Grand Jardin 2020 Rose, Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence 791018120

Hey everybody spring is here and you Know what that means Rose season is here Too we got the 2020 Grand Jardine this Is from kotu dexum Provence beautiful Area Jose right in the heart of France Provence and this is a really Um Intense wine on the nose this is pretty This has a Grenache uh based on the Blend there's Syrah there's cab Um there's even a little bit of Bermantino mixed in here so there's a Lot of You know complexity going on there's There's beautiful red cherries Strawberries and some wild raspberries That are going on here but some nice Floral notes rose petals A little bit of herbal note that's going On here but it's it's really intense and Uh certainly not a uh a pushover for a Rose take a taste I mean to me this has everything that I Want my Rose beautiful acidity searing Mouth-watering good fruit right red Cherries there were strawberries Everything's coming across on the Palette Has some nice floral notes has some body Has some structure to it this is not a Pushover this has a little bit of that Herbal note so it gives it some Complexity and just a tremendous value For like under 15 and even less by the

Case so Spring is here Rose season is here let's Enjoy it let's make it a great one Cheers