How to Open an Old Bottle of Wine with Wine Enthusiast’s Twin-Blade Corkscrew

Hi I'm Marshall Tilden with the Wine Enthusiast here to demonstrate our brand New La tallier duvin milami Twin Blade Corkscrew and it's a great way to open Um older wine bottles that have corks That might not be in the best condition So you'll see that there's two prongs One slightly longer than the other so You really want to Get the first prong into the bottle First and I say into the bottle because You really want to slide it between the Cork and the bottle once it's in you Want to maneuver that other shorter side And once it's in you want to just kind Of slowly rock it and then when you're You know almost all the way down there You really want full penetration because You want to make sure the whole cork is Getting caught by the prongs and then You're just going to slowly Gonna see it halfway through All quarks out and again see with a Regular core screw all the bottom of That cork might have been Right at the bottom you have the cork From the line that you just opened if You wanted for a keepsake