Hi my name is konstantin baum i’m a Master of wine and you guys asked me Whether i could do a video on decanting So this is what i’m going to do today But instead of just explaining it i’m Going to do it with an almost 50 year Old bottle of bordeaux and on top of That i’m going to taste test whether i Can smell the difference between a not Decanted wine and a decanted wine are You guys ready for this [Music] It is widely accepted in the wine world That wine will change in flavor when It’s exposed to air some wines will Benefit from this exposure to air while The vast majority of wines are ready to Be poured straight out of bottle however Even the ones that benefit from exposure To air will go bad after a while it Might take hours days or weeks but all Wines will oxidize and turn into vinegar Eventually there are three basic Practices of exposing wine to air Letting it breathe carafing it and Decanting it letting it breathe Generally refers to the act of opening The bottle and letting it sit on the Table for a few hours before dinner in My experience this is not really Necessary the surface area that Interacts with the air is in this case Way too small for this process to really Change the smell and the taste of the

Wine carving and decanting wine has a More pronounced impact caravan refers to The practice of pouring wine into Another vessel this is often done with High quality young wines that are Supposed to be aged and are not quite in Their drinking window this will Generally open up the wine remove Hydrogen sulfide and cure wine from Reduction decanting is different to Crafting as on top of trying to give the Wine a little bit of air it mainly aims At separating the sediment from the wine The sediment consists of crystals of Titrates polymerized tannins and other Solids that fall out during the aging of The wine unfiltered wines tend to Develop a sediment earlier in life than Heavily filtered wines and white wines Tend to have little or no sediment at All the sediment doesn’t look good and It tastes a little bit bitter so it’s Sensible to remove it before pouring the Wine in your gas glass while crafting And decanting one are common practices And there’s little dispute about the Benefits of removing the sediment from a Wine there’s actually not a lot of Scientific information about the Advantages of exposing wine to air after It being bottled one of wine science’s Great professor imee penue said that the Longer wine gets decanted before being Poured the more diffused its aroma

Becomes and even jansen robinson says That fully matured wines should only be Decanted right before serving them Because some of them are fragile my Personal experience is that it’s always Wise to smell the wine first before Pouring it into a carafe or a decanter If the wine smells more muted than it Should then it’s often wise to expose it To oxygen if you don’t have the time to Let the wine develop in glass it is wise To use a carafe instead but in order to Verify this i will try the same wine From the same bottle blind from three Different glasses and glass number one Will be the wine poured straight from The bottle and glass number two will be The wine put from a carafe and in glass Number three will be a wine that is Super exposed to oxygen by putting it Into a blender Yes so let’s go So this is a young syrah from cross Amitage a very good wine but it often Benefits from a little bit of air and i Will pour this in glass number one Straight from the bottle For graphing one it doesn’t really Matter which type of vessel you use it Could be a glass curve like this or it Could just be a pint glass like this as Long as it’s clean and doesn’t give off Any odors it’s fine you can do carafing With red wine white wine and even

Sparkling wine to open them up and the Only thing you need to do is pour it So just Go And do this That’s it Super easy And the more oxygen the wine gets the Better in general Yes this is really happening In order to make sure that the glasses Are in a completely random order i got This my randomizer here and i will just Sit here close my eyes and wait a minute And then we’ll see whether i can Identify which class is which [Music] All right let’s dig in I have to say that the differences are Not super pronounced but i would say That this is the most closed up so i Think this is probably glass number one Put straight from the bottle this is Quite beautiful it’s fairly open and i Think this is glass number two put from The carafe and this one is also fairly Open but it feels a bit weird so i think This is probably glass number three from The blender but let’s see so now let’s Have a look which glass is which This one i said was glass number one but It is actually glass number two Damn it So

The wine from the carafe felt a little Bit more closed up That’s weird And this one was glass number one so This was the one strip pulled straight From the bottle and this was the one i Preferred so this must be glass number Three i was right on that it felt a bit Weird a bit edgy but this kind of goes To show that carafing doesn’t Necessarily have a strong impact i have To say though that i didn’t graph it for A long time if i would have exposed it To air for a longer time in the craft The results might have been a little bit Different so now let’s decant a wine in Order for the wine to throw off some Sediment you need to wait a few years i Had a look around in marcella and found This 1975 chateaube chevelle In bordeaux which should be old enough To have developed some sediment you Should put the bottle standing upright The day before or the evening before you Want to drink it ideally because it’s Better if the sediment already falls Down to the bottom of the bottle it will Make it easier to separate the sediment From the wine apart from that you really Only need a glass a carafe it doesn’t Have to be a fancy carafe like this it Could be any type of graph then you need A flashlight i will use my phone today And you need a wine key so let’s go

I like to cut off the whole capsule Of the wine because it will make it Easier to spot the sediment when it Comes Through and It’s just cleaner the cork doesn’t look Great so let’s see what i can pull it Out in one piece I’m not really sure whether i can Pulling a cork can be an art form when It’s a bottle like this so Watch me do my magic That’s why they call me the master Well so with an old bottle like this It’s Good to clean off the mouth of the Bottle a little bit because there is Some residue there and the old capsules Sometimes still contain lead so you want To clean that off as much as you can Before pouring the wine so what i do now Is i pour a little sip of the wine Into my glass just be gentle and very Careful in order not to disturb the Sediment then you give it a little bit Of a smell There’s still something there And then you pour that little sip into Your carafe or into your decanter Because sometimes those things aren’t Really clean it’s difficult to clean Carafes and decanters properly so by Doing that you just wash out all of the Residue that might still be

In there So the next step is you want to use a White surface to make it easier to spot The sediment and you turn on a Flashlight or you might want to light a Candle depending on how romantic you are And then you start pouring you have to Be quite careful with the wine in order To make sure that no deposit no sediment Comes through you just hold the wine Over the flashlight And you will see all of the little bits And pieces that flow through the neck of The bottle Generally This Happens at the end when the bottle Is fairly empty Depending on how well you store the wine And how often you shake it before Decanting it so towards the end you see Little bits and pieces And this is when you should stop pouring And that’s it just try it at home and You’ll see it’s not that difficult this One the 75 bechavel is already declining In quality it smells a little bit of Cherries but also mushrooms and there’s Quite a lot of tertiary flavor there i Don’t think it will keep for a long time In the carafe but you only really know Once you pop the cork so thank you for Watching i hope you enjoyed this video If you liked then please like it down

Here subscribe to my channel if you Haven’t done so already my question of The day is what do you think about Crafting and decading do you do it do You not do it comment down below let me Know what you think i hope i see you Guys again soon until then stay thirsty [Music] You