Hi my name is constartin baum i’m a Master of wine a retailer and a Consultant And this is my channel where we are Thirsty for knowledge And wine this series is called the wine Tasting where we do a deep dive tasting Of some of the best wines in the world And some wines That might one day be amongst the best Yes we are tasting Great wines not just great labels So today we are going to taste one of The greatest white wines in the world And a real eye opener for me it’s the 2013 Lip cell from domain left leg so make Sure that you stick around until the end Of the video For the tasting of this amazing bottle Of wine [Music] So the story of the melee flap really Started in 1920 when joseph leflav Turned his family vineyard into a Business he replanted some of his vines Because they had really suffered under Phylloxera And started selling wine under his own Label When joseph died in 1953 his four Children Formed a company together in order to Keep the winery in one piece

This was important in order to make sure That the domain stays big enough in Order to be Commercially viable and this company Business family structure has survived Ever since In 1991 a young unclaude leflav took Over the management Of the domain at first together with a Cousin olivier who later set up his own Winery Unkload became one of the most Influential people in the region She started using biodynamics and horses In the vineyards Before it became really popular and she Educated people all around the world About burgundy sadly this was one of the Last vintages she ever produced Before dying in 2015. today bristel la Morandiere unkload’s nephew Runs the domain he has made sure that The winery becomes much more energy Efficient and has increased the vineyard Holdings of the domain Today they own grand cru vineyards in Limourache Bataan murashi biandunu bata morashi and Shivayimorashi As well as several different really Famous premier cruise sites And village appalachian sites if you Want to know more about the Classification

System in burgundy then check out my Video On the code door i’ll link it up Somewhere up there Today the domain is considered as one of The best if not The best white wine producer in burgundy And that obviously also means That it’s considered to be one of the Best white wine producers In the entire world so let’s talk about The vineyard the vineyard is located in The southern part of the corridor in the Cote de bone Next to the village of puni morashi Pinimoshi is really one of the greatest White wine producing villages In the world and it’s home to four out Of the six Grand cruise for white wine in burgundy One of the other famous villages Shasani mowashi is located further south Of puigni So let’s check out the map and Fortunately there’s a map On the back label of this wine all of The famous sites here are named after Morashi The bald hill as it is translated Directly which produces the most Expensive white ones in burgundy or in The entire world The purcell bought us directly on the Grand cru side’s bata murashi

And biambinu bata morashe the main Difference between the grand crusades And the premier Cruise sides is not so much the soil Difference but it’s more due to the Difference in exposition The premier cruise sites are more Towards the east While the grand crusades are more Exposed towards the south This also makes me wonder whether due to Climate change those Southern exposed sites will really be The best sites in the future for Balanced Chardonnay the fleet owns three hectares Of lipisel which makes them The biggest owner in this premier cruise Site the soils of lipicell Are clay mixed with limestone which is Super typical in burgundy And le flav breaks down their lipstick Vineyards into L’cloud may lagrand and la petite The oldest vines in the vineyard were Planted in 1954 And the average vine age is 50 years The vineyard is found biodynamically and All of the grapes are harvested by hand So winemaking is pretty simple at the Domain the grapes are gently pressed The juices then wrecked into parits only 22 percent Of the bariks are new which means that

They are not heavily Flavored by the oak after 12 months of Aging in barik The wine gets aged for another six Months in stainless steel Before it’s lightly filtered and then Bottled so the grape variety Is chardonnay which is pretty obvious Because pretty much all of the great White wines in burgundy are made Using chardonnay but still you don’t Really find chardonnay on the label People rather talk about the vineyard Side than talking about the grape Variety If you want to learn more about Chardonnay then check out my video I’ll link it up somewhere up there on The brave variety Chardonnay so let’s talk about the Vintage 2013 2013 started really wet so wet in fact That the vineyard workers actually Spotted Ducks swimming between the vine roars it Continued to be wet during flowering in June Which meant that the vines had really Poor fruit set which can be an issue if You want to produce Big quantities but if you want to Produce quality it’s not really an Issue it can sometimes even help the Quality there was even a hail storm on

