the wine and spirit education trust Based in the united states And has over a decade of experience in The beverage industry Bonnie switched to the wine industry After a few years working in government And now uses her experience working in Wine important distribution in leading And representing international brands And helping to support wsdt’s mission of Bringing best-in-class education to Trade and enthusiasts across the globe Bonnie is a diploma candidate and has a Master’s degree in international Business and business management from The university of aberdeen in the uk and Here she’s going to lead us in some Delicious wine pairing Options As we’re going into the holiday season So I will let bonnie take it from here Thanks so much christine it’s really Exciting to talk to you guys tonight

Hopefully we’re gonna have a little bit Of fun none of this is law a lot of this Is subjective uh but we we want to try To be able to steer you in the right Direction when you’re making some of These decisions out there for um for Those of you that are in the beverage Industry maybe you’ll learn a little Something new for those of you who Aren’t and have the unfortunate Privilege of suffering through dinner With uh some friends that are in the Wine industry and being forced to uh Have that menu ripped out of your hands While they sort of take control now you Might learn a couple of things so that You can kind of contribute to the Evening And not be bulldozed by those of us that Are just too eager to share our opinions So as the title of today’s webinar says We’re going to talk a little bit about Three very specific categories of food And they’re sort of generic because Again this is all very subjective and And some of these things change but um The these are the foods that we actually Eat a lot of believe it or not um and Some fun ones to enjoy while we’re Getting ready for the holidays or coming Back from the holidays or whatever it is So we’re going to talk about fried foods And we’re going to pair wine Specifically with them and talk a little

Bit about how those interactions work Well together And your fried foods are going to be all The things that you can think of whether Those are your potato chips whether Those are you know french fries or a big Old slice of Fried chicken any of that stuff falls in This category When we talk about smoke we’re talking About Smoked meats but also dried meats so if You can see that first slide there with Some of those dried charcuterie meats uh That’s the kind of thing that we’re Talking about as well when we’re leaning Into those items and then spice is Exactly what it says so if you’re doing Any takeout grabbing some hot thai Uh or whatever your uh Choice is for the evening uh we’re gonna Try to talk a little bit about the um Engagements between that heat and what You can do to either lessen that heat or Increase the heat um so i think you know We’re gonna have a little bit fun Tonight um these wines were available For purchase ahead of time uh for those Of you who might have been able uh to Have a chance to see them or to purchase Them which is great uh but if not i’ll Show you kind of i’ll walk you through What we’re doing and also you know we Wouldn’t be the wset if we didn’t try to

Sort of give you a great little tasting Note for each of these wines i’m also Going to walk you through uh our level Two systematic approach to tasting uh With these three wines so that you can You know learn a little bit of uh learn A little bit about what we do And um with that i’m gonna go ahead and Move forward And talk a little bit more generically About what these engagements and Interactions between food and wine mean And so This is a great little chart this this Comes out of uh you know one of our Education books and so you have the Opportunity to really dive into um you Know some of those basic elements that Compare and contrast so you can see up At the top when a food is sweet That is gonna make the wine seem A little bit more dry a little bit more Bitter Less sweet and fruity so when you think About having something sweet with Something sweet The wine it’s going to pull it out of The wine and so it’s sort of losing that Element But that can be a good thing because if You have too much sweet and too much Sweet then it all just kind of tastes The same and so that’s why it’s it’s Good to kind of you know pair things

That can Light be like to as in the same thing um And sometimes you can you can contrast Which is really interesting so the Second one on the list which is always One that people kind of struggle with is This umami flavor and what does umami Mean it’s really the Best way to kind of Describe it is sort of savory Um so again if we are talking about Roasted meats and things of that nature It’s sort of um also encompasses things Like mushrooms it’s sort of just this Really earthy style but um again has That kind of savory component to it um As you can see you know when you have That kind of food item It does make the wine also seem a little Bit drier it pulls out some of that Sweetness Um and again we go down the list salty Is going to be Less dry less acidic more fruit More body Which i you know we’re going to Experience a little bit when we when we Dive into our first wine um and then we Have a very acidic food It is going to again take out some of That acid in the wine and it’s going to Bring forward some more of those uh Fruit and sweet flavors which is really Great

