I OPENED a $3,000 WINE. Was it worth it?

Hi my name is constant Limbaugh I'm a Master of wine and today I want to do Something very special for you I'm going To buy and taste one of the legends of The wine World a wine whose name is Mythical and whose prices are Astronomical not to show off but to Share that experience with you so let's Do this [Music] Done well this year and that's why I Wanted to do something extraordinary for The end of 2022 that's why I asked you a Few weeks ago what your dream Winery From the famous Bordeaux region is and The results were clear and slightly Unsettling I gotta say you guys have Expensive taste Petrus Petrus is one of The icons of the wine world and it's one Of the most expensive wines in the world It is so special that it was selected to Be sent into space for 440 days for Research purposes and one of those Bottles is now estimated to be worth 1 Million US Dollars while I know who owns That bottle I also know that I will Never be able to afford it so I have to Get creative in order to buy a bottle That doesn't completely break the bank Fortunately I know one or two things About buying wine and otherwise I'll Just have to Drink this bottle of Patrice I'm in my Office right now to do some research on

Prices and I gotta say it's completely Crazy how prices for produce have Developed over the last few years I Couldn't find anything below 3 000 US Dollars and that's for bad vintages Which is completely crazy I mean who Spends this much money on a bottle of Wine and then again that's exactly what I'm about to do I just received this Message from a merchant I know and he Writes that prices have increased a lot And by the only purchases one from Bordeaux directly in order to avoid Counterfeits which makes a lot of sense But when I look at his prices the lowest Is at 3 800 US Dollars and that's Excluding taxes and transport and I'm Not able to pay that much money the Thing is if you search the internet you Can actually find cheaper offers for Pinterest but I'm not going to buy Mattress on eBay and there are two Reasons for that the first one is that You want to make sure that you avoid Counterfeits fake wine and if you don't Have the clear chain of custody from Bordeaux to the current owner you might Buy a fake bottle the second point is That you want to make sure that the Bottle was stored properly and if you Buy from a private individual you never Really know whether it was stored in a Perfect seller or somewhere on the Kitchen top so unless you know that

Person and have seen the seller stay Away from those bottles I like to be Safe rather than sorry so when it comes To these ones I prefer buying from a Reputable Merchant I was really lucky After searching for a few days I've Found a bottle of Patrice at a local Wine shop while searching for something Else the bottle is fairly priced I mean When prices go up quickly sometimes wine Shops and restaurants don't readjust Their prices and then you can make a Bargain I mean don't get me wrong this Bottle still cost 3 thousand US dollars But the same bottle the same vintage Would currently retail at 4 000 US Dollars so It's kind of fair I don't really know Whether I feel good about it though Because this is kind of like when you Are a kid and you steal something at a Toy store you have the toy that you Wanted but you also feel bad about what You just did and that's kind of what I'm Going through right now but anyways Let's go Just kidding so here we are it's a few Days later and this is still the most Expensive bottle of wine I have ever Purchased and I still don't really know Whether I feel good about it but anyways I'm going to open it now I just hope That it's not cooked if you like this Video so far then please like it down

There and subscribe to my channel it Would really help me out and it also Helps me to create this stuff like this In the future so why was this bottle 300 Times as expensive as a decent bottle of Bordeaux like this one for example the Answer is complicated first of all it Has a great track record for producing Outstanding wines more than 10 vintages Have received a perfect 100 Point score From Robert Parker and it's the favorite Wine of presidents Kings and Billionaires I visited Patrice twice and The winery is fairly small and Unassuming it's not one of those grand Chateaus that you find on the Left Bank But it has a long history even though it Was first overlooked the tourists began To break through after the successful 1945 vintage this was also around the Time when the moax family started to Sell their wine and made it famous in Europe and in the US the moaxes later Took over the estate and still Ownage to This day Patrice is only 11.4 hectares In size way smaller than most of the Famous wineries in Bordeaux the feet for Example has more than 100 hectares of Vineyards it is located on a small Plateau and the soil is composed of clay Which is very different to the soils Surrounding the vineyard they really Focus on quality producing only limited Volumes of really good stuff but quality

Is only one factor when it comes to Price you can find a lot of great wines That cost way less than Patrice the Famous wine predict rubber alpaca was Sometimes critical of Petrus and he Actually wrote in his Bordeaux book that Some other pomeroles can be at the same Level or even better than Petrus but Petrus offers something that no other Wine can it's more a myth than just a Wine this is certainly true I remember Well those special moments when I was a Young summer year and someone ordered a Bottle of Patrice it was an honor to Pull that quark and that guest was my Favorite guest of the evening so I can Understand how this wine means so much To so many people the price is however Crazy and I understand people who say This is way too much money for a bottle Of wine I also wouldn't have minded if You guys would have voted for oblion in First place that would have only been Like 700 which is a lot of money too but Well everything is relative in the end But still let's open the bottle so I've Looked at different ratings and the Anticipated maturity is 2017 to 2 1030 Year 2035 so this should be in its Drinking window after aging for 18 years And I'm just hoping that this is not cocked This would be a disaster the level of The wine is actually pretty much perfect

