Italian sparkling wines – Prosecco and beyond

Hello everyone and welcome to italian Sparkling wine prosecco and beyond part Of the wct webinar series my name is Verity martin i am the business Development advisor for southern europe I work in the emea team here at wct i’m Really pleased to be introducing today’s Session uh if you’re new to wct we are The world’s largest provider of wine Spirits and sake qualifications we Currently operate in over 70 countries Through our network of approved program Providers which we call apps and we have Well over 800 of them now so you have Lots of options to study with Um We also offer regular webinars on a Range of drinks related topics uh all of These are recorded including this one And they’re uploaded to the wct youtube Page So make sure you head over there and Subscribe Uh or if you’re watching the recording Now uh give us a like below um it helps Us boost the channel Um if you are joining us live uh please Feel free to submit questions throughout Um using the q a function we’re going to Have about 10 to 15 minutes at the end To answer those Um i believe that is all the Housekeeping you need to know um so i’d Now like to introduce our host for

Today’s session flavio gracie he is the Educator and director at academia vino One of our leading course providers in Italy Academia vino won our educator of the Year award in 2019 for their innovation And the amazing growth that they have Seen Um since launching in 2013 i believe Um so i will now hand you over to fabio I hope you enjoyed the session and i’ll See you at the end Okay Hello everybody and welcome It’s great to see uh so many people Joining thank you for uh being with us Uh this evening and uh thank you verity For that uh introduction uh so without Further ado let me Start By uh telling you what we uh have we Have quite a bit On our plate today Or i should say in our glass We will be um Digging into the Intricacies of The prosecco system the Prosecco universe and i’ll be tasting a Lovely uh Which i hope Some of you May have Had the opportunity to get but before

I uh go on i uh we have a little poll That uh i would like uh To uh start there you are i’d like to Know if you have a wct qualification And What kind of qualification So Just I’ll continue introducing the session While you uh Let us know What Your wst Knowledge is After the uh prosecco uh we will be Going into the One of the real specialties of uh italy Uh which is uh The Lambrusco the Brights Red sparkling Lambrusco mice and again i’ll be uh Tasting hopefully Along with at least some of you uh a Great lambrusco before heading into the Traditional method the French accord And uh tasting one of the most In my personal opinion uh interesting uh Um [Music] Styles of french acorta which is the Franciacorta satan and i will tell you

What it is and then to finish off uh i Will uh give you a Little indication about what You know there’s a lot of Sparkly noise the diversity of italian Wine in general as Those of you who’ve done uh level Three and diploma we have some diploma People In the audience which i’m very pleased With And a lot of level two uh quite a few Level one so uh okay uh and the Uh the uh And just to finish off What i consider uh some interesting uh Recent trending particularly uh one Important recent trend so Uh digging writing to the prosecutor Prosecco Is really A a remarkable uh success story For a italian mind Just think that about 10 years ago You could read The name prosecco on about 70 million Bottles In In any given year which was you know Quite a good uh size uh already But now We’re pushing onto 700 Million bottles

So a tenfold Increase And you know you we have a few uh Figures on the slide there uh in [Music] 2020 which was Not a very good year um for obvious Reasons it was uh A dip Over the previous year still the whole Prosecco system uh Sold something like 500 Million bottles across the different Docs and the ocgs which we will be uh Explaining what they are uh in A minute uh so 417 million per second doc Uh 90 million prosecco Docg 18 million for the smaller azolo Prosecco the ocg But the uh first data for 2021 Uh Show Something like 620 million Only For the Prosecco boc so from 417 to 620 that’s a Pretty remarkable jump uh in one year And So It shows The

World’s thirst for prosecco Seems to be very far from having been Quenched Yet And So has this Uh wine made Of course In the vineyard Uh The uh grape variety uh which is called Galera Now glitter is an interesting uh Grape uh it’s Quite late ripening lightly aromatic And Has A couple of things that make it ideal As a grape For uh sparkling wines as The uh for sparkling wines the ideal as Uh many of you uh know Is having grapes uh that don’t have So much sugar To avoid the excessive alcohol Which will again increase during the Second fermentation And the Gleera uh is uh You know answers that uh Need uh Sometimes to a fault it’s really Difficult to get glitter to accumulate a Lot of sugar

