Langtry 2018 “Night” Marsanne, Guenoc Valley | Wine Expressed

So here we have something very cool very Limited this is Langtry Estate Vineyards 2018 marsan from guanac guanac Valley When we sampled this one We were all uh not sure what to make of It first and for a few different reasons The first is we loved it and a marsan From you know guanac which is Uh California and just North of San Francisco It's just an odd combination Marsan is a grape that's Known for being used in the northern Rhone those Northern Rhone whites where It's usually blended with with rusan Um so those crows every Taj wines or a Lot of time with marsan and The other reason was as I'm pouring in Here again you know the color was so Dark it's a 2018 so it's got some bottle Age here Um it's just you this beautiful gold Color So we weren't quite sure what to expect But we received the sample The Intriguing color the story behind This it was a Tasting Room you know wine Only at Langtry and they had a handful Of bottles left so we gave it a go and Man this was something that really Really impressed us I'm so happy to have The same Impressive nose going on right here Because this is just

Amazingly you know intense and You know comes out of the bottle complex You know a lot of these these whites That have a little bit of bottle Edge on Them just Come out forcefully and so the first Thing that's coming out of here is Really these Beautiful green fruits almost as like Like the Honeycrisp apple Uh it's followed by some nice tropical Fruits some really nice cantaloupe some Nice Honey Dew some even just a dose of Pineapple there a little banana and then You get this really nice vanilla right So you're getting there's bowel Fermentation going on here And you're getting that butter from the Malolactic fermentation so Um it has what we thought then and do Now it has some Chardonnay character to It right if you blinded this It'd be hard to you know have some Uh some discussions about well it could Be a you know a nice uh Sonoma Shore too So it's got some of that quality but it Also has a Nutty component and marsan is Known for that so it's really a complex Nose with that a lot going on here so I'll give it a taste [Music] So as intense as this was on the nose it Really is even more intense on the Palette which to me means this might

Even need a decant right white wines Throw them into Decatur if they need a Little bit of air because this is really Rich and round and concentrated and all Those same Stone fruits and citrus Fruits and green fruits everything's Really coming across the tropical fruits Are coming across really nicely on the Pallet here This has a balance where the acidity is There balancing really nicely with all These fruit and this is a big wine right This is not a light summer sipper this Is the one that needs some food does it Go great with some nice Brie nice creamy Cheese a nice roasted chicken this is a Substantial wine that is drinking Beautifully in its prime right now right Five years of bottle age some of those Nutty notes coming around Again this is a really limited Production handful of cases that was Only available at The Tasting Room and Now at Wine Express so uh don't miss This one cheers enjoy [Music] Thank you