Is ALDI WINE good? Master of Wine Tastes ALDI Wines.

Hi i’m konstantin baum master of wine And for today’s tasting i’ve scraped the Bottom of the barrel and shopped where The average person seems to buy their Wine these days i went and visited one Of the biggest wine retailers in the World to see whether their selection is Any good and yes i’m actually talking About aldi here so Let’s go [Music] Id is the brand used by two family-run Chains they operate discount Supermarkets all around the world Combining for an estimated turnover of 85 billion us dollars they are known for Selling okay to good quality products at Very low prices and just as an aside This is by far the worst website by a Billion dollar empire that i’ve ever Seen the id story started after the Second world war in germany the brothers Theo and carl albrecht took over the Family’s corner store and turned it into The first outraged discount even back in The corner store days they sold wine From the barrel and wine continued to be An important part of their offering Today they are the biggest retailer for Wine in germany and they also sell a lot Of wine all around the world ali is Moving a lot of wine but true to german Spirit they are mostly moving cheap wine The average price per bottle in germany

Is 2 euros 34 cents This is the average overall i’m pretty Sure that the average price per bottle At aldi will be lower than that less Than 2 euros 34 cents for wine bottle Closure capsule label carton This still blows my mind in the last Decades ali has tried to raise its wine Game it has seasonal offerings that can Cost up to 20 euros per bottle and they Also invested quite a bit into quality Control full disclosure as a student i Actually worked for a company that also Assessed the quality of all these wines What can i say i was young and needed The money these days have long passed And even though i rarely bought wine at Aldi as a student i definitely don’t buy Wine at aldi today or rather haven’t Bought wine at aldi in years until Yesterday i want to find out if i can Find something interesting on aldi’s Shelves to be honest i don’t expect Great things here but you never know Until you try so i put my palate in Harm’s way to find something exciting at The bottom of the barrel this worth Mostly is the only champagne i know that Sells for 12 euros 99 It is made by different producers as far As i understand in this case the Producer is nikola guska and i’m pretty Sure that the producers who are involved With this brand don’t really have a lot

Of friends in the region considering the Price point they are selling it the same Brand is also sold in the uk where it Has become the second most sold Champagne after moet chando during the Festive season of 2021 Sounds like champagne it smells of lemon Zest bruised apple and a little bit of Brioche but i’m guessing they’re really Trying to save money by not maturing the Wine too long on the lease which would Add additional flavor and complexity to The wine on the palette you can also Feel the lack of texture so it’s quite Light quite fresh this doesn’t feel like A classic champagne it’s more like a Average cremo So I don’t think this is great quality but At this price point it’s pretty much Unbeatable because there’s no other Champagne selling at this crazy price Point but i would rate this 80 points But if you want to drink champagne and Don’t want to spend the money This is champagne and it’s cheap this is The 2020 mario kolina pinocchio del Venezia from italy that retails for 2 Euros 19. i checked on ali’s website and I didn’t really find a lot of Information on this one pinot grigio is Very popular right now and i know many Zombies who hate the grape variety Because it’s so popular you can make

Really bland and boring wines with this Grape variety but you can also make Really great wines i don’t really expect Greatness from this wine but let’s see Whether it’s any good This smells really artificial like gummy Bears and hubba bubba you have a little Bit of pear drop flavor there you can Get these flavors by fermenting the wine At a very low temperature and Yeah it’s a pretty cheap trick to make Um average wine taste Intense and flavoursome so i would say This wine is actually really boring and Really average in quality so i would Rate this 76 points it’s It’s wine but there’s not much more to It next up we have the 2020 tv trails of New blog from new zealand coming in at 4 Euros 49. this is from marlborough the Most famous region for sauvignon blanc Down there and home of some of the most Famous wineries in the country this is Really cheap for new zealand sauvignon Blanc and they went heavy on the new Zealand stereotypes here with the label The tv and the ferns and the mountain Ranges in the background that might Remind you of another famous wine label From new zealand on their website They’re writing with its deserted nature Fantastic landscapes and unused soil new Zealand has ideal conditions for growing High quality wines let’s see whether

This is actually one of them from new Zealand sauvignon blanc i expect a lot Of flavor a lot of expressive character And this is actually pretty good Especially at this price point it smells Super intense of pineapple a little bit Of lychee passion fruit so there’s quite A lot of flavor in there which is Typical for this grape variety from Marlborough on the palette it’s mouth Watering really fresh and vibrant Acidity There’s a little bit of sugar there as Well but it’s not too bad there’s lots Of freshness and liveliness so This price point It’s actually pretty good so i would Rate this wine 83 points so really good Sauvignon blanc 449 man how did they do that yes this Label looks familiar i was briefly Wondering whether ali is ripping off Another wine brand but it’s actually Kind of the second label of the popular La vie firm label from the paran family Who also own bocaster in chateauneuf de Parque the la fern julia jose retails For four euros 99 and it’s a cuvee of Sanso grenache and syrah and it’s Actually the first 2021 wine that i’ve Tasted they were really quick getting That wine into bottle it also has these Flavors that develop from really cold Fermentation so you have a little bit of