Which is uh the reason why prosecco Typically doesn’t have a very high uh Alcohol 11 11.5 percent uh when it’s Finished After the second fermentation uh and the The um The other interesting characteristics You know Sparkling wines need to be refreshing And again gleera Gives a lot of that because it has A quite High Content of malic acid Malic acid is the acid that gives the Freshness the sharpness and it sustains That Malic acid during The Ripening and so that gives the bright Freshness So Prosecco doc is the largest you see in Italy it includes all of freely venezia Julia uh Most of uh veneto with about 33 000 Actors uh under um Vine uh and corneliano valdo bieden at The docg the main dlcg uh with 9 000 Actors uh the smaller but high quality Asolo prosecco the ocg 1500 Actors And in this

The new kid in town in the prosecco World Uh which Is seems to be uh having quite a lot of Success uh because in the first vintage It was introduced 2020 it sold a Reasonably good 16 million bottles Which have Zoomed up To 71 million bottles in 2021 So again a new And Certainly uh important Member of the prosecutor family Prosecutor jose is made Mostly again of course with galera Complemented By pinot noir To 15 percent uh pinot noir And uh If You try prosecco rose it has of course From The um Pinot noir that bit more Body and red fruit flavor which Complements uh the typical uh White green fruit and citrus flavors of The White Prosecco So The Prosecco system is quite complex

I mean People often don’t give a second thought To prosecco because You know prosecco is prosecco and the uh Popularity of it has made that Almost the uh And this is a bit terrible but that’s The way it is uh as A synonym for sparkling wine you know Even in italy people ask for a prosecco And sometimes they get any old uh Sparkler uh which is a picky uh but uh It’s what you get uh when you are uh so Enormously uh popular uh and The Um There is a whole Hierarchy so at the Base of the pyramid In the prosecco hierarchy the doc Prosecco which we mentioned the 33 000 Actors under vine Inside that There are two Mentions to additional mentions For wines made In the uh province of treviso Which is where prosecco Gained in its recent Most popularity And Again The additional mention Of

Trieste trieste Is In freely venezuela And that deserves a special mention Because it is right outside of trieste That the village of prosecco under which The Doc is named Is Located And The uh Going Further up we have the 2d ocgs Azolo prosecco which Is like i said quite uh small so You would be Certainly forgiven if you’ve never heard Of it But uh it’s it tends to be quite high Quality and Worth uh looking out for And then the Most traditional uh the corneliano Valdobiadine docg On inside Which there are the uh Named vineyards If you like rive are Steep slopes steep Named vineyards and there are 43 uh of These in the corneliano And by the biadne Area

And The top Uh the grand cru Karate Which is a single uh very steep uh slope Uh in uh valdo bjaden with a Unique uh vineyard climate and To talk about uh kartike we have uh Two um Exceptional uh guests here uh from villa Sandy uh the chief winemaker uh stefano Gava and the expert director flavio Gereto my name’s sake flavio jarrett who Uh i thank very much because they took Uh time uh uh during their busy venitali Schedule recently to record This video for us which We can start now Jenny Hello everybody today We are proud to speak about that our Cathedral it is our flagship wine it is The most of the the most awarded wine on Villa sandy we can say that it is We are we are very proud of this wine Because uh it is the symbol Of the quality of the the prosecco Region all over the world it is the only Wine With the trebuchet for 10 years in the Other prosecco So Which was the first Harvest for this wine

Well this wine is like my baby Yes okay And the first method of cartesian Arrival was 2007. Because i’m writing foreign One of the most expensive vineyards in Italy okay Also in europe when you speak about the Big value in vineyard you speak about Champagne parrot brunello and also Because this represents a very very Unique area and from Our state that we call that Okay because it’s a light slope we Produce this kind of wine that Represents Our masterpiece wine In a sparkling wine production very very Very important for us yes and normally Also first of all It is the only one in villa sandy in Which you don’t have only the main Villain but you have also the name of The wine state where it is produced When a state of only one nectar 0.5 Yes this one is the the only one the Only sparkling wine that we have that is A single linear production in fact you Can see the map In the label in which we have the Perfect Area Where we produce this one The grape starter inside it is a

