Is Godello Spain’s Answer to Chablis?

Salutation wine whizzes Master Vine Christine marsilio here and our Focus Today is on the unsung hero of Spain Godeo [Music] Get this gideo was almost extinct a few Decades ago but now this Spanish native Is stealing the spotlight with its Complex full-bodied white wines that Have been compared to white burgundy one Thing that makes godo grapes unique is Its high glycerol content this leads to Wines with a rich luscious mouth feel Paired with flavors of Juicy Stone Fruits zesty Citrus and an undercurrent Of minerality these wines also deliver a Zingy freshness that is hard to find in Warmer climates so where do we find this Amazing Spanish grape well Spain of Course but it's mostly found in the Cooler wetter Northwest part of the Country in Galicia look to valdioras do For great examples thanks to his schist And slate soils but you'll also find Amazing examples in the dios of Monterrey and Ribeiro Monterey is Situated Inland close to the southern Border of Galicia and really close to The border of Portugal this Inland Positioning means it's shielded from the Atlantic's cooling influences to a Greater degree than the more Northern Parts of Galicia now that you've learned A bit about godayo and Monterey let's

Explore a specific example with my Friend Madeline and we're back with a Classic example of gordeo this is frago De corvo gordeo from Monterey in Northwest Spain looking at the color it Looks to be a medium straw color you can See little green flecks in this glass Smells like star fruit cucumber kiwi Elder flower a little lime peel and Crushed shells On the palette this wine explodes with Juicy flavor Tangerine lots of fruit and It finishes with this herbal and Liveliness a little bit of heat from That 14 alcohol by volume I would love To pair this wine with shrimp whatever Kind of shrimp you could get your hands On whether it's shrimp cocktail or a Thai Fresh roll you will do Magnificently And if you'd like to learn more about Wine while you taste it check out the Wine Folly Club this incredible online Course Club wine tasting experience has Everything involved with learning about Wine finding new things you love and Learning more about your own taste Preference and Palette find out more at