MASTER Drinks CELEBRITY WINES (Snoop Dogg, Nicki Minaj, Depardieu …)

Hi i’m konstantin baum master of wine And these days it seems like every Celebrity is making wine i don’t know Whether any of them actually make wine As in breaking their bags harvesting the Grapes stomping them with their feet and Checking in on the fermentation but they Put their names on the label and i want To know whether these wines are any good So let’s drink what the rich and famous Are drinking or rather fermenting Let’s go [Music] My inter leon selected a bunch of Interesting wines for me and i will Taste and rate them to find out who the King or queen of celebrity winemakers is And who of them should maybe stick to Singing and acting i’m going to rate These wines according to the 100 point System and you can find all the Information on that below this video if You’re new to this channel then please Hit subscribe if you want to learn more About wine and now let’s pop corks and Start pouring I’m starting with the 2020 dreaming tree Sauvignon blanc from california it’s a Collaboration between sean mckenzie a Winemaker and dave matthews from the Dave matthews band i think dave matthews Is not known at all in europe but he’s Super famous in the u.s I didn’t really know his music but i

Checked it out and it’s pretty good so Let’s see whether the wine is as good as His music Sauvignon blanc is one of the most Popular grape varieties in the world It’s usually really aromatic and intense In california it can be a little bit Riper but this has 13.5 percent of Alcohol so it shouldn’t be too opulent I’m expecting some fruit flavors coming Through quite a lot of fruit flavors Coming through and good freshness it Would be interesting to see where Specifically the grapes were sourced From if you find the generic biggest Appellation on the label like for Example california in this case you Don’t really know that much about the Character of the wine if you know that It’s from sonoma you know that there Tends to be a little bit more freshness High quality grapes and yeah i don’t Really know that in this case i just Think it’s not really well balanced i Rate this one 81 points at 13 us dollars A bottle it is actually pretty much okay I wouldn’t complain about it but it’s Not exciting there could be more here It’s just like a good sauvignon blanc i Don’t really know what this is i think Leon really threw a curveball here this Is mix fusions from nicki minaj nicki Minaj is a rapper i didn’t really know Her music to be honest but that’s an age

Thing i think she’s successful all over The world i listen to some of her songs And they are pretty wild but i like them I don’t i’m not sure whether i like this This is labeled coconut moscato coconut Juice and the grape variety moscato Moscato can produce really aromatic and Intense white ones that can be Absolutely delicious this is actually One of the few cases where the wine is Cheaper in the u.s than in germany i Paid 24 euros for this tiny bottle it’s 130 euros per liter which Buys you a pretty amazing bottle of wine Normally so i hope this isn’t all awful Just fyi this is a few dollars in the us So i was really ripped off let’s open it I can already smell it So this is first of all carbonated and It’s clear i thought i’d see some Cloudiness from the coconut juice but The liquid smells a lot of coconut i Don’t really get a lot of moscato flavor Coming through even though moscato is Such an intense pungent grape variety i Don’t really smell it all that much There’s a little bit of this grapeiness That you would get from moscato on the Palette it’s very sweet and quite acidic And i think this combo would give me Heartburn but I mean it’s not absolutely terrible it’s Just very artificial and very sweet And i can’t picture myself drinking it

Nikki and her team see it differently They are saying Discover layers of refreshing mellow Coconut mingling with moscato’s nectar Illusions taste the tingling of fresh Fizzing fruits while swaying to the Breeze and celebrating the exotic taste Of the tropics Wow my opinion is if you like fruity Stuff and don’t mind really really sweet Beverages and this is for you i would Rate it 73 points Sorry i need to wash out my mouth before I can get into the next one Next up is the 2020 fantinel sun goddess Pinorigio ramato from priyuli which is Made in collaboration with the soul Singer mary j blige to be honest this is Not the wine style i would expect from a Musician to get involved with this is Quite niche quite special but i’m Looking forward to tasting this friuli Is a small wine growing region in the North of italy and the ramato style is a Very special style it’s basically pinot Gris or pinot grigio grapes harvested And then left in contact with the skins The juice being left in contact with the Skins for a bit to kind of extract a Little bit of color and you get a wine That looks a little bit like a rose but It’s actually made from white grapes i Know mary j blige’s music very well