That's what you want it has to be in the Neck in order to make sure that you Don't have an increased level of Oxidation and well Let's get it on so I'm going to remove The whole Capsule that's just cleaner And it's easier to decant the wine if You don't have a capsule on it the cork Actually looks perfect you can see the Markings it's Petrus you see the Vintage On there so this looks very much like a Perfect bottle a real bottle I have a Reputation for this drawing quarks every Now and then fingers crossed this cork Is actually coming apart a little bit Okay I don't want to mess this up so I'm Going to use my Durand which is just More reliable for these kinds of bottles Okay now let's pull that cork out Hopefully in one piece [Music] There we are look at how long that cork Is it's a huge huge Quark but it broke Pretty much In the top third so Well better safe than sorry I'm going to Decant this one so I'm just going to Rinse the carafe out even though it is Clean I just washed it now let's taste The first sip okay this is Exciting but I think I actually have to Graph it and have a little bit more in My glass to really be able to talk about It this is a huge glass I got it the

Biggest Bordeaux glass that I have I think I just need more wine in it too Really evaluate it so as usual I'm going To use my phone as a light and Just going to make sure that there's no Deposit in the wine there might be some After 18 years of Aging much throw a Little bit of deposit Let's see so this is it I don't know Whether you can see but it's Looks pretty beautiful so I let the wine Sit for a bit just for it to open up and Now I'm going to pour the first glass I could actually pour the whole bottle In this huge glass I'm not gonna though It's actually opening up slowly it's not Bam there right away it needs some time In the glass This is such a surreal experience Tasting this wine this wine that I I've Poured quite a few times I've kind of Had a little sip of it never had a Bottle of it and now sitting here Tasting this together with you so Weird but pretty cool so it's pretty Dark and dense in the core but towards The rim it gets lighter and there you Have this Garnet color which shows some Evolution so the wine shows that it has Been aged for for a bit I'm actually Going to switch glasses because I feel This one is just a bit too big so I Haven't used that glass in a long time So I just want to see whether the one

Performs better in a slightly smaller Glass so now the aroma really comes Through it smells of ripe cherries Tobacco leaf as a bit of spice there as Well it's it's not super concentrated It's not in your face it's really Elegant but the aroma is profound and Pure on the palette it really has quite A bit of structure I mean 2004 was Cooler vintage So the ones were a little bit more Structured to begin with and that Structure is still there it will help This wine age for quite a bit longer I Don't think it is at all at the finish Line there's so much more for this wine To come I think over the next few years It's maybe even going to get better as Lots of freshness lots of Liveliness on the palace so it's It's A really beautiful Vibrant refreshing yet profound wine I Think it's kind of difficult to put a Number on this wine in this experience But it's not a 100.1 it's for me Personally it would be 93.1 Robert Parker also gave it the same Score I think was also scored 92 points Or 93 94 points plus I think it is just Really complex and Really exciting and I'm looking forward To hanging out with this one for a Little bit longer because I think over

The next few hours it will develop and Become even more complex the more time The wine develops in the glass the more Beautiful it gets the more it opens up There's only one thing missing now I'm Getting hungry so I need something to Eat with this fortunately though uh Prepared something So be friendly with Pomeroy is kind of a Natural match that should really work Well but there's one thing missing and That is truffles Truffles and pomerol That's the big classic the aroma of the Truffle can often also be found in the Wine so I'm going to Drizzle some truffles on top and then I'm really in heaven okay I realized That this is completely crazy and very Decadent but I hope that you can enjoy This together with me through me Whatever I'm pretty sure that I'm going To enjoy this so let's dig in the beef Is cooked to Perfection the sauce is Actually from a friend who has a Michela Star Restaurant Stefan from the Jordan De France who kindly gave me some of his Sauce and some truffles And now I gotta taste this Yeah baby Life is good look at this perfect medium Rare and it was actually me who cooked This Um You know the wine wasn't a perfect wine

But this is just a perfect food and wine Experience The meat is actually delicious and Complements the wine so well the tannins Kind of melt away in the acidity it just Freshens up the beef the truffles adds Another dimension to it so this is 100 Points so the question remains is this Bottle worth 3 000 US Dollars and the Answer is that's kind of up to you I Can't afford drinking Chateau Petrus and I don't think anyone should really drink This stuff on a regular basis but this Experience will stay with me for the Rest of my life and that's quite Valuable would all this be possible Without a bottle of Patrice for sure but Drinking this wine that is a dream wine Of mine for a long time and has been a Dream wine for you for a long time as Well is something special is something Out of the ordinary and makes this Moment just so much more special so Thank you for watching if you enjoyed This video then please like it down here Subscribe to my channel if you haven't Done so already my question of the day Is what is the most special one you've Ever had let me know down below I'm Going to enjoy the rest of this glass Down here and then I'm going to enjoy The rest of this decanter up there with Friends and family I see you guys again Soon until then stay thirsty

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