Monastery In the vineyard of florida every vines Have a name okay Because there’s a it’s a mix again no It’s root because it’s a mix between Very old vines that create the best way Best galera grape for the production of This kind of sparkling that represent And repeat our masterpiece in a wine Production yes and if you see the name Here is that a word is missing Prosecco If you have a kartixa is if a prosecutor Is producing the cartesian healer you Don’t have the lymphocyte but you have Just a pizza that for an italian For italian people everybody knows that It is something special but for the Foreign market sometimes it was an issue But now people Is looking for something special also in The capital The six sectors And the total production area of Prosecutor is at 33 000 So we can imagine from this how special Is this But but what makes uh Larry beta special inside Riveta is a special because it is a In a beautiful point of the cartesian Production that is the area in Particular We are in the middle between the height

Slope and the medial slope and this is The perfect point for the maturation of The wave and also the we are in a point When where the the cool wind from the Mountain okay maintain the right Temperature in august september that is The uh The the month the 15 days 20 days that Is fundamental for the quality of the Grapes Okay and that’s why The taste is a Very full-bodied very aromatic because Also the combination of the soil is Contiguous You can find a different kind of soil in The prosecco area but in cartesia you Have the The main characteristic you have a good Consultation of clay and sand is a very Very old soil okay it’s a very old soil And maintain the grape in a very very Good health condition during the harvest Okay and The combination between soil temperature And land is the best expression it’s the Best place for making the high quality Wine like planting and also when we Started to produce this wine It was not really standard at the moment But our winemakers decided to make a bet Let’s to produce A cartesian brute because you know that The tradition with kartisa is to have a

Dry with a high quantity of sugar to Pair with plantation for christmas But we decide for the aroma of the wine To produce a brood for the first time And it was our the secret of the success Of this wine that’s right absolutely It’s a student of the cathedral Particularly because as you talked about Before and To make a wine in a dry version dry in Italian meal that you can use Important quantity of sugar and this one Is a brood we work at around 9 10 Maximum gram per liter of sugar This is why we create this kind of Cartesian to To create the best combination of aromas Inside the wine like inside this glass You can see the The beautiful the large beautiful chain Of the bubbles Nose is an explosion An explosion of aromas typical Of uh of course the typical of this kind Of wine Yes In the mouth i repeat we have the best Combination between sugar and acid Characteristics There is a motto in italy life is too Short for drinking bad wine Is it the right occasion Okay all right Uh

So A lot of Expectations there And I have I’m lucky enough here to have like my Glass that i poured during uh the video Of My uh Myself but before i go into uh tasting Uh i’d like to Launch The second poll uh if I’d like to know How many of you have If If not this a similar To a taste Let me see Uh what Is The Results Here That people okay So well uh not very many uh but a few uh Which out of the Large audience Uh we have uh is uh enough so Uh As i say uh the Uh Description uh by uh stefan and flavio There

Raises a lot of expectations let’s see How uh this Glass i have here which is the laryvecta 2021 by the way uh so just Uh the latest vintage and It is showing In the glass a very nice crown of Compact uh fine bubbles And I have to say That at first Smell okay uh Through the uh Wct sat i’m supposed to say very Seriously very dryly it is a pronounced Intensity but what i really want to say Is that aromas here are really jumping Out of this glass And it’s Very nice floral with Orange blossom jasmine and then very Perfumed Citrus I’m getting tangerine bergamot lemon Zest the The White peach And i could go on And on let’s see on The uh so it’s very youthful bright uh Aroma let’s see on the palette I can really taste That Malic acid

The crisp High acidity In Quantitative Terms And the Nice Body And again the very creamy texture but Especially these Dry it’s a dry wine Which is unusual like Stefano said in the video it’s unusual That villa sandy was actually the first One to launch at a brut Cartitze cartices typically in the dry Version so with you know considerable um Residual sugar This is uh Quite nice dry With a very long finish a really Outstanding uh wine Uh great wine uh for pairing with uh Sushi Or a tempura for japanese food But us shrimp Delicate fish like soul sea bass things Like that so yeah it does live up to the Expectations um i’m Really glad i got a chance to re-taste This lovely Wine So right before We move on after this very nice