Some fruits and this often happens Especially when you’re Looking at takeout and thai food and Things that are really spicy they’re Highly flavored foods it’s really just Gonna run over the wine so that means You either need to pair something that’s Very similar so that it kind of match The intensity um you definitely don’t Want to be going with something that’s Too light if you do then it’s just going To be like you’re not drinking anything At all Fat also great so we’re talking about Fried and fatty foods so it’s going to Take some of that acidity out of the Wine which is going to leave us with Something that’s a little bit more fruit Forward on our palate which is really Great really exciting um and then again The last one hot so this one’s really Difficult because With hot food items with spicy food Items there are certain cultures that Actually prefer to pair with them a very Dry wine because that will do is it can Increase the heat and it’s going to give This crazy kind of burning sensation but What you can also do if you want to go In the opposite direction is you can Have a sweeter wine which is going to Dull that heat a little bit and so That’s kind of the angle that we’re Going to take today

And so with that I’m actually going to go ahead and stop Sharing the screen So that We can have a look at our first wine So the first wine today for those of you That can kind of see through the window Here is going to be the yawns uh Tasmanian Sparkling rose And so i think this wine is just really Fun for me uh it comes from a really Cool place they’re using all three Grapes to make this wine so pinot noir Chardonnay and pinot meunier um which is Really interesting and so um you know It’s a fun wine because it’s pink and It’s light and it’s delicate um but this Wine is really great for me um i have a Very fun enjoyment of doing potato chips And sparkling wine which is not healthy At all but that doesn’t matter Especially this time of year so if you Are like me please enjoy um you will you Will not receive any judgment um but This wine is is really fantastic and so Again as promised i want to go ahead and Walk you through What you would experience if you’ve Taken a class with us um and if you’re New to the wset this will give you a Little taste of kind of what we’re all About and so just to give you a general Overview i don’t know how easy you can

See through the window there but this Card is what we call our systematic Approach to tasting and the reason why We created this systematic approach to Tasting was to do as the name says Create a system that allows us to talk Thoughtfully and knowledgeably about the Wines that we’re um enjoying and so Especially if you’re out there on the Road or you’re in sales you want to make Sure that you’re using language that Everyone can understand And language that is thoughtful and Reasonable because you kind of want to Be the authority in the room you know When you’re having these discussions And so As we do the first Step is going to be appearance then nose Then palette and then you’re going to Make your General assessment afterwards so without Further ado So we’re looking at this wine This is light pink So on our spectrum we have a choice of Pink pink orange or orange this Definitely falls in the pink category i Know it’s kind of hard to tell uh with Some of the lights behind me and so that Qualifies as a rose needless to say and So we’re going to move into the nose And so when we talk about what does Something smell like the first thing we

Want to assess is is kind of how far in Do you need to go before you can Actually smell the wine and that’s going To tell us whether or not that’s a light Medium or pronounced wine so if you’re All the way back here smelling a wine That’s definitely going to be pronounced You’re kind of leaning in halfway and You can still start to get some of those Aromas like i can now that’s going to be A medium wine And so When we start smelling things we’re also Going to start putting some words to it So on the back of the card we’ve got a Whole list And i think i think my colleague may Have shared that with you so uh feel Free to to open that up and so when We’re describing these things uh the Very first thing That comes to my thought uh when i smell It is gonna be stone fruit so stone Fruit is gonna be peach apricot Nectarine for me i’m getting some peach On this i’m also getting some red fruit So definitely a little raspberry some Strawberry really really nice strawberry On this Um and those are really going to be your Top two there’s definitely you know some Great ripe fruit in this a little bit We’re really just well done a tiny bit Of citrus in the background but

Not too much just a lot of that really Beautiful bright strawberry and so now That we’ve gone through the nose and and One of the things you need to remember Especially if you’re if you’re taking a Course you’re going to be doing a Tasting note don’t be shy List everything that you can smell you Know don’t don’t think that there is one Correct And only thing that you can do Um and so In in thinking that you know just just Throw everything out there really again It’s just it’s not about having one Correct answer it’s about having the Answer that you feel best suits this Wine so next we’re going to move into The palette Really nice wine and this is the Exciting part this is where we get to Talk about food So i you know as you saw on that little Chart That we showed you initially this wine Has a bit of high acidity to it And that’s because of the way sparkling Wine is made so this is made in a Traditional method so that means you Have to have a really really dry Super dry base wine and then they’re Going to add a little bit of that dosage To it so it can undergo secondary Fermentation

