Is LIDL WINE good? Master of Wine tastes wines from LIDL.

Hi i’m konstantin baum master of wine And i normally taste some of the Greatest wines in the world on this Channel but today i’m going to do Another discounter tasting why well i Know that a large share of wine is sold In discounters and i want to keep an Open mind on top of that you asked me to Review the wines from lidl so i’m going To blind taste my way through their Selection to find out whether their Wines are actually big on quality little On price let’s go [Music] First of all i haven’t been paid by Little to review their wines i do not Buy wine at leedle normally and these Wines were purchased by my wife with my Own money to make sure that i can give You my honest opinion and that i don’t Know what’s inside those bags secondly Some viewers were offended by the Comments that i made on the ones from Aldi in any tasting i keep an open mind And let the wine speak to me but please Don’t expect me to say that discount Wines are the greatest thing since Sliced bread very low retail prices Generally mean that the wine maker Doesn’t have the resources to make a Really good wine and make a living but My opinion on what is a good wine might Be different from yours this tasting is Going to be blind to make sure that i

Know as little as possible about the Wines what i know though is that all Wines are from lidl lidl is another Retail company from germany just like Aldi they operate 11 550 stores in 31 Different countries and they sell Billions worth of produce every year They developed from another company Called lidl and c sutristen handlung That was slowly converted into a Discount supermarket in 1973. Since the 1990s little has expanded Internationally and they’re now in many Different markets mainly in europe but Also in the us they are now focusing More and more on quality so that they Are not perceived only as cheap in terms Of their offering ali and lidl are Fairly similar but lidl has more branded Products while aldi is focusing more on Their own brands lidl is also one of the Biggest wine retailers in germany and Wine continues to be an important Category for them to drive foot traffic Prices are very low in the discount Sector in germany and most wine is sold Under 3 euros per bottle and roughly Only a fifth of the price actually goes To the producers in a recent documentary By german tv station zdf aldi and little Wine suppliers were complaining Anonymously about the inability to Negotiate prices and the high demands by The discount chains but some wineries

Want to work with discounters because They are able to buy large volumes of Wine and that really helps if you have Hundreds of thousands of bottles to sell Lidl has invested heavily into their Wine selection and they use special wine Offers regularly as a marketing tool They also work with a master of wine Richard bamfield who is their Independent lead taster and he’s in my Opinion a great guy that i respect i Believe that he does not select wines For them but rates their offering writes Tasting notes and is the face they use When talking about wine so now it’s time To taste the wines i do not know what The wines are but the prices will pop up While i talk about the ones i will also Put a list of the wines including the Prices below this video i’m going to Rate the wines according to the 100 Points system and i will put the Explanation on that system below this Video as well so let’s Go Wine one smells quite intense and very Fruit driven it smells of ripe apple Pineapple actually it smells quite a bit Of the way those little gummy bears Taste the pineapple gummy bears taste if You know what i mean It Suggests for me that this was fermented At a very low temperature in order to

Get this very expressive fruity flavor That for me would get boring quite Quickly on the palette it’s juicy and Vibrant but there’s not a lot going on There this is a bit of a boring wine but It’s okay so i would rate this 73 points and Yeah i would call this maybe a pinot Grigio or garbage For me this tastes a little bit like Yeah pinot grigio from northern italy Another wine to rave about something Entry level around the three to four Euro mark and it’s okay so let’s see Whether i’m right [Music] Okay Oh so it’s actually not pinot grigio but It’s kind of a good friend of pinot Grigio it’s lugana the grape variety is Trebiano di suave in this case and it’s A wine that is super popular in germany Because it just doesn’t hurt you but in General the wines tend to be a little Bit boring and this in my opinion is a Bit of a boring example it actually Retails for five euros so it’s a bit More expensive than what i would have Thought lugana tends to be a little bit More expensive than generic pinot grigio So let’s move on to wine number two okay I’m smiling because this wine is quite Easy to identify It is very explosive very aromatic