Tasting we move on to uh The next uh chapter with the There are A Couple of uh interesting questions uh on Uh The q a that i’d like to answer uh right Now Uh so Good question there from kevin uh Will the vineyard areas keep expanding If the demand of prosecco increases A Short answer probably yes There are already uh some vineyard areas Earmarked to be included in the doc And subject to market demand so the People in prosecco are um keeping an eye On on what’s going on quite Closely and Of course suitable uh vineyard areas It’s a very big region And I’m sure They will not let people go thirsty for Uh prosecco And I might Answer the Recommendations Later uh and Ah big one there uh from julie uh do you Believe the popularity of prosecco by The masses has diminished the

Recognition the quality of the wine I could go on talking about this For hours The Unfortunate answer is probably yes It is But you know that’s Very often a lot of snobbery Because proseccos Of okay there’s a lot of Uh just acceptable all right prosecco Out there But uh prosecco can be truly uh Outstanding uh wines uh and There are some people In the wine world who think It’s uh you know in order to recognize As an expert you need to put down what The mass is like my idea on that is that If Millions upon millions of people Like something but you have to respect Them Even the simple basic prosecco must have Something that appeals to people So And Then uh they’re from uh bruno all the Prosecco’s vintage No um There is a prosecco vintage and uh Prosecco can be non-vintage uh as well Uh the biggest challenges for per second Relation to climate change

Um We i think prosecco producers Are um lucky uh in uh The fact that they have this grape glare Which As i mentioned earlier uh does not Accumulate very high levels of alcohol And So even if temperatures are a bit warmer They can still uh Continue uh And the The alcohol uh in the one i tasted 11.5 from uh varum uh and then Uh I’ll okay There’s a question there from flavia About lambrosco but we will be getting Into lambrosco right now Okay Uh And Let me Go There sorry I need to Get There okay All right The bright red world of Lambrusco And You know we are Which by itself

Is another 200 million bottles The vast majority of uh which is Uh what in italian we call frixante So lightly Sparkling Which means by the way it does not get Included In The Statistics for sparkling wine production And sales because It is uh The fritzante wines are Lumped in with the steel wines though That’s a bit um Doesn’t make a lot of sense but uh so It’s again uh quite a complex uh system With Uh over 12 vops a very large Igp so the igp indication of geographica Which is the italian pgi protected uh Geographical uh indication And What’s a ferrari doing there on that Picture Of course because we are in ferrari land Uh emilia romagna uh Especially modena Modern at the outskirts of modena is Where ferrari is so red Ferrari red and Lambrusca red Go uh hand in hand and i might add that As you can see from

The map bologna Which is the home of ducati motorcycles Is not very far Either So We’re talking here Of A very different uh scenery uh from The uh Prosecco and especially the corneliano Valdo bjaden and the hills of uh Corneliano uh We’re talking mostly of uh Flat uh fertile uh soils Uh in three provinces in emilia romania Uh and With the uh You know very good soil but with some Challenges because uh summers uh tend to Be very hot uh and dry And that can Lead to um What uh stress uh for the uh Grapes And winters can be uh pretty cold uh Foggy uh so You know That’s why uh people in emilia uh Possibly uh devote so much of their uh Time uh and creativity to food and Drink And Now we talk about lambrusco But we should really be talking about

Lambrusco’s Because it’s not a single variety Lambrusco is a whole uh family of Varieties um comprising at least uh 12 Uh Distinct varieties of which The ones i mentioned here On the slide are the uh main ones and You know sometimes people ask what’s the Style of lambrusco well you would really Want to Say what’s the style of which lambrusco Because One of the most widely uh seen a Lambrusco di sorbara is Probably what a lot of people have in Mind when they think of lambrusco um It tends to be quite light-bodied fresh Very floral with these violet and rose Aromas Not a lot of color And has a very uh interesting which is A bit of a challenge for growers In the vineyard It is Not a self-pollinating variety As All of you have Studied wct and probably many Of You With an interesting wine Anyway no um The uh

