Lets explore the first Wine Folly Club experience

We recently launched wine falling club And the reception so far has been Amazing I want to tell you a little bit More about how it went firstly each Month members receive Wines in the mail And a few days after their wines arrived There is a live tasting online it's Hosted by Kalina Christine and Madeline That's me We stepped through all the wines one by One live and if you can't make it to the Tasting event we'll record it so you can Watch it later you'll learn about where The wine is from and also some really Interesting things about the producer we Also systematically taste through each Wine and show you what we see smell and Make some food recommendations Christine chimes in throughout with Really insightful information and some Quizzes there are lots of fun throughout The event people ask questions and make Comments in live chat it's really Amazing to see so many insightful Questions coming in The Wine Folly Club is only just getting Started but it's proven to be an amazing Place to learn while drinking Space is limited each month so be sure To join when you see a slot come Available I'll see you next month Foreign