There’s quite a lot of passion fruit There there’s also gooseberry flavors Coming through a little bit of grass So quite complex more fruit driven some Herbaceous and spicy notes and for me This points Pretty much directly to new zealand on The pad it’s juicy and fresh there’s Good acidity there and this is also very Consistent with new zealand sauvignon Blanc i think this is sauvignon blanc From new zealand i actually had a Sauvignon blanc from new zealand in my Aldi tasting as well that i like very Much this in my opinion is not as good i Think this is a little yeah less Exciting i would rate this 77 points but it’s pretty good i think Maybe it retails for seven euros so Shall we have a look i hope that i’m Right because otherwise this will get a Little bit embarrassing and maybe more Entertaining for you but Let’s have a look [Music] Okay From new zealand I was right White number three is also white wine That’s clear to see and there’s also a Little bit of co2 in the glass this is Not a sparkling wine but the co2 gives The wine a little bit more freshness a Bit more vibrancy this doesn’t tell me

Much about the grape variety but usually These wines with co2 are a bit younger The wine smells of white peach green Apple the flavors are less pronounced Than for the sauvignon blanc from new Zealand but it’s still quite intense on The palate the wine is really juicy and Fresh there’s quite a lot of acidity There but there’s also some sugar Giving the wine a little bit more Roundness and it’s actually pretty good I think this is also a fairly typical Example of its type for me this screams Riesling and i would actually think that This might be from the naha or mosul i Would rate this 85 points it is a pretty good wine i’d Say this is probably a bit more Expensive than the previous wines so Let’s have a look And it is Oh yeah It is a riesling it’s From the mosul i guess Yeah it’s from the mosul it’s from a Pretty famous winery tool from i didn’t Know that they worked with little but This is actually a Pretty good wine well done before i Taste wine number four i have to rinse My mouth with a little bit of water Because this was quite sweet and sweet Wine and a blind tasting can really Throw you off if you taste dry wines

Afterwards so i’m just going to wash my Teeth While the first three ones were pretty Good examples of that type even though i Didn’t get them all this is really Tricky because it smells really weird i Think it smells pretty Flawed Not really clean A bit oxidized there’s quite a lot of Exotic flavor as well it’s just a really Weird mix on the palette is kind of Harsh slightly bitter No This is just not good not good at all I don’t know what happened here but It’s not a good wine Definitely not And i find it quite hard to tell you Anything about the wine because i don’t Really get any Grape variety topicity here in the glass It Tastes a little bit exotic but also Like there was a little bit of careless Wine making involved on the palate There’s actually quite a bit of Concentration so maybe it’s from a Warmer climate it’s certainly not a good Wine Certainly not something that i would Recommend i would rate this Like in the High 60s maybe

Slightly flawed even though i can’t Really pinpoint any Major errors there are major flaws but It doesn’t really taste and feel the way A wine should taste and feel so let’s Have a look I’m really curious to find out what this Is This is an organic wine and it’s also Vegan Well then la mancha And it’s irene mccabe or dry And It cost to euro79 so yeah this is Save your money don’t buy this it’s kind Of disgusting That’s it next we have wine number five And i kind of can’t wait to pour it Because i want to get that Weird flavor out of my mouth so let’s go It’s a red one So this is better than the previous one But it’s also not going to be my Favorite i think This smells of blackberries Pepper And also some other spice notes on the Palettes actually quite rich but the Talents are a bit harsh i would rate This 75 points And it’s kind of difficult to say where It comes from i don’t think that it Tastes like the old world for me this

Tastes more like the new world so it Could be something from australia like For example a cabernet sauvignon from Down there Could also be something from chile or Argentina but for me this slight Herbaceousness the Green character i dare say points more Towards south africa in my opinion And i’ve been studying up on my south African wines so i would say this could Be Entry-level cabernet sauvignon from South africa let’s look inside the bag [Music] Oh okay so close It is actually south africa but it’s not Cabernet sauvignon It’s pinotage grape variety that Is really only home in south africa And it’s Not necessarily the grape variety that i Love the most but Some good wines made from pinotage This definitely isn’t one of them but i Actually thought the price was higher Than what it is it’s two euros fifty so It’s really cheap and at that price Point You can’t really complain about the wine It’s okay for two or fifty What do you expect so we are moving on To wine number six And