Domesticated vines that we have in Vineyards uh Are self-pollinating In general uh so that means The uh flowers have both male and female Parts and they uh Go uh don’t need anything else For the pollination and For the fruit set Well lambrusco di sorbara does have um Hermaphrodite of flowers like every Other Variety but functionally It is only female So that means it doesn’t produce the Pollen uh to pollinate itself so it can Never be planted by itself it always Needs uh to be planted in the vineyard Up with plants from other lambrosco Varieties which will supply the uh Pollen For The pollination and this also leads to The fact that It can be quite a tricky uh variety Because when you’re depending on External pollination well you never know How it’s going to go so yields uh can uh Very uh By quite a lot from year to year Depending on The weather conditions uh at pollination Time Lambrosco

Many people consider this the highest Quality although It depends what you define Quality if this one has deep color it’s The fullest bodied Of the lambrusco’s And again Uh the end grasp It’s called uh this way uh because uh of The red uh stocks uh that you probably Can see uh in the picture grasp are the Stocks And Again very high quality lambrusco Salamino uh so-called because You see it’s the one uh in the uh lower Uh left hand side The Cylinder shape Of The Bunches Resembles well salami What else Being in uh emilia the land uh of uh Salami and this can give quite uh Elegant uh wines with Uh some body and uh elegance uh as uh Well and uh it is the grape Uh For uh The uh Wine i will be uh tasting uh in a minute And then other important

Marani mastery and so on uh many other Wines And Of course very often you don’t know Exactly What uh Is what type of lambrusco you are Drinking because many lambrusco’s are Made by blending different varieties But uh some of the best ones uh will be Single lambrosco variety The vast majority Of Lambrusco is fritzante as i mentioned And By far uh the most common way of Making it freezante Is the tank method The charmat Method although there is A small but growing uh trend to make a Traditional method fully sparkling Spumente Lambruscos and growing or i should say Returning but Because uh that was the way it used to Be made uh in the past uh but not Uh the ancestral method metal and Chestrale And the Wines Very often um with some sweetness But Also a

Dry Ones and So i have here Uh A Lambrusco Which is Igt It is From this year uh A uh an organic Wine And It is Just look at it [Music] And very good i forgot to mention it but Jenny is always on the ball with the uh The Uh Polls and so let’s see How many of you have A dry red Lambrusco to taste There And Okay We have a good Proportion of people have hopefully A nice Lambrusco and Again we have this Very nice crown of a purple uh this Light uh foam here and

On The nose again Hope yours is As good As Mine uh because Uh The Uh Yeah I have a lot very intense aromas of Violet rose again very floral uh some Drain and then red fruit Uh some cinnamon And Some nice lovely uh inviting uh youthful Wine And This is Or maybe just a little on the way to off Dry With nice bright uh acidity not Particularly high but nice crisp fresh Some cannon medium tannin Uh and again medium on the lower part on The lower side of medium Alcohol 11.5 percent Medium body very nice delicate Mousse And again these Bright Red And a little spicy little bit of white Pepper

On the palate With a very long finish so then uh great Wine And uh This really just calls for pairings like Salami and The uh bolognese cuisine you know Italian live with ragu lasagna But you know also things like roast ham Hamburger Chin con carne Anything you want to pair with it Is Bound to be uh quite uh a successful uh Pairing uh and So let me quickly answer some of the uh Questions that i uh see Is it Flavia is it very rare to see still Lambrusco yes it is As i said the vast majority of lambrusco Is lightly uh Sparkling Uh There can be some White lambrusco though again it’s Very uh rare the most widely planted The most widely uh used the Lambrusco varieties like i mentioned A moment ago Are the most Widely uh planted grasparos Also of follows And

Quite popular around the world these Days is what is also called Ancestral method that is one single Fermentation in the bottle So um it’s what Happened in the past When uh Fermentation stopped Because it was cold in the winter And people bottled uh the wine that Still had uh sugar and still had uh the Yeast and then in the spring uh when Temperatures uh rose again it started Fermenting again so the second Fermentation is in bottle Like the traditional method but it’s not The second fermentation it’s the Continuation of the first fermentation And It is not disgust So uh Petnut or uh suitlayevity there is also Prosecco Which is called sueliebti or colfondo Uh are cloudy Because they have the yeast deposit but They can be uh extremely interesting Enough to uh to taste The service temperature Yes For prosecco lightly chill uh no sorry For prosecco should be chilled uh like Uh Eight uh seven eight uh degrees celsius

