How to Properly Store Wine with our partner Wine Enthusiast

You know here at Wine Express we offer a Selection of beautifully crafted wines That are meant to age evolve and improve Over time but in order to do so wine Needs to be protected from all the Enemies of wine it likes to have a Temperature of around 55 degrees for Proper storage and that's for all wines It likes a humidity of somewhere around 50 to 80 percent so that those corks can Stay nice and moist and you also want to Protect it from UV rays vibration odors When done so wines can reach their full Potential and the best way to do so is Really with a wine cellar so take for Example our Wine Enthusiast Vino view Wine Cellar which not only protects your Wines but allows you to display all of The beautiful labels in your collection When you store your wine in a wine Cellar like this all of the tannins and The fruits will age and balance one Another over time and wines can age for Several years even decades if that's What the wine is meant to do