Adding that dosage that little bit of Sugar to it that’s what sort of brings It up a notch but you still got that Major acidity in the background and so As we saw on our chart if you’re having Something like your fried chicken Or in my case your potato chips um that Kind of salt and fat that you’re getting Out of those food items is going to Strip away a little bit of that acidity So again you know if you’re out and you Are uh choosing uh you know appetizers To share among the table and you’re all Starting with a bottle of sparkling wine You know don’t be afraid to grab some of The the items that might have a little Bit more fat in them yeah you know that Might be heavily salty because they’re Really going to pair well with something Like this um and so You know to bring us back to our tasting Note a little bit Um After tasting this wine there’s Definitely again your notes from the Nose and the palette are usually going To be very similar A little bit of peach on this for me A little bit of tropical fruit in the Background i’d say a tiny bit of passion Fruit maybe just a hint um again a lot Of great strawberry flavors there I wouldn’t go so far as to bring in any Black fruits from from my opinion um

Tiny bit of red plum which is really Bright and fresh really delightful And again some some good ripe fruit not Over the top right still really Refreshing Sneak in an extra sip there So that’s kind of how you would walk Through uh the first few components of What we call our systematic approach to Tasting So the final step is when we do our Conclusions so we’ve gone through we’ve Looked at it we’ve smelled it we’ve made You know notes about it Um and you know there’s a lot of levels That we’re kind of trying to identify When we look at the palette We’re looking for that sweetness and so In this case this wine is certainly a Dry wine You know we’re looking for that acidity Again it’s kind of got a medium acidity Kind of maybe medium plus Um And then And tannin Is actually something that a lot of White wines are not going to have and i Say a lot because there are a few white Wines out there where they really do Uh sort of let them sit on the skins and They kind of grab some of that that Chalk from from sitting on the skins for So long but typically you don’t do that

With white wine so mostly white wines That you’re going to be tasting or rose Wines you’re really not going to have Any tannin at all that changes with Roses the darker they get It sort of changes the component um but In this particular case definitely low Low to no tannin Um alcohol content medium for me just Right there right in the middle which is Great Body it’s nice and light-bodied for me a Light maybe headed towards medium Because it does have some of that you Know good strong fruit flavor in there Um flavor intensity medium for me And then you know overall we were Talking about the finish Finish is a word that we use to describe Whether or not we Don’t taste anything after after we’ve Made our initial assessment is it gone Immediately does it linger for a little Bit of time or does it stay for a really Really long time and we keep enjoying Those flavors um you know from that sip That we’ve just had so in this case Uh for me i’d say it’s a medium i Lingered around for a little a little Time uh but not for too long and so i Would say we have a really nice uh Medium balanced kind of line and so When we go to make our conclusions about Quality

Using these steps we become you know We’re able to make a very good Assessment about where this wine would Be And so i’m going to put this mind at Good to very good a lot of the things That we experienced were good balance Good length not not extreme length but Good length good intensity but not too Much Um and so that tells you when you look At those things it It has a good Measure of each item and so that makes It a good to potentially very good line Outstanding is going to have absolutely Everything there’s going to have that Level of complexity to it at the end Um and so it’s not that this wine isn’t Complex it’s just not the kind of wine That really dives into many many layers And so that’s why we’re not going to Give it an outstanding but we’re Definitely going to fall in good to very Good And so that’s how we use our systematic Bridge tasting to look at someone’s Minds And moving into the next category when We talk about smoke Sort of a nebulous concept but it it Does directly translate to you having a Big brisket Out back in your smoker which would be

Fantastic and so are there any people Out here that are are doing that and Smoking some of their own meats this is Going to be the kind of thing that’s Really interesting for you And so we went with a really really nice Beautiful red wine A personal favorite of mine This is the pundit This is a great conglomeration uh or a Collaboration i should say from chateau St michelle And uh Michelle gassier and so there’s 100 Syrah and i can tell you immediately For those of you that have it in your Glass right now i hope that you’re kind Of enjoying the same flavor profile that I’m enjoying A lot of that really kind of smoky uh Nuance coming off the top And so that’s why when we talk about What do you pair stuff with sometimes It’s good to prepare like with like So if you’re having that brisket that’s Got a lot of those smoke flavors on it Or you’ve done something with even a Chicken or Whatever it is that you have Um you know out there again if you’ve Got the big green egg um This is gonna go pretty well with that And uh syrah is you know again one of my Personal favorites uh sarah is a really