Uh For Uh lambrosco lightly uh chill Um The lightly chilled Up with the uh Like 12 uh 13 uh Mostly uh malolactic fermentation uh in Uh lambrusco may or may not happen uh Because that bright of freshness Is uh required very often uh and the So The last chapter uh for uh today uh Hoping not to be Of course People especially in italy uh always Wonder about the uh Sound of franciacorta which Is reminiscent of franchi of france well It’s got nothing to do with that uh Because it’s from the latin uh franchise Or francais cortes uh monastic boros Which were accepted from paying taxes uh So the free Borrows And There’s a long history of wine making There It has Been recorded since the middle ages But Despite the fact that my friends in French court Are kind of um

Let’s say Um Coating History With Legitimate Findings talking about sparkling wines Being made In uh In during the renaissance etc the more Recent reality is that until uh The um 1950s most of the Uh production was uh red wines mostly For local consumption uh until The Early 1960s When Uh Some a group of entrepreneurs especially Uh one um Invented his Uh As they called them at the time Method champion And of course now That word uh champion Cannot be used unless we’re talking About champagne uh quite legitimately uh And The French accord Docg is now the largest Pdo protected designation of origin in

Italy For traditional method Sparkling mines And It’s Not Huge it’s about Just over 3 000 actors under vine And wines must be made With pinot noir Uh Up to a hundred percent uh so they could Be uh bland and noir they can be uh made Entirely uh with a chardonnay or with uh The classic blend a pinot noir Chardonnay in any uh proportion between These two varieties Pinot blanc is also permitted but with a Limit Of no more than 50 percent so while Chardonnay can be a hundred percent you Can never have uh pinot blanc a hundred Percent and mostly pinot blanc is really A minority um grape very interesting And this has a lot to do with dealing With the climate change A few years ago in 2017 uh the uh rules Uh authorized on an experimental basis The Planting of an ancient Local variety which had been Just about Completely abandoned called erbamat Which is a variety

That uh gives A very high acidity uh and low sugar So ideal to keep the freshness Of The wines With rising uh temperatures As we are witnessing and the uh the This uh you know uh Warm temperatures uh are the biggest Challenge uh that producers uh in french Accord Are facing uh because although they do Have cooling breezes From uh the lake which is at the north And from the mountains um The uh it’s Sometimes it’s quite warm and as a Result Typically uh the harvest is in august And So with all the challenges that that uh Can bring of course as an experimental Grape urban Uh is permitted only up to 10 percent For the moment but it is uh expected That once people uh see what it does how It behaves uh with the uh the Second fermentation and everything uh it May increase and it’s also an Interesting development uh to make the Model of franciacorta more local You know because obviously Everybody All over the world

Make uh traditional method sparkling Wines with chardonnay And Pinot noir And so having uh Something that is uniquely local it Could be a very interesting development It’s made with traditional method only Which uh inferential court that they Insist on calling it Franciacorta franciacorta method but of Course it is the traditional Method with quite Long Minimum aging on the lease basic uh French Brute Is 18 months minimum French acorta rose which is made Obviously with Blending uh The chardonnay and pinot noir is 24 Months French according which i’ll tell you in A second what It Means is again 24 months vintage so this Is for the non-vintages for vintage Across all the uh types of rosette Satin is a minimum of 30 months And for the reserva we’re going up to 60 months so with a lot of this bready Uh and pastry character from the yeast Autolysis now what’s satan

