Master DRINKS the Best ROSÉ Wines from Cellar Tracker

Hi my name is constantin baum master of Wine and the sun is shining the weather Is sweet which means jose season has Officially started in order to make sure That you get to enjoy la vie en jose This summer i asked my intern leon to go On seller tracker and select some of the Most exciting interesting joses he could Find i will taste and rate them here for You and tell you everything you need to Know about this wine style Ready set Go Jose is one of the most seasonal wine Styles and i rarely open a bottle of Rose in autumn or winter it is also a Fast growing category in the wine world And more and more producers are trying Their luck producing some great but also Many mediocre joses i will rate and Taste these wines and i don’t think Those glasses will help According to the 100 point system you Can find all of the information on that Below this video may the best jose win If you’re new to this channel and want To learn more about wine then please hit Subscribe And Now let’s go buckling rosie is pretty Much a classic but this is a new style Coming out of the prosecco region this Is the 2020 fjor prosecco spumante extra Dry that retails for 20 us dollars and

Had a seller tracker score of 87 points Most of my viewers will have had Prosecco in the past but this is a new Category that was only launched in 2021 And it’s pretty much a runaway success This is also based on the white grape Variety glare just like normal prosecco But they add up to 15 Of pinonero or pinot noir the reason why Prosecco is so successful is first of All it’s affordable and secondly it is Very fruity very clean very fresh and Therefore appeals to a lot of people and This is right in that style category it Smells of raspberries a little bit of Strawberries as well it’s very fruit Driven but it’s really pure very fresh And elegant and the palette is quite Juicy and fruit driven and there’s good Freshness in the finish this one is Extra dry which doesn’t mean that it’s Very dry it actually means that it’s Less dry than most sparkling wines most Of them most quality sparkling wines at Least are in the brit category and this Is slightly sweeter than that i would Say this has probably 15 16 grams of Residual sugar so it’s quite juicy but The acidity is so fresh and vibrant that It doesn’t feel sweet at all i agree With the seller tracker crowd this is a Very good wine i would rate it 86 points Really fruity juicy and well made the Next one has a longer tradition they’ve

Been making rosacean paint for centuries Already the principles are similar to Prosecco they are blending red and white Wines in order to create jose wines in Most roses that is not allowed in most Cases you have to use red grape Varieties and turn them into a pale Colored rose wine but in champagne or in Most sparkling wine regions they are Able to do this even though they already Made rose colored wines and champagne in The 18th century this way of making Champagne that is still in use today was First championed by burfliko in 1818. Vikka sarmo is fairly well known for Their rose ones they are using the three Classic grape varieties chardonnay pinot Muni and pinot noir chardonnay and the Red grape variety pinot meunier are Turned into a white wine while pinot Noir is vinified as a red wine and then They are blended together and out comes This rose champagne shall i open it Yes i shall This one has quite a bit of complexity The additional flavor that comes from The maturation on the lease in bottle After the second fermentation in bottle Has concluded just give the wine a new Dimension this smells of strawberries Grapefruit but also of brioche or baked Bread so it’s quite complex And very enticing very interesting to Smell on the palate it’s quite rich and

Concentrated much rounder and richer Than a normal champagne would be the Acidity is not as pronounced as you Usually get from champagne but it’s a Beautiful very complete wine i always Wanted to taste a rosacea paint from This glass this is also made for rosacea Champagnes that’s what reedle says at Least and let’s give it a try I don’t know i actually prefer it from The smaller glass because the flavor is Just more concentrated in here Kind of disappears a little bit in this Big class so i’ll stick with this one The seller tracker score on this was 91.5 but i think it’s a little bit less Good than that i mean it’s a great Champagne but it’s not a 91.5 for me i Would rate it 90 points next up we have The 2020 milan nesterec boom boom cha From morovia in the czech republic that Retails for 32 us dollars and this is Actually a patent a cuvee of Blaufrankisch zweigelt riesling and Sauvignon blanc red and white grape Varieties All fermented together in this bottle or The fermentation finishes in this bottle And it’s left undiscouraged so you Actually still have the yeast floating Around in this wine so it will be cloudy This is a style that is very popular Amongst the natural wine crowd and they Can be really nice really nice exciting

Wines you can see the label is so Natural wine So it’s sealed under a crown cap just Like beer would be but also like most Champagnes would be sealed during the Secondary fermentation you can see Straight away that the wine is pretty Cloudy it has less co2 is less sparkling Than sparkling wine champagne for Example so you get only a little bit of Bubbles but those bubbles still make the Wine even more fresh and vibrant the Wine smells of cherries a little bit of Spice there’s also some flavor of struck Matches on the palette it’s actually Quite juicy and refreshing the acidity Is present there’s good length and good Just overall electricity in this wine It’s definitely an interesting wine Quite entertaining quite different from What you normally get from a Conventional wine this wine got a saddle Tracker rating of 90 points and i think That’s a little bit too high this Doesn’t have the complexity that the Champagne had but it’s really well made I would rate this 87 points a very good Effort the next one is the renascitas Giveuts from the burgundy in austria it Retails for 30 us dollars and it had a Seller tracker score of 87 points this Is legally not a jose wine because it Was made from a white grape variety Gewurz sermina just like pinot gris

Kuvitzramina has a slightly colored skin And if you leave the skin in contact With the juice or the wine for a Prolonged period you will extract some Color and yeah this really almost looks Like a rosie It could even be a very light red wine But it’s actually a white wire in the Glass the color is quite intense Slightly brownish but also rose colored The flavor is very very intense you have Some glitz stamina flavors coming Through like rose petals but also blood Orange there’s a little bit of peach Flavors coming through as well on the Palