Hindsight Estate 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley

So here we have hindsight 2015 Calistoga Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and man I Am excited for this one this is uh all Estate grown fruit from Vineyards up in Calistoga Calistoga you know is up north In Napa so it's it's warm it's hot these These grapes get a lot of concentration From that heat but they still have the Diurnal temperatures so that the grapes Uh cool down in the morning And builds up that nice acidity in these Wines so let me tell you about the Pedigree here the pedigree on this wine Is just tremendous so hindsight's head Winemaker is Michael Weiss and you may Know the name Michael Weiss was the Chief winemaker for Groff for years and Years and years 26 years something like That and Groth if you don't know was the First American wine Um or one of the first American wines With 100 Point score like Roth Reserve Growth reserves a beautiful beautiful Wine a lot of history so that was Michael's career for many years came Here to the hindsight wines for this Wine He worked with Jack Cole who Jack Cole Came from stag sleep wine cellars from Then had experience at Charles Krug Experience at Cliff of the day so You're talking about this dream team Wine makers that came together to put Together this this estate grown Napa cab

For hindsight and this one kind of just Came on our radar recently and we were Blown away I mean there was a few of us Tasting and we all kind of were just Looking at each other like Is this really as good as we think it is For the price because you're not going To believe the value and 2015 Outstanding vintage in Napa Really great year a lot of Hang Time and Oh my God What a tremendously Complex and layered nose uh so 2015 We're seeing some bottle age so those Black fruits that are there that black Cherry BlackBerry Are developing and they're turning into Some of that kind of dried fruit getting Some of those just just a hint of that Sort of kind of Raisin note but the Vanilla Cinnamon and clove and Nutmeg the baking Spices that are coming off on this and This is intense I I mean this the room Is filled with the Aromas of this wine Right now Beautiful color you can see it's Starting to turn just a little bit you Know Brown on the edge there and that's What happens with these older wines as They age and they develop Getting all of that you know harmonious Balance and all those complexities in Tune with one another

Wow that is just a Sumptuous Seductive Silky smooth wine it is expansive on the Palette it has all of these beautifully Well-developed fruits that are just Layered one on top of the other mixed in With Really nice Oak nuances the vanilla again the clove Some dried herbs are coming off really Nicely from this wine And you're getting some tertiary you're Getting a little bit of tobacco you're Getting some mushroom you're getting a Little bit of that forest floor as this Wine is seeing some uh some bottle age So this is you know one that will age Further but you know with the age that It's had it's drinking so beautifully Right now it's just in a really gorgeous Stage this is a a wine that's you know Almost 100 retail we have it for us we Have definitely better value because of The uh the way we were able to uh to Source this this wine so unfortunately Not a ton of it so uh so make sure you Grab grab some of this hindsight uh Calistoga you have when you can cheers Enjoy