Gewürztraminer 101 (Everything You Need to Know)

For those of you who know geovitz Demeanor you either love it or you hate It and I've spent a lot of time trying To figure out why I think it's because it's hard to say Out loud Govertsdraminer other than that this Uncommon group variety could be one of The most intriguing white wines out There so let's dive into geverts learn About its features and quirks and how to Find great bottles and make great food Pairings and to do this I have three Nutso bottles of geverts remainer for us To try Foreign [Music] Hey what's up it's Madeline if you've Always wanted to learn more about wine But don't know where to start check out Wine Folly courses before we dive into These wines and their pairings I want to Say a few things about this grape so you Have the details the name Gavertzstrominer breaks up into geverts Meaning spicy or aromatic and traminer Meaning of trauman it suggests that Gevertsdramino originated in trauma in Alto Ada Northern Italy however based on Recent historical and genetic research It's likely originated around northeast France and Southeast Germany what's Notable is that where Pinot Noir has More than 270

000 acres in the world givertz Demeter Has less than 32 000 planted most of These Vineyards skirt the Alps and the Vose mountains in climates with warm Days and cold nights this grape needs Cold nights to help maintain the acidity And because it has relatively low Acidity most wines are drunk young with A few rare exceptions finally Giverstrominer is quite difficult to Grow and to make into wine which makes Great bottles a true labor of love which Brings me to our wines this is your Everyday converts demeanor but it's Grown close to traumen which is the Etymological home of giverstrominer in Northern Italy This wine has a lot of color I'll say It's a pale to medium yellow whoa It smells so intense of roses Ruby Red Grapefruit Lemon Verbena and a whiff of Bergamo On the pallet the wine is both light and Rich with massive flavors of lemons and Then a finish that's super super floral Even though this wine smells and tastes So floral it does taste dry to me if I Were to pair it with food I'm thinking Lobster rolls crab cakes and give me Some eggs benedict so here's the thing About the crazy huge Floral aromatics in Gevertz demeanor they're found in the Skins of the grapes so when they make This into wine they'll actually cold

Macerate so that all that flavor gets Unlocked from the skins and then it goes Into fermentation where the complete Transformation occurs this next wine is A super high-end Grand Cruise single Vineyard gevertzstrominer from alsas France that cost me one left arm taking A look at the color whoa this is a deep Yellow colored wine on the nose There's so much going on inside this Glass honey roses lychee perfume lemon Bar bay leaf Quince honeydew melon Fennel thyme dried rocks Whoa it's off dry this wine has Sweetness it's Rich it's honeyed on the Pellet with this sweet lemon zest this Tingly long finish that just delivers Lemon zest roses lemon zest roses lemon Zest roses lemon zest you get the idea I Would love to pair this with some stinky Cheese maybe some foie gras whatever the Meat butter is that you're into these Day have that with this now the crazy Thing about this wine is in terms of Gevertzstrominer it's ancient it's four Years old however I really think this Wine will age a lot longer than where we Are right now and develop more nuttiness Hazelnut Aromas and some creaminess on This palette that we have here Finally this is an off the wall wacky 40-day skin contact single Vineyard Gevertrameter from the Central Coast of The californias just look at that color

Yeah wow pale copper Oh whoa funky Fermented Rose grapefruit lime peel this Smoky flint-like character This wine is bone dry with this pithy Grapefruit character on the palette it's Almost crunchy there's lemon rind There's this broad mid palette and then It finishes on this beautiful light Floral note of roses and potpourri to me I would want to pair this with a picnic Maybe your charcuterie and cheese board And some homemade pickles now you see This color here now that comes from Fermenting on the skins for a long Period of time if you look at Verstrometer grapes they're actually a Pinkish gray when they become fully ripe In many places and as you can see that Color's been translated into the wine But it's also translated all those Massive flavors and Aromas because this Wine is made naturally they're going to Ferment it till it's totally dry now That we've explored three very different Styles of giverts demeanor you can go Out and find great qual quality to recap Gevertzstrominer is super aromatic Because of aromatic compounds unlocked In the Skins during fermentation wines Range from bone dry to off dry and often Taste more dry than they actually smell Most convert stamina are best in their Youth because of that lower natural

Acidity of course there are some Exceptions to the rule thanks so much For Learning and tuning in about this Amazing grape I hope this helps you Drink more of what you love and be sure To check out Wine Folly courses to Expand your mind and Palette until next Time happy tasting peace out