Judd’s Hill 2019 Zinfandel, Lodi, California | Wine Expressed

So here we have Judd's Hill 2019 Lodi Old vines in I love Zin and I love screw cast man They easy especially on a on a wine like This so uh Judge Hill is a winery that Was Created by uh art Finkelstein or it was The creator founder of Whitehall Lane Some of the best Whitehall uh merlots And cabs created in the you know the 80s And um They started to get a little a little Big Um and and art wanted to keep his Production small he wanted to keep his Passion project so we founded this uh Judge Hill their goal three thousand Cases annually they want to keep it you Know family driven or just a little with Us but the The Legend lives on here at Judd's Helen Man are they producing some unknown I'm Not sure in the area I mean we rarely See uh see these jutzel wines uh Anywhere but Are not really beautiful Expressive wines Oh yeah so this is just Zen written all Over right sometimes then you're like oh It's a little cab it's a little Merlot This is Jake this is ramble fruit Fruitcake oh Blueberry pie You know fresh kind of graham cracker

Crust notes Um Oak vanilla you know it's there but It's got that classic Zinfandel spice uh That you know only the best Lodi Wines can really elicit and this one has It just [Music] These wines are just Grimming with acidity With a beautiful black fruit the spice And I I find this off it is so much more Intense and prevalent on the palette Right smell a little spice it's there And then on the palace like whoa you Know that spice just kicks in and Overdrive really over delivers uh the Tannins are supple they're silky but They're there right so this is a food Wine this is a barbecue wine this is a Rib wine Finishes really long fruits hanging on The value that is going on with this is Going to be unbelievable it's like a Fifty dollar uh wine price at the at the Winery you're gonna have it for Significantly less more than half off Don't miss this one there's just not a Lot of itself cheers [Music] Thank you