Satan Is Was named so Uh To Evoke Silk It’s me it’s a blank de blanc Satan must be blonde blank so chardonnay Which Ideally uh is 100 percent or in any case The majority grape minimum 50 percent There can be pinot blanc with a capped At maximum 50 percent And the The uh difference of satin is that the Maximum uh pressure inside the bottle is Less than standard traditional method Most Traditional method sparkling wines Including franciacorta but including Champagne and others have a Pressure between five and six Atmospheres uh with uh for satan it is Uh kept About one atmosphere lower so the Maximum is five atmospheres and so it Has more uh delicate Bubbles which make it in my personal Opinion particularly food friendly and It must be made only in the brut Version now and Now i’m going to taste One uh satan and how many of you

Have a satan Uh To taste Let’s see Uh What While i have This one and let me Get out of This Screen share Okay So again a reasonable Proportion and Those of you who don’t Might Look for a one Later So nice Lovely uh Pale gold Color Again a very nice Intensity of aromas on the nose with uh As you would expect A lot of the Bready Aromas Toast also ginger But nice ripe uh Stone fruit peach And Red apple wet stones quite minerally And some

Dried herbs like thyme that kind of Thing so very interesting developing Kind of aroma And on the palate Lovely dry Very elegant this is not an s.a.t term But It’s the first thing that comes to mind With the Nice fresh acidity not particularly high Like Medium plus very creamy mousse And With again long finish with uh this uh Flavors That go into the nutty and fresh uh Citrus uh so Great uh Food uh wine uh it’s One of my go-to wines for eggs you know Fried eggs and this Great uh tasting but any kind of Seafood a quiche prawns oysters Of course and uh Whatever You would like to Taste uh With it all right we’re Getting near the Uh Time limit let me see if there are some Questions that they should be Answering uh The uh

Right uh adam what’s the difference in The production method Uh between lambrusco that makes Lambrusco lightly sparkling uh to put it In a nutshell uh very simply The lower amount of sugar That’s put in for the second Fermentation and so it keeps the Pressure down there is less of a second Fermentation and so less Pressure The On blind tasting what would be the Differentiator for you between champagne And franciacorta You said it That’s the first one I would normally expect very high Acidity in champagne and A more uh delicate Creaminess In Franciacorta And the Is in taste in franciacorta does it have The flavor of peach as the only Difference Between other traditional methods well Uh peaches are tend to be quite big uh In uh franciacorta but then of course in Every um traditional method a lot of it Depends uh really on The Winemaker let me just

Share my screen a second i see Uh verity which who is uh Reminding me that the time is up But i just need Uh To point you in a couple of Directions now uh Of course uh we mentioned uh italians Sparkling wine is huge it’s pushing uh To a billion bottles uh so you have no Problem finding italian sparkling wines Uh anywhere But What i want to Stress this of course prosecco The whole prosecco system between the Doc and the 2d ocgs is over 80 percent Plus asti Which is uh About nine percent franciacort and Trento and all the rest is only five Percent But That five percent On the Huge numbers of italian sparkling wines Means 40 million bottles and in those 40 Million bottles you have A universe You have sparkling everything Sparkling so other Sparkling ridicule sparkling nebbiolo You know nebbiolo the Barolo grape there are some lovely

Sparkling nebulas there so My message to you this evening is you Know kind of If you like make a little effort go Beyond uh the Palette of cut price per second or local Discount store and you can have some Very interesting surprises with Italian sparkling wines which Are getting drier So traditionally a lot of italian Sparkling wines Were in the you know upper echelons of Uh this sweetness Dry us and extra drying sweet and Increasingly they’re going down to brut Extra brut and nature and even Asti you know the Uh sweet sparkling wine uh for Excellence Is now made in a very interesting Dry And also brute and extra Versions and if you happen to find some Of those they can be quite interesting All right So before they uh kick me out Of The uh connection I will declare myself uh finished thank You all very much uh For uh the uh for being with us for the Patience and following my ramblings And the last

Poll i would like to go before we uh Sign off uh the wines i tasted certainly Lived up to My expectations but more importantly did This webinar live up to your Expectations Great thank you flavio and thank you Everyone for joining us live um if you Registered you’ll receive a recording of The webinar via email And yeah if you’re watching on the Youtube channel again give us a like If you would like to learn more about Wct qualifications you can head over to Our website which is And you can find the where to study tool There as well So yeah thank you and thank you Everybody again For your appreciation see you some other Time hopefully bye