Cherry a little bit of strawberry Flavors but it feels a bit artificial On the palette the wine is pretty harsh The acidity is lacking a little bit and It’s not that Balanced i think it’s actually quite Enjoyable a little bit edgy on the Palette but it’s not terrible it’s not Great either so i would rate this 82 Points now we’re moving on to the red Wines and this is the 2019 martin fisher Blough frankish that retails for 4 euros 49. i actually first thought that this Wine was from austria because bluff Lancashi is the term used for this Varietal more associated with austria in Germany we usually call it lemberger but This is from wurttemberg germany martin Fisher owns the sunhoof winery and this Is a side project even though it’s most Definitely quite a significant one once You’re listed at aldi you easily sell Hundreds of thousands of bottles of wine Per year this is a hard totten red wine Which means it has some residual sugar And this is quite popular for mass Market german red wines Well whoever said the germans have great Taste blough frankish can produce really Great wines but it can also produce some Really average ones i’m guessing that This is more towards the average but Yeah let’s taste it it smells of Cherries and blackberries there’s also a

Little bit of chocolate powder coming Through So yeah it’s appealing it’s fruit driven It’s all right on the palette it’s Really Juicy and soft the tenons are Pretty much non-existent There is a little bit of a lack of Acidity in my opinion so there’s quite a Bit of sweetness there and the wine Feels just round It doesn’t really have a lot of Zing i think this is an okay wine it’s Just a bit boring really but i can see How many people like it because it’s Just juicy and fruity it doesn’t have The Well the texture that a normal red one Would have and i think many people don’t Like the tenons of a concentrated and Rich red wine so this is much more Approachable I would rate this 80 points it’s okay But not much more than that this is the 2020 francois noble coup bordeaux Superior barrick that retails for three Euros 19. It is a cuvee of merlot and cabernet Sauvignon which is not necessarily a Surprise for wines from bordeaux what is A surprise is that it was stored in Bariks Are expensive and if you would use a new Barrick for maturing your wine you would

Probably pay at least three euros per Bottle alone for the maturation in barik So in this case i’m guessing they just Used old bricks in germany if you put Aged in bariks on the label at least 75 Percent of the wine has to be aged in Bricks for at least six months and i’m Guessing that they just barely went Above the six months mark especially Considering that this is the 2020 Vintage bordeaux as a region is often Associated with premium quality wines But it’s a pretty big region 120 000 Hectares of vineyards so it’s not just Chachu latur and chateau lafitte if you Probably put aged and barik on the label Then the wine should at least smell a Little bit of barique this really just Smells of cassis a little bit of burnt Rubber and it’s not really great on the Palette this is really really bad the Tannins are super harsh very green this Is kind of Reminding me of bordeaux from the good Old days when it was so Tannic and so harsh that you had to age It for years before you could enjoy it This feels like a wine that will never Be appealing i’m going to rate this 74 Points this is below average It’s not flawed technically but This is not a wine you should buy the Next one is the 2020 african rock shiraz Pinotage that retails for 2 euros and 99

And i had to bring something from south Africa into the mix to practice you know The wine is labeled fair trade and i had To look up what fair trade actually Means in wine on the website of Fairtrade it says buying fairtrade wine Helps ensure that farmers and workers Are receiving a fair price as well as an Additional premium to help their Community Invest in essential services such as Education sanitation and health care The question is Can a wine that sells at 2 euros 99 on Shelf here in germany actually be Produced in a fair way I don’t really know but The sentiment the idea behind it is Pretty good on the nose the wine smells Of cherries blackberries but there’s Also black tea there a little bit of Dusty flavors coming through i get that Quite a lot from pinotage wines on the Pallet it’s juicy there’s low tenants There the acidity is a bit harsh and the Length is quite short so It’s definitely not a great wine there’s Nothing entirely wrong with it but it’s Just not a lot of fun to drink so i Would rate this 77 points it’s average here we have the 2018 vineyard real crianza from rioja That comes in at 6.99 this is actually a Wine brand i know it’s been produced by

Cvne a pretty famous producer from the Reach ali is doing that more and more Often they approach a famous estate Whether they would make a wine for them Those estates usually buy in grapes Juice or wine and make a special wine For aldi but in this case i actually Think this is the real vina real Especially because it has all of those Scores on the label from sucklin wine Enthusiast and so on wow 93 points for Seven euros this must be in the deal of The century This wine also comes sealed under a cork It’s very rare that wine from spain is Actually bottled under the screw cap the Wine smells of cherries and vanilla it’s Not super pronounced it’s quite delicate And elegant but it’s good there are no Flaws in there it’s quite clean and Quite pretty on the palette it’s also Light and refreshing the tenons are fine Granular there’s good freshness there What i don’t really understand is Whether those scores are actually for The same wine because i don’t see this One at all in that category I would say this is A pretty good rioja It’s close to very good well i would Rate this 85 points and i just have to Follow my palette i don’t think this is 92 91 93 points At all

On my scale at least So yeah 85 points so if you ask me Whether the wines from aldi are any good My answer has a resounding At the price point these wines are Selling out they’re actually performing Fairly well some better than others and Some like the kiwi trail sauvignon blanc Are really outperforming but overall if You would spend a little bit more money You would actually get a much more Exciting wine on top of that most of These wines are a bit faceless what Makes wine really interesting is the Stories behind the wine behind the label The values of the person making the wine And you really get no information on That at all on most of the wines that Are being sold at aldi so if you really Want to spend as little money as Possible on wine then aldi might be a Fairly good choice but if you are Willing to spend a little bit more in Order to get something a bit more Entertaining a bit more interesting you Should go to your local wine shop and Ask the guy behind the counter what’s Your cheapest really interesting wine And then try that so i hope you like This video if you liked it then please Like it down here subscribe to my Channel if you haven’t done so already My question of the day is what is your Favorite wine from aldi do you have one

Do you not drink wine from aldi comment Down below i hope i see you guys again Soon until then stay thirsty [Music]