Because i grew up in the 90s Interestingly you don’t really find a Reference to her on the label or Anywhere on the bottle apart from the Capsule and the cork Quite low key for whatever reason I think you can see pretty much straight Away that the color is a little bit Different than other white wines like i Said pinot gris has a pink skin so it Can give off a little bit of color if You leave the skin in contact with the Juice on the nose it’s actually quite Delicate but it has beautiful very Precise flavors of pear and ripe apple On the palette it’s actually really Really good it has quite a lot of Concentration and richness but then the Acidity comes in and breaks it all up And it’s refreshing vibrant it stays on The palate for quite a long time so it’s A fairly serious wine this retails for 18 us dollars a bottle and i think this Is a pretty fair deal i would rate this 89 points really nice ramato pinot Grigio and do i care whether mary j Blige was involved or not I don’t really but this is good wine So i just spilled over nicki minaj’s Drink And well it’s not a great loss but it Smells like coconut in here now let’s Continue with the 2020 chateau de tinier Or don joo from the loire which is owned

By gerard de pardue and it retails for 10 u.s dollars gerard padilla is one of The most famous french actors he was in Hundreds of movies asterix and obelix All the life of pai amongst many others He’s also really into food and wine and He once claimed that he can knock back Up to 14 bottles of wine per day which Is a bit of an insane claim i mean even If you could drink 14 bottles of wine Per day should you really boast about it I don’t think so gerard pardue bought This winery in 1989 and this wine is Mainly based on the grape variety colo Which can produce quite intense darkly Colored jose wines this is off dry which Is not necessarily My favorite type of rosemary but i’ll Still give it a try I gotta say this label looks a little Bit like gerard made it himself on his Computer using photoshop It’s not the fanciest kind of label But I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover i Really like some of gerard de perdue’s Movies i don’t really like a lot of the Things he’s done over the last years and I don’t really like this wine the wine Smells of strawberry jam and honey There’s a little bit of spice coming Through as well on the palate it’s Really rich and cloying there’s quite a Lot of sweetness and it lacks acidity i

Don’t really know what to do with this Type of rosie i wouldn’t drink it on its Own On the cherries because i like roses That are more pale cleansing and fresh And i don’t really think i would be able To match this with the right food either So This Is not Not good i would rate this 75 points so It’s better than the coconut moscato but You shouldn’t really drink this there’s So much better rosie out there so don’t Buy this we’re doing another rose and It’s the 2020 hampton water rose a Cooperation between gerard petron who’s A fairly famous winemaker in the south Of france and john bon jovi this retails For 20 us dollars and it was apparently Rated 90 points by wine spectator And It’s sealed under one of those Glass corks These things are quite useful for Resealing wine i always keep them if i Have open bottles i just put one in Before i put them in the fridge because They are pretty clean and they look good This project started when jon bon jovi And his son jesse decided to make their Own rosie after drinking a lot of rosie At their house in the hamptons totally Relatable story they got gerard patron

Involved as the winemaker and the person Who knows stuff and i think they were More involved in like designing the Label in the bottle and the bottle and The label looked pretty cool i think i Mean The punt here is Weird and looks a little bit like a Pineapple that is upside down and the Label in and of itself is also pretty Cool the color of the wine is already Quite different to the previous rosie This is a lot lighter which is quite Typical for the south of france where You get light colored with these this is Made from grenache sansa and morveta Three grape varieties that are typical For the south It smells of blood orange grapefruit a Little bit of strawberries and there’s Also a little bit of oak coming through But it’s really well integrated in the Aroma of the wine on the palate is quite Grippy Great freshness there’s also a little Bit of heat coming through this has 13.5 Percent of alcohol so it’s not the Lowest level of alcohol that you’d ever See in rosie but it actually holds Together really nicely i think this is a Complex Very interesting roseanne this is not Like the super fresh and vibrant simple Rosie this is far more complex i think

It’s really well made and i think this Is a great food wine as well so you Could pair this really well with paella For example a rich rice dish with lots Of crustaceans and seafood in there and Also maybe a little bit of rabbit so Yeah this is this is nice good stuff i Would also rate this 90 points really Good rosie one two three into the four Snoop doggy dog and constantine is at The door ready to make an entrance so Back or not because you know we’re about To pop the cork Wow that was bad Okay this is the first celebrity wine Where i’m a fan of the celebrity the d o Double g is making a wine together with 19 crimes which is a massive wine brand And it’s called cali red and i of course Need to taste it before we get into Tasting this one i gotta show you this Feature that all 19 crimes wines have You can download an app and then you get This they call me the dog father King of the west coast and i was born in Defy society In my opinion this app has been the only Thing that made the 19 crime wines stand Out but maybe this one is different you Never know there’s very little Information on the wine on the label but I was told that this is a curvy of pity Tsura zinfander and melo which makes Sense because