I think i have to rinse my glass here Because It just looks quite a bit lighter in Color so Second attempt Line number six Okay so this is really light in color That’s Quite good with red wines in a blind Tasting because there are not so many Red wines that are as light as this one The wine is not only light in color it’s Also light in flavor there’s a little Bit of cherry flavor coming through That’s kind of it there’s also a little Bit of black tea flavors a little bit of Spice notes on the palette it’s quite Juicy and round the very low tannins Acidity is also not too pronounced but There’s some acidity there so for me This style of wine this type of wine Is Very much reminiscent of german pinot Noir speed bugunder i would say this is Probably from baden or the false And it’s an okay wine but it’s not a Great pinot noir it’s very difficult to Produce high quality pinot noir At low prices they tend to be Either cheap or good so i would rate This 77 points it’s Average it’s not bad at all but there’s Nothing to rave about so let’s have a Look maybe it’s not even pinot noir

Could be now i’m getting sweaty hands But Um I was right this time i was really right So this is a pinot noir from You know every time i spit a wine out i Can still smell the marlborough Sauvignon blanc in my spittoon It’s not a sign of quality i don’t know But it’s definitely Aromatic so we’re getting towards the End and It almost seems like the wines were in Order of heaviness of the bottle this is Definitely a heavy And bottle Light colored wine again color is very Important when it comes to red wines in Blind tastings especially if the color Is light because there are not so many Grape varieties that produce Light-colored reds wine number seven Smells again of cherries a little bit of Blackberries but there are also flavors Of licorice and some spice notes coming Through on the palette it’s quite a Dense and concentrated red Lots of tannins lots of acidity and Quite a lot of body as well So that’s kind of interesting i think Flavor wise it could have been a pinot Noir as well but the texture really Points towards nebiolo so this is a Great variety that produces very tannic

High acidity red wines And this for me feels very much like a Nebulo i’m not really sure whether it’s From barolo or bubaresco but those are Pretty much the options nebula is not Planted in many places in commercial Volumes so i think this is probably a Bar rollo just because it’s maybe a Little bit leaner than what i would get From barbaresco And it’s not a great barolo i would rate This 85 points which is pretty low for Barolo barolo can be really outstanding I think this is more of an entry level Barolo Even though this probably will retail For 15 to 20 euros i think Parole just doesn’t come much cheaper Than that but let’s have a look first Whether it’s actually barolo and not a Rioja or something like that It is paolo bam Bang on the money it doesn’t really list The producer it says a-v-i-p-s-p-a So Yeah the producer doesn’t really want to Be associated with this product maybe And it retails for Eight euros 99 which is very cheap for Barolo I actually got to say this is fairly Typical by olu i identified it as a bar Order So

8 euro 99 is a pretty good price to get An introduction into the region so maybe Try this wine if you like it then next Time buy a slightly better bar order but As an entry point this might be quite Good so here we are the last one of the Tasting lucky number eight so Let’s get it over with this is Definitely not another light colored Wine it’s pretty dark it smells of Blackberry a little bit of cassis there Are also flavors of plums coming through So this is actually a fairly good wine It’s juicy there’s also a little bit of Structure it’s not too boring but it Doesn’t have a lot of length It’s a good balanced wine i would rate This 80 points and i think This feels to me very old world in style Um I would actually go to france i would go To bordeaux here I think this could be A good Entry-level bordeaux i mean not the Super cheap stuff maybe more The 9 euro 99 kind of bordeaux so let’s Lift the last veil or open the last back And see whether i’m right this time It’s actually Bordeaux superior it’s actually three Years 19 so I think this is a pretty good wine for Three euro 19. bordeaux is very much

Associated with the top wines so Everyone knows lafitte and la tour and Mouton all those wineries but it’s Actually a pretty big region it’s bigger In terms of its vineyard size than Germany as a whole so there’s quite a Lot of wine coming out of bordeaux also At the entry level and quite a lot of it Is really bad this is actually fairly Good little ones are definitely legal on Price but are they also big on quality And mindsets Not necessarily there were some really Good examples like the riesling for Example the barolo at this price point Was also really good and the bordeaux Was also pretty good the la mancha was Terrible and i wouldn’t recommend it and The rest were kind of average and pretty Cheap so you can definitely find some Good ones at pretty low prices at lidl You can also find better ones at higher Prices if you want to spend a little bit More i hope you enjoyed this video if You liked it then please like it down There subscribe to my channel if you Haven’t done so already my question of The day is what are your opinions on Little wine please comment down below i Hope i see you guys again soon until Then stay Thirsty [Music]