Lazy River 2018 Pinot Noir Estate, Yamhill-Carlton, Willamette Valley | Wine Express

All right Pinot lovers we got something Really special today this is Lazy River 2018 Pinot Noir from yamo Carlton Oregon Fantastic region in Oregon in the Willamette Valley Some of the best Pinos certainly from The US come from here and I actually Tasted this uh first and was gonna talk About but it was still so uh big that we Wanted to give it a little bit air in Decant so this wine comes from woman Winemaker Isabel minor and she has got Some great history some great pedigree With her wines and her wine making Prowess she's been with Pascal Marshawn Winemaker in burgundy she's been with Felton Road she started evening land and Lazy river This Venture they've really been a Source of of fruit for some of the Biggest names uh in Oregon a lot of them They really prefer not to to say who but Trust me you'd know the wineries when You hear them this is their estate and They don't make a lot of it she keeps You know some for herself to make this Estate pinot and man the look at the Color we were just talking about it the Color on this Pinot is just really deep Ruby this is a you know well extracted Wine which usually means there's going To be a lot of You know nice concentrated fruit which I First smell

We certainly have that we got Black cherry you know front and sever Center here Um raspberry you know there's there's Lindser to it there's Almost like a like a marionberry if You've ever had that that's kind of like Pretty prevalent here definitely some Nice floral notes some pretty uh some Pretty rose petals Uh this sees a good amount of Oak you Know this is uh about 25 new Oak and There's definitely some Vanilla some Cinnamon Maybe a little bit of a Dried herb to sort of like a Like a rosemary that's coming off here Little hint of that earthy Tobacco Little tertiary is kicking in it's 2018 Which by the way was a phenomenal Vintage so this one's got a ton going For it so I'm excited to taste it I'm Gonna do that An extremely Mouth filling Well-balanced intricate wine so fruits Front and center spices still kicking up Those nice baking spices the acidity Though is really holding everything Together because the fruit is Big the Alcohol is very well in check here uh You know I think we're in 13 or so the Tannins are still firm gripping but Really uh well integrated with the fruit

With the acidity so it gives it a really Nice mouth feel really Supple soft Finishes long that earthiness that Little tobacco starts to kick in on the Finish here this is a food wine you know I'm imagining duck I'm imagining uh Turkey I'm imagining even you know some Sort of of ribs I mean it sounds you Know kind of a little silly sometimes You know ribs with Pinot but this is a Pretty big wine and this is an ageable Wine so if you like your Pinos fruit Forward you know fruit first a little Bit more powerful this is drinking Beautifully this is going to age Wonderfully in the cellar it's got great Scores it's got gold medals lots of good Reason for it only available here when You see the price that we have on this For all of the great pedigree and Accolades it has this is going to be a No-brainer purchase not a lot of it made So make sure you grab it while you can Cheers enjoy Foreign