Jumpstart Your Wine Education with Wine 201

Wine is an enjoyable delicious and fun Adventure but it can be tough to Navigate all the different wines Different flavors food combinations and Random advice you'll have thrown at you Hi I'm Christine marcelio master of wine And Director of Education at Wine Folly Learning about wine should be just as Fun and delightful as enjoying a glass Of it and with wine Foley's Flagship Course you can jump start your learning Wine 201 is fun convenient and Comprehensive wine to a one isn't just About memorizing a set of wines or Regions it's about becoming self-reliant In your why knowledge whether you want To choose wines with confidence learn to Taste with speed and accuracy make wine A career or perhaps just geek out wine To a one will take you from novice to Ace lifetime access to videos with World-class instructors paired with Micro learning chapters and progress Checks all taken at your own pace Set one 201 apart wine volley's Hallmark Visuals alongside engaging mini Missions At the end of each module will also help Cement your knowledge no more wandering Around the wine store trying to figure Out what you need make your wine Journey Fun with Wine Folly and wine 201