The 23rd of july which touched puny A little bit and harvest started on the 28th Of september with mixed weather so this Doesn’t sound like a great Vintage but if you have a great producer And a great vineyard Site and you’re still able to produce Amazing wines Even during difficult times and i Believe this one is a good example for That So you now might be wondering about the Price i went on wine searcher and Checked and this 2013 liposel Currently retails for 300 euros per Bottle So it’s better be good so which glass do You use for a wine like this i actually Broke all of my favorite chardonnay Glasses recently But i would use this glass for example For Lighter chardonnays wines that are not Oaked heavily For example a light chablis you could Use This glass which is a bigger burgundy Glass that you can also use for pinot Noir for a big chardonnay like this But today i’m going to use this glass Which is the new Reedl wings series and it’s made for Chardonnay so i’m kind of looking

Forward to Trying this glass together with this Wine what is quite interesting about This bottle is that in order to reduce The risk of fraud the winery started Using Bubble tags in 2011 they consist of Random Bubble patterns and a qr code you can Verify your bottle by comparing the tag To a picture of the same pattern online I’m really getting sweaty hands because I got so many Great memories of this wine so i’m Really looking forward To visiting this old friend again So this is the original cork quite a Nice cork Long and high quality oh Yeah i love that sound So you can see the wine has a beautiful Golden color Really nice and appealing it smells of Lemon zest It also has some pine notes a little bit Of chocolate Very complex very vibrant aroma that Opens up More and more the more time it has in The glass Wow so you get lots of freshness lots of Vibrancy in the glass But you also have quite a bit of body Roundness

That covers this fresh acidity it’s a Beautiful beautiful balance you know This really brings me back to when i First tasted this wine I was a summer year in 2005 Working at the best restaurant in Ireland and we had this guest Called mr purcell who every time he came Ordered lipysel i guess because his name Sounded similar To the wine name and i tasted the wine And Really fell in love with great white Burgundies And especially with this one so it’s Beautiful to come back To taste this wine and just kind of Remember all those moments in the Restaurant When we used to serve this wine to this Guest or to many other guests as well At the restaurant we actually served This wine together with scallops and That was a dream Combo and you know what’s going to Happen now [Music] Voila okay that’s better i got one Simple rule when it comes to food and Wine matching The greater the wine the more basic more Simple The dish should be you don’t really need To over complicate things

If you have a beautiful wine you just Need great raw Ingredients and then just a very simple Dish So let’s try this So this combo works really well Aromatically but also texture wise you Have this juicy And soft scallop together with this Vibrant and lively Lip cell and together they are better Than when they are apart So i will finish this but before i do i Give you some basic information On how to serve this wine so i’m Actually Right now tasting it at 18 degrees Celsius which is a great temperature for Tasting wines But you could drink it at a slightly Lower temperature but don’t Take it right out of the fridge at 7 Degrees celsius or something like that It’s better to have this wine at a range Between 14 And 15 degrees celsius that’s really Where my sweet spot is for Great burgundies like this so last but Not least my score Robert parker or neil martin for robot Parker gave this wine 92 points vin escape this one 93 points I wouldn’t score it that high i think It’s more of a 92 point

Wine knowing that there are even better Lippy cells And don’t even get me started on the Mohashi thank you for watching if you Liked the video then please like it down Here Subscribe to my channel subscribe to my Channel In order to make sure that you’re not Missing a video i want to give a shout Out To albert k thanks a lot for all of your Great comments My question of the day is which one is Your Favorite white burgundy please comment Down here If you have any questions or any Suggestions then please also leave them Down here in the comment fields I will finish this beautiful dish now And i’ll see you again soon Until then stay thirsty Come on let the man eat turn this off