Interesting grape uh because it can go From Kind of velvety and really fruit forward Or it could be something like this which Has got a ton of that really like Roasted notes to it Um and again when we talk about um again Whether it’s a brisket or things of that Nature you’re also gonna have that salt Component to it because especially if You’re doing a rub or something of that Nature And that salt component is going to kind Of tone this down a little bit and That’s why other you know kind of smoked Or dried meats kind of like some of the Charcuterie that’s out there also would Go well with something like this they’re Going to have complex flavors you want a Complex wine to go with it And so you know again we’re looking at The spine it’s definitely hard to tell But you can’t really see through it Leaving it’s leaving a lot of stuff on The glass here and so you know for those Of you that are familiar with this uh When you have a wine that leaves you Know some residue on the side uh it Looks like it’s kind of sticking to the Glass a bit that’s gonna be your alcohol Content so if something Drops down real quickly and there’s no Legs as we call it that means it’s Pretty low alcohol that this bad boy is

Definitely leaving a little something Behind and so it’s pretty high alcohol Wine I think we’re at 15 14 and a half Percent but remember in the united States you can add a percentage and a Half you know you have to be within kind Of a range so theoretically we’re not 100 sure if that’s 14 and a half that Could actually be 16 In which case you’ve got a real high Octane line But it smells delicious i can tell you That Um and so you know again if you want to Walk through the tasting note again i i Won’t bore you with all of the details But you know when i smell that wine and And i do my first step i’m definitely Getting a Pretty intense pretty intense wine The color you know your choices in color Are going to be purple ruby garnet tawny Um this is Definitely red it’s not quite purple but It’s kind of headed in that direction Really dark really beautiful Um the nose was was pretty pronounced For me it’s it’s right out there you Don’t have to you don’t have to dig in To get to get uh the notes on this one Um and so you know then when we’re kind Of thinking about what fruit are we Smelling or what aren’t is there any

Fruit that we’re smelling In this case i definitely get fruit but It’s not the first thing that comes to Mind I’m going with some A lot of black pepper Some herbs in there definitely Um looking at some more kind of Tertiary aromas a little leather a Little earth like those are the kinds of Things that come to me initially if i Give it another chance Then i’m starting to get that blackberry Fruit a little bit more of that that Dark black cherry kind of comes out for Me But very complex wine a whole lot Happening in that glass in my opinion i And i hope for those of you that either Can find this wine in the future or have Something similar uh that you’re kind of Getting getting those notes as well and So now we get to taste thankfully thank Goodness Really nice Really nice Like i said A lot of those bigger flavors coming out First a little bit of spice A little bit of leather but you still Get you get more of the fruit on the Palate Than you do some of those other things So it’s actually really interesting to

See the contrast between lots and lots Of leather and smoke up front and then On the pallet you get some of those Really really nice delicate red fruits Which is just absolutely delightful i Know What i will be enjoying after this Session for sure Um so if we talk about you know what What kind of levels uh we’re dealing With on sweetness and things like this Definitely a dry wine When we talk about our sweetness levels You need to remember that like when We’re talking about sweet Sweet is actually going to be your Dessert wines it’s going to be your Saturn there’s going to be so much Residual sugar in there it’s going to be Very clear that that’s a sweet vine Some Whites and reds have proof forward Nature but we don’t want to confuse that Forward nature to To call that wine sweet that’s actually Still going to be a dry wine so we Really like to reserve the word sweet For something that’s really kind of Viscous and really heavy definitely one Of those dessert wines you know whether You have a port or something like that So be sure that you’re careful when you Know for those of you that might be Taking an exam soon be careful when you

Use the word sweet um fruity might be a Better word to start But on our sweetness level this is going To qualify as a dry line Tannin absolutely And so this is what i was talking about Before you know you can uh The white wine’s not going to have as Much on the tannin but this is going to Get that grip the grip For those that aren’t familiar kind of Like a chalky nature where your tongue Kind of sticks to the top of your mouth That’s your tannin and so definitely Some tannin in this one but really Really balanced in my opinion not Aggressive um acidity certainly we’re Kind of at a medium with that body we’ve Already talked about this definitely Leaning into a full body of mine here Flavor intensity is pretty heavy for me Um and then again you know we’re looking At our characteristics and then i kind Of already noted this like a lot more Red fruit happening here a lot of dark Fruit um and then i’m getting some of Those secondary flavors kind of later Some of that smoke after the fact um it Was really just really really Interesting um and then in terms of the Finish sneak a little sip Hangs around for a little while Hangs around for a little while it’s Definitely very good wine um so yeah i’m

