How to Properly Store and Age Wine

Hi I'm Marshall Tilden with the Wine Enthusiast here to talk about why and How to properly store and age wine at Home you know wine is a living and Breathing thing that is constantly Evolving and changing and in order for It to evolve properly and gracefully it Needs a certain sort of climate and Environment There's a few enemies to wine that will Harm it through its aging process that Being temperature lack of humidity Vibration odors and light so what needs To be done for any wine that's going to Age and evolve is it needs the right Climate so in terms of temperature wine Likes to be stored at around 55 degrees And that's all wines Reds whites Sparkling fortified that's where it's Sweet spot is in temperature so that it Ages gracefully humidity very important For the corks so somewhere around 50 to 80 percent is really what you want the Humidity to be at so that the corks can Stay moist so that oxygen doesn't come In Oxygen gets into the bottle over time it Gets oxygenated Light so there's harmful UV rays that Come with most light and can get into The bottle over time so you want to make Sure that their bottles are protected From those harmful Rays same as with Vibrations so as wine is sitting in its

Environment such as this Vino view Wine Cellar that's behind me you want it to Have as little vibration as possible the Vibration can shake up the bottles to Some degree moves the sediment around Can even create heat and friction inside The bottle and odors Off odors from a room from a garage from Whatever it may be can get into that Bottle over time and really affect the Flavors and the Aromas of that wine so What's the most effective and efficient Way to protect and store your wine well It's with a wine cellar so The Wine Cellar like the vine of you not only is The wine being protected but being Beautifully displayed every label is Shown the lighting accentuates every Bottle and these wine cellars come in Various sizes various Styles all the way Down from six bottles for a beginning Collection to a couple Two Three Hundred Bottles in multi-unit combinations that Can store and display hundreds of Bottles anywhere where you want to Feature your wine Wine sellers like the Vino View and some Of our other Wine Enthusiast Wine Sellers are ideal for storing wines for A few years even several years because They're going to provide that right Temperature they're going to provide Some humidity maintenance they're going To protect from light as these doors are

UV protected and they are going to be Pretty vibration free However sometimes you might have wines That you don't want to store for a few Years or several years there are every Wines that you want to store for decades 10 years 20 years 30 years and if so Then you might want to be looking for a Urokov eurokov wine cellars are the gold Standard or the Rolls-Royce of wine Storage why well they have the tightest Temperature gradient top to bottom they Have the best humidity system they have The most protective glass doors they Have the least amount of vibration and They have a filtration system that Filters out any off odors that may be Around The Wine Cellar so when you're Looking to store wines or wines that are Meant to be stored for more than just a Few years 5 10 20 years Euro Cup's Really the safest most protective Environment that you can find what Happens to Wine over time is that Tannins can soften fruits develop and When the acidity is still there all of These things come together and create a Beautiful balanced harmonious wine Temperature fluctuations even within a Seller can be harmful as well as Humidity fluctuations Can dry out that cork and if that cork Dries out and air gets in that wine can Go to vinegar quite quickly uracob

Offers various lines through their Wine Cellar collections each with some Different features that will benefit Your wine collection However maybe you have room in your home To store thousands of bottles not a few Hundred bottles and if so then you may Want to build yourself a custom wine Cellar there's nothing like a true Custom Wine Cellar in your home to show Your love passion and care for your wine This wine cellar for example is in Redwood there's a variety of different Woods and features and styles of rocking That can be used but the most important Thing about a wine cellar in the home is A cooling system or a cooling unit Something that will provide the right Environment the right climate the right Temperature the right humidity so Whatever room you're storing aging Displaying your wine it's being properly Protected so those wines that you have In your Cellar for decades are evolving Gracefully in the time frame that They're meant to and that's something to Discuss as well because wine sometimes Are only meant to be aged a few years to Evolve to where they're at their peak of Drinking some wines need 10 years 15 Years 20 years so you want to make sure That when you're aging a wine it's being Aged to the degree that the one Winemaker intended for it and it's aging

Gracefully in that right climate so that When it hits that Peak when it hits that Right drinking range it lasts for years Problem is if it gets there too quickly It speeds up that aging process you may Have weeks maybe months and then it's Going to fall off the cliff really Quickly If you have any questions about wine Storage at home a wine cellar just give One of our wine storage Consultants a Call at 800-377-3330 cheers enjoy