Those are actually three grape varieties That are fairly widely planted in California pitizera is a great variety Brings in quite a lot of richness Texture high levels of tenons and high Levels of color zinfandel is more for The body and roundness and mellow also Tends to be a little bit more round and Structured i’ve been thinking about it And i don’t think i’ve seen snoop dogg Drink wine ever apart from drinking Champagne So i don’t really know whether this is a Great brand personality match but It seems to sell and it’s a bit risky i Think what really works here is the 19 Crimes story and snoop dogg being like a Gangster rapper and former criminal But Well let’s see whether one is any good No it’s not It’s smells of really ripe fruit but Like of Ribena Fruit concentrate really intense berry Flavors coming through quite a lot of Chocolate flavor as well on the palette It’s also really rich and brown the Tenons are not very intense and it’s Quite sweet there’s residual sugar here There’s also this cocoa and chocolate Flavor coming through i also rate this 75 points for me this is very average It’s not really something that i would

Enjoy but i can see how this might be Interesting for people who haven’t Really found the right red wine they Like and this might be like a good start And then you can work your way up from There we’re moving on to another Musicians project this is the 2020 Tenuta el palagio when we dance from Chianti tuscany in italy and this winery Is owned by sting since 1997 Sting was the lead singer of the police And has made great music over the last Few decades i’ve been wanting to taste Some wine from sting’s winery for a While i don’t really know why but i was Interested this is a pretty classic Chianti which is made in stainless steel So there’s no oak involvement here and The winery farms the vineyard Organically chianti as the wine is based On sanjovesa and the wines can be really Beautiful fresh vibrant structured some Of them can even be age-worthy this is Actually pretty good it’s not super Intense in the color and also on the Nose and on the palette it’s not really Rich there’s more cherry flavor coming Through a little bit of black tea On the palette it’s juicy there’s good Freshness there good vibrancy this is Not a great candy classico but it’s Pretty good i would rate this 84 points And this is the one that would really Shine if you serve it at an italian

Restaurant together with italian food This really completes the meal if you Have like this fresh vibrant Lively Young red wine together with your Italian pasta or meat dishes the last One is the 2016 bodegas iniesta corazon Loco seleccio a winery that is owned by Andres iniesta one of the most famous Football players of all time the winery Is 120 hectares big and it’s in castilla Mancha a region that is not necessarily Known for great quality in spain that Produces quite a lot of bulk wine and This is a red cuvee with mainly surah But also pity vedo tempranillo and Cabernet sauvignon this one was aged for 12 months in french and american bariks I always wondered how the spanish Managed to make cheap wine that was aged In very and this wine is also not very Expensive it’s 12 us dollars The wine has an intense berry flavor so It’s quite aromatic But it smells really nice there’s like Flavors of blackberries because he’s Coming through there’s also a little bit Of oak flavor but it’s not super Pronounced on the palate it’s actually Structured with ripe tannins good Freshness so it’s a pretty complete wine Yeah i think this is an 87.1 it’s pretty Solid Well done in yesterday so it’s time for

The wrap up this is my lineup of Celebrity wines and i gotta say Money and fame can’t buy you great wine Apparently not all of these wines were Great some were really not great at all I definitely didn’t like this i don’t Know whether that’s actually a wine but It wasn’t good at all This rose by gerard de badier was also Not fun i’m definitely not going to Drink this on the other hand the hampton Water was really really good in my Opinion and i also like the two last Reds especially the iniesta Red from spain but also the sun goddess Was pretty nice so There are some great wines in this Category but i don’t think that you Should buy one because you know the Person that is involved with this brand Buy one that you like that tastes good One that someone you trust recommends And don’t buy wine that is made by Someone who’s famous thank you for Watching if you like this video then Please like it down here subscribe to my Channel if you haven’t done so already We’re growing quickly right now so keep Them coming thanks for all of your Support I hope i see you guys again soon until Then stay Thirsty [Music]