Putting this out very good on my on my Choices between poor acceptable good Very good or outstanding Definitely leading into a very good wine Here Really really nicely done in my opinion Um so yeah fascinating wine um don’t be Shy with wines like this you know we’re Talking about all these big flavors and How you have big meals and you have to You know do all that kind of thing i kid You not i have had syrah with a nice Seared tuna steak and believe it or not It was quite delicious So again don’t be afraid to go out there And play with your food items i mean Don’t play with your food at the table Your mothers will come and find you Um but you know two strange pairings That you might not be sure about and Give it a go um because you don’t know What you’re gonna find you know you take That tuna steak depending on what you do To it uh depending on what you have on The outside if you’re searing it can Really add some interesting complexities To something like a syrah um and maybe You just really like red wine and that’s Okay too so don’t don’t be afraid to to Pair this with like a heavier white fish That might be blackened again so we’re Talking about some of those kind of Smoky spicy flavors A lot of this is always going to be

Personal taste but remember big wine Food needs to be a little bit big too or Else the wine is just going to sink the Food And so You know although We want you drinking the things that you Want Take for example if you had a really Really big cabernet the reason why they Always pair cabernet with steak is Because they can hold up to a really Good caffeine right Um you know you have a little slice of Flounder you know with some lemon butter On it um Yeah All you’re going to taste is cabernet so You’re kind of losing out on the fish And so that’s why You know people get nervous to choose The correct wine with the right food Like there’s some you know Law that you can only do one thing these Are suggestions because generally Speaking Um You know these are always going to taste Good um so i i would not pair syrah with Flounder uh but a swordfish steak maybe I don’t know um so so don’t don’t be Afraid and and don’t and for those that Have those snobby wine friends don’t let Them tell you that you’re crazy you say

No i heard it i’m allowed to play around With this stuff um and so so don’t be Afraid um don’t let us whine snobs make You feel bad you pick what you want Um so all right now moving to the last One Last one Lovely Delightful Margaret hubrae So this is coming to us from the loire In france and this is going to be made Out of 100 shen and blanc And so uh Why did we choose this wine so we chose This wine to talk about spicy foods and We’re doing it after the fact because Since this wine has a little bit of Sweetness in it i didn’t want to change The flavor profile of the syrah right so Again the straw is going to be really Big But it’s it’s going to have certain Components to it and we want to taste Something slightly sweet after that um So We have our vray Showing very well this evening All these wines are playing very well With me tonight which is great thank you Guys Um so now we’re looking at a white wine We’re gonna go through our tasting note Here real quick and we’re going to you

Know start right here Medium for me didn’t have to dig in too Deep right there Color so our choices are lemon gold or Amber this is definitely a lemon for me Again apologies i don’t have uh there’s Some lighting in the back to to really Show it off for you But really nice nice and lemon intensity It’s kind of medium for me medium like Light a little bit um And the aromas are A little lychee don’t be afraid to use The lychee i like the lychee nut it’s a Good one Really nice A little bit of apple in there For me Um Just kind of looking at my list right Now to make sure that i’m using the Correct words because remember I i’m guilty of going out there and Trying to tell people the glories of These wines and you know they taste like Sugar plum fairies and things like that That’s not what we’re trying to do here We’re trying to make sure that you’re The smartest people in the room Um so we want to stick to our lexicon Here but yeah really nice and peach some Lychee I might go mango just a little hint Right there

Um Just really nice well done little little Flower blossom as well for me Really nice Um So let’s give it a taste One of the great things that i love About bubray Is when you find a good one You’re still going to get the sweetness That we’ve been talking about the Shannon black has a tendency to have a Higher residual sugar as a grape But this one has that balance in there So they’re still getting some of that Acidity Which is really fantastic because when We do talk about foods to pair with this And we talk about that spice Spice is so hard because it just really It it It’s so overwhelming depending on on how Hot you know if we’re talking ghost Chili’s i can’t help you i don’t think There’s any wine in the world that’s Really going to stand up to that but but Anything underneath that we might be Able to help you with um and so that’s Why great especially one like this which Sort of like like balances on on the Edge of a little bit sweet but having a Little bit of acidity that is going to Be great with you know a green curry or A larva or something like that like some

