Holiday Wine Gift Picks from Wine Express

Happy holidays wine lovers here at Wine Express we have a wide selection of Wines from all over the world Guaranteed to make the ideal gift of Special wine lovers in your life Here we have all of our wines of the Year that we go through every year and Find what our fans what our customers Really enjoyed the most so what makes a Better holiday season gift Sparkling wine champagne our sparkling Wine of the year is the boofclico la Gran Dom and it's a beautiful packaging By the famous Japanese artist yo yoi Kusama and of course who doesn't love Cristal this is a magnum of the 2800 Point vintage and of course the 2014 Vintage was our number one Wine Enthusiast seller selection of the Year Both available for this holiday season And our wine of the Year Silver Oak That's easily the most popular wine Probably out there and we have it which Makes a great gift for that Cabernet Lover in your life our Italian wine of The year is the Castell giocondo Brunello di Montalcino and if you want To learn more about this wine we have a Great video with the wine maker right on The product page at Wine Express Our collector wine of the year is none Other than the BV George D this is a Iconic wine collectible each and every Vintage and this particular vintage of

2018 which is the superb wine one of our Favorites not only do we have these Tremendous Champagnes and collectible Wines but we have a number of value Wines this holiday season as well our Pinot Noir of the year is the 2017 Primrose Trail Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast It really is an unheard of value Considering the location and the quality Of juice on this Pinot Our most popular value Bordeaux of the Year is The Chateau de Franc this is our Value Bordeaux of the year and at 97 Points and the price point that you can Get this at it makes for the perfect Gift to that special boy dough lover in Your life and not to be missed is the Owl block proprietary red this 2019 wine Is cab based from California under 20 a Bottle and 94 points you're not going to Find a better value gift for those that Love that California cap of course our Wines of the year are our favorite Gifting selections for this holiday Season but at Wine Express we carry so Many wines different varietals styles From different regions you could Literally travel the world of wine here At Wine Express and don't forget about Our gift baskets Samplers wine clubs Literally we are your One-Stop shop for All of your wine gifting needs this Holiday season and if you need any Personal wine recommendations this

Season our Wine Express Concierge Francis Castillo is here to guide you Down the right path So from our Wine Express family to yours Wishing you all a very happy healthy Holiday season cheers enjoy