Marchesi Fumanelli Octavius 2010 Amarone Riserva ‘Carolyn Roehm’ Gift of the Year!

So here we have our 2022 gift of the Year and it is a special wine and even More special package that it comes in so This is a Marchesi fuminelli it's an Amarone de la Val polecella and it's a Reserva and it is a 2010. so what's amazing and very cool About this wine is obviously this Beautiful wood gift box that opens up But after you open it there's this Really spectacular message and beautiful Artwork that comes from Carolyn Rome Who's a lifestyle icon and just a design Maven and she specifically designed the Really special and beautiful label for This one so as you just see this this Unpackaging this is going to be a Fantastic gift for anyone any special Wine lover in your life especially if They enjoy amaroni because as impressive As the packaging is what's going on in This bottle so I'm running From the Veneto region This is a blend of 40 Corvina 40 Corvinone and 40 I'm sorry 20 percent Rondanella so it's a pretty Pretty standard sort of blend for an Amaroni and uh this is a Reserva so we see a little bit more Oak With the Reserva this has seen 48 months Four years Uh in Oak barrels reeks and then spends Another year or so in bottle and you

Know just in the typical sort of amarone Wine production Style They take the grapes they dry them out Over mats and they leave them out for For this wine almost four months and all That water leaves the grapes The Grapes Gain concentration they gain complexity And just lends to a really Uh Concentrated and intense Experience You know when enjoying And I'm running like this wow look at That color So 2010 this is We got some we got some bottle-age here We got some some years going on and I'm Looking at the bottle 512 of 1 200 bottles so this is a really Special limited bottling on top of it Being just a beautiful package and Gifted Wow so this has got that developed fruit Knows lots of Baked cherry Some strawberry notes Some dried fruit some figs A little hint of that kind of sweet Prune Spices I mean graham cracker spices Vanilla spices nutmeg spices clove Spices Some of that forest floor going on some Of that sort of licorice root

And it is extremely extremely intense I I'm putting my nose in here but I really Don't even need to I'm smelling it right Here from the glass so let's give it a Taste I mean this one just dances on the Palette there's so much going on so Expressive beautiful tannic structure It's velvety it's silky but it's Expansive and it lets you know it's There A really nice uh dried big Cherry Fruitcake Um a nice sweet tobacco like a pipe Tobacco that comes out on the Finish Lovely lovely long finish that the Tannins hang on the fruit hangs on I Mean this is a a wine that you want to Pair up with a a lamb roast or a field Chop I'll tell you the truth is it's big Enough to even hold up to a steak even After you know this sort of Age and and Quite frankly is nicely and beautifully As it's shrinking right now This could even age another decade or so On the bottle so again our 2022 gift of The year uh the fuminelli amarone and This beautiful Carolyn World package and Just will make the perfect gift for that Special wine lover in your life happy Holidays cheers