Stuff that’s gonna have a little kick to It um you can have more kick if you want It to But it’s uh Showing really well Really really nice so remember we were Talking about sweetness and i said don’t Use the words feet unless you’re doing a Dessert wine So we’re not going to call this a sweet Mine but we’re going to head into off Dry and the reason why we’re going in That direction is because there’s a Certain amount of residual sugar and for Those of you that don’t know i’m using The word residual sugar to sort of Talk about You know How much of the grape was fermented you Know how much of that juice Actually you know turned into alcohol Because the less of that that happens The more Sort of what we call residual leftover Sugar is left behind and so that’s where We’re coming up with that term it’s sort Of you know what is left over that Wasn’t eaten through the fermentation Process um so since we can taste a Heightened sense of sweetness in this We’re gonna go for off dry Um in terms of acidity uh i’m still Gonna go although i appreciate the Acidity that’s in this i’m still going

Low instead of medium because i think There’s you know a lot more acidity than The other two wines that we had Uh again tan and really none you know You just you know if you’re taking the Exam just select loads that’s the only Choice you get Um alcohol medium to low for me and we Can kind of confirm Yeah we’re 13 here 13 is pretty average Usually 12 to 13 is right where you want To be and again you know we’ve got that One and a half points well this is so This one’s from france so this should be Pretty close to on the ball um but yeah Right there right in the middle so You’re not getting you know again if We’re if we’re looking at our legs we’re Looking at what’s happening on the side Of the glass It disappears a bit quicker than the Sarah did so if you don’t have these Particular wines with you right now i Encourage you to do a little test on Your own and it doesn’t have to be with These exact minds you know go go to your Local store Read the label get something that’s 14 15 16 if you’re grabbing a crazy Zinfandel um and and pour that in one Glass and then grab something that’s a Little bit more on the normale side Something that’s 12 or 13. And um i

I would encourage you to look at them Both at the same time let them sit and You will see very clearly what i’m Talking about when we talk about kind of What’s sliding down the side of the Glass Um so anyway so yes we have a Medium to low alcohol line here Body is going to be medium for me again That sugar gives you a little bit more Of that like heightened sense of of Fullness uh intensity is going to be Medium for me as well You know pro tip if you don’t know pick Medium um for anybody that’s out there Taking an exam i hope my boss is not Here so probably kill me um but and then We have to focus on the finish So for me This hangs around a little bit not too Much so we’re gonna be at medium for This So again you’re looking at balance Length intensity and complexity to make A final conclusion about your wine And i would give this Good Um The length is a little short for Something that’s going to lean into to Very good I i could be on i could be convinced to Go very good because i do quite like the Spine uh but it’s not just about my

Opinion Length is a little short for me um the Complexity is It’s not outstanding but remember that’s Sometimes okay so we’re talking about Complex food You don’t necessarily need a complex Wine So you know when we talk about how do You pair things Sometimes it’s like with like as in the Case of this smoky syrah and as you know Your smoky brisket You know that’s gonna work very well Together again we’re doing spicy right Now that heat which is really crazy and So To have a wine and it’s just gonna strip So many things out of the wine which is Great because this wine has a lot of Things in it but it’s not too complex You have to worry about losing You know some kind of intricate flavor That’s really going to balance out the Wine the wine is just going to make the Food taste much better you know it’s Really going to make that experience a Combined You know pleasant experience um so yeah This is this is a really great wine or i Should say good to very good if we’re Using our conclusions properly Um and so uh that’s kind of that’s kind Of the three lines that that i wanted to

