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Something revolutionary happened in the Last 10 years Prosecco started to outsell champagne And has since become the most popular And enjoyed sparkling wine around the World and yet not that many people know That much about Prosecco beyond the Basic bottle so I'd like to tell you a Little bit more about this storied wine What it is how it is different than Champagne how to serve and pair Prosecco With foods and finally my favorite part Some geeky tips on finding the best Quality Prosecco that's out there I'm Madeline Puckett and if you're curious To learn more about wine and don't know Where to start check out wine Follies Free weekly wine learning newsletter at what is Prosecco Just like champagne which can only be Made in Champaign France Prosecco is a Regional wine which can only be made in Northeastern Italy Prosecco has sub-regions within it with Different quality levels but I'll get More into those later Prosecco is made With a grape called Galera it's Different than champagne which is made With a blend of Chardonnay in the Pinot Varieties glare is unlike Those Grapes In that it is much more aromatic Focusing on huge fruit flavors from Green melon to ripe Peach and everywhere In between finally Prosecco is sparkling

Like champagne but it's made using a Different method Prosecco uses a more Modern method called The Martin Noti Method which takes large pressurized Stainless steel tanks and makes Sparkling wine all together in one large Tank how to serve Prosecco When you open a bottle of Prosecco You're going to open it exactly like you Would a bottle of champagne we have an Amazing video on how to open sparkling Wine safely every time so definitely Check that out if that's still a mystery To you When it comes to pouring Prosecco I Usually pick up the glass and I pour Prosecco at an angle just like you would A bottle of beer This helps preserve those bubbles inside The glass which is what we love in our Sparkling wines now in terms of glass Choice you can certainly use a flute but The preferred glass for Prosecco is Actually called a tulip glass that space In the top helps preserve and Communicate those incredible fruit Aromas from that glare grape Prosecco Has some features as a wine that makes It exceptional for pairing with many Many foods first of all it's highly Aromatic it has lots of fruit flavors so It's going to have moderate intensity And you can pair it with a variety of Fish poultry vegetarian foods creamy

Dishes and it'll go really really well One of the classic pairings for Prosecco Is prosciutto with fresh Asian Cuisine And Indian Cuisine Prosecco is amazing If you are looking at more spicier Foods Definitely consider those sweeter styles Of prosecco for pairing it's going to Make your mouth happy Finding excellent quality Prosecco there Are five sweetness levels from brute Nature the most lean mineral and dry Style to dry which is actually a little Bit sweet and fruit forward you'll find Most Prosecco wines range between the Brut and extra dry styles and just pick Based on your preference this is going To lead you to the wine that you love And they're all quite delicious remember How I said Prosecco is this region in Northeastern Italy well Prosecco can be Grown in a large area which is mostly Across the Venetian plain which is very Flat but we find some sub-regions Located in the hills and they are called Prosecco superiori docg there's azolo And corneliano Val de biadene when we Grow glare grapes in the Hills we get a Different quality of grape because we Have that elevation and that angling Towards the sun you get that ripeness in The grapes but the elevation means it Tends to be cooler in these hilly areas Meaning that we can maintain high Acidity and that's why these Prosecco

Superior wines have such great quality They can produce those Rich fruity Aromatics and flavors while maintaining That Acidity within corneliano valdo biadene There's more There are Hillside designated Vineyard Wines and the hillsides in this region Are insane up to 60 percent grades the Steepest Vineyards around the world you Are practically rock climbing to hand Pick these grapes and take them back to The winery If you're looking for a hillside Vineyard designated wines look for the Word Reve at the end of the name of the Vineyard there are 42 different rivet in Corneliano valdubiardene and the finest Of all of these regions has its own Special classification and it's called Cartite and then there's another style Made in an unfiltered way actually a Cloudy looking wine often referred to as Colfando or officially as suilivetti if You'd like to know more about these Wines and actually connect with directly With producers and find these incredible Wines check out the guide that we have Online on on corneliano Valdo you will be able to find those Producers making those exceptional Quality wines and some of them have them For sale available online I hope this Helps you drink better wine until next

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