Present to you and i can see i can see Questions popping up here i’m going to Go ahead and just screen share All of these wines And a little summary Of them In a grid here so you guys can kind of You know have something to to remember Us by so to speak And uh give me one second A little chart So you can see from the chart here this Sort of just summarizes everything that We’ve gone through you’ve got the Sparkling rose at the top you’ve got the Syrah second and then the vouvray down Below Feel free to i can i can feel people Heavily screenshotting this so so feel Free to go ahead and do that um And so we just sort of talked about some Of the things that we could pair it with And your basic interactions um one thing That i that i do want to mention when We’re talking about spicy foods so we Had talked about how great this slightly Sweet line is because it sort of Nullifies that hot but sometimes people Like to go the other way and so that is Why you could actually take the syrah And this is not my personal preference But you could take the syrah and you Could pair it with something very spicy If you wanted to what that’s going to do

Is give you a completely different Experience so again if you’re interested In experimenting Um you know if you’ve if you’ve gone out And you’ve bought your two wines to try To to try to uh you know investigate the Alcohol that we were talking about Before you know take those two same Lines and use the drier red wine that’s A little bit more high in alcohol with Something really hot and spicy and then Something like this which is going to be A little bit lower in alcohol it’s a Little softer and see what you think and What you prefer and as we keep always Saying you know it’s not just about law Um this is about what you prefer some People prefer to have that red wine with That spice and so what it does is it Just shoots the spice up it’s a lot more Acidic you you get more of that heat From the alcohol um and if that’s what You like Again don’t let your snobby wine friends Say no Um you know you just have to tell them i Know why i like this and so uh that’s Actually you know another another little Pro tip uh for those that might be Taking their exams you know if you if You’re doing a blind tasting And you let’s say you get the grape Wrong Possible

That doesn’t matter so much as Explaining why you chose it so that’s One of the things that’s really Important when we look at a lot of these Things why did you do it you know did You use your tasting notes your tasting Card and say to yourself okay this was Medium this was this this was apricot This was you know had all these flavors To it and that’s what made you select That grape it’s okay to do that you Might not get the point for getting the Grade you’re gonna get a whole lot of Points if you if you really accurately Described what was going on um so that’s A little freebie there for anybody that Might be coming up on a level three exam Um and so with that you know no more Rambling from me i think I think we might have a few questions Uh i don’t know if my colleague is uh Back christine you have arrived Well thank you so much bonnie for that Presentation and your your lovely Tastings and pairing advice i think all Of our stomachs are rumbling i can say Mine certainly is and i’m ready for my Evening glass of wine although it’s only 3 30 in the west coast right now i have To wait a few hours um but yeah a couple Questions that we got in um first one Easy to answer what is the vintage of This raw do we have that listed oh we Have that oh i just took that down

Didn’t i well i’ll just repeat it out Loud here for everyone that’s 2019. so That’s columbia valley to be clear that That wine was from washington state Um here’s a good pairing question um An angeli asks us would you include Other smoked foods for example smoked Almonds smoked salmon in the list of Smoked meats that would pair um with the Wine that we just talked about um i Imagine that smoked salmon would pair Differently than smoked red meat Yes very observant and you are correct The the principle remains slightly the Same though So The smoked salmon is going to be again a More delicate flesh let’s see more Delicate protein Um so You know you could Do something like a sarah if you wanted To but um In that case because it’s it’s Delicate but it’s going to have that Underlying smoke flavor You could do something that was more Along the lines of a heavy white Um Or Conversely you could do a lighter red Wine something like a pinot noir i don’t Personally recommend Uh with a smoked salmon doing pinot noir

But i do have a lot of friends that Really enjoy it i personally would Prefer to go with a heavy white um you Know a nice macon village or something Like that heavy i mean it’s chardonnay But you know a nice little moccon Village or something like that uh would Be great or if you’re here in virginia Where i am based you could do a little Barbersville chardonnay which is 1247 a Total wine just telling you uh when it’s On sale and then you can go buy your bag Of potato chips and you can have your Chardonnay potato chips together but yes You do want to be careful about Your actual protein and sort of the Density and the heaviness of it so you Know in the case of a fish obviously a Little bit more delicate which is why we Have a tendency to choose more of the White vines going with it hopefully that Answered your question yeah and one Thing i was thinking too is that you Know using the principle of kind of Pairing like with like so you’ve talked With your your smoked meats that smoky Flavor with the smoky syrup kind of Similar you could do like a white wine That has kind of a smoky characteristic So some of the sauvignon blanc from the Loire like a poison may might have that Similar smokiness that might be better Matched in its um intensity to to the Smoked salmon but i think too like a

Chardonnay like you’re saying Uh you know a bolder white wine that has The intensity to cut through the Oiliness of the fish um or even kind of Going back to our first one i think that Sparkling rose would be lovely with it Too because of the fattiness of the fish And that high acidity um in the wine and You know champagne at brunch is always a Lovely Lovely way to start the day absolutely Yeah um the other question we had which Maybe you know the answer to do you know If these wines are available in canada Bonnie So canada Um i don’t know and uh so that’s the Short answer i don’t know um but i i Have i don’t know that the pundit is i Think eons might be the sparkling um i’m Kind of guessing here because i haven’t Looked at i don’t know what part of Canada you’re on i’ve done a little work With the lcbo And i feel like i’ve seen it on there it Will be a little bit of a search for you Unfortunately that we’re deaf you might Also get but don’t but don’t worry you Know you’re looking for a vourray you’re Looking for a nice sparkling rose This is from tasmania and so it is a Little bit harder to to find But but don’t hold yourself back you Know a nice sparkling cava

Uh would be lovely as well uh one of the Key components to this wine is that i Believe it’s traditional method And i won’t bore everyone with with too Many too much information about Traditional method but what that means Is that it undergoes secondary Fermentation in the bottle so we were Talking about adding that dosage uh You’ve got that dry basement and you add That dosage and the whole process takes Place kind of in and around the bottle As opposed to say a tank um which is Another way to do it as well So yeah i think that’s that’s a good you Know reminder to everyone is that at Wsct you know we’re not as much focused On specific wines from this producer That producer this vintage when we’re Talking about wine and food pairing we Really like to focus on you know the Structural elements in the wine and how They interact with the structural Elements in the food so instead of Searching for that exact beautiful Tasmanian wine that bonnie had which Might be a little more difficult to find You know look for similar styles so Something from a cool climate that goes Through a secondary fermentation in the Bottle bottle like bonnie was saying you Know decide if you want rose something With high acidity um to match that you Know cut through the fried fried flavors

That’s kind of hard to say together um Nicely um so even if you can’t find These exact ones um don’t let that stop You from going and doing all that Experimenting with pairing that bonnie Has been talking about for the last last Couple minutes [Laughter] Thank you christine any other questions In the chat box or just some good Commentary I think i saw someone say that the Lcbo might have the pundit so i stand Corrected um But but again you know we’re looking at A washington state syrah there are many Others that are equally as delightful so Um you know just go out there and try to Find one that that is is similar in Style and it’ll be a great experiment no Matter what Yeah i mean i think the holidays are Such a good time to work on your food Pairing because there tend to be more Bottles open um whether you’re at Parties or dinners with family um you Know taste different wines with Different food and see what you like Like bonnie kept enforcing it’s you know It’s uh It all comes down to preference so Experimenting is the best way to figure Out what you like best So i just saw a couple of things pop up

In the chat i just want to make one Clarification so these wines are Generally available on it does Vary by state so make sure that if you Are going onto you select your State up at the top before you do your Search Um because if the you know inventory Levels can change and things of that Nature so um Definitely Definitely go to our friends at We enjoyed their support on this uh Offering these up ahead of time there is A package that’s uh if all Three wines are in stock that’ll be Available to you if one of the wines is Out of stock it might not show up um so You know continue your searches Elsewhere um but again you know if You’re in a place where you’ve got like A cool local Local wine shop you can take this list In there and say hey i want something That’s similar don’t be afraid to talk To those guys i think some of the larger Stores you know it might feel Intimidating But you know if you do have like a nice Kind of boutique wine shop um they’re They’re going to help you they want to They want to get out there and talk like I am you know make they make themselves Sound like they know what they’re

Talking about uh but they probably do Know what they’re talking about so don’t Be shy um they’re they’re very happy to Steer you in the right direction Awesome Yeah Well if they’re no oh No other question to someone saying they Enjoy participating and they learned a Lot and i agree i learned a lot bonnie So thank you so much for leading us Through today’s session um best of luck To everyone in their wine pairing food Pairing journeys um over the next couple Of weeks And we appreciate you joining and hope To see you back for the next webinar Yeah thanks so much everybody i hope it Was at least a little bit entertaining For you all i’m very lucky now i get to Go into my evening and enjoy some of These and find some of those snacks in My in my closet there uh but it’s been a Real pleasure and you know hopefully you Guys will come out to some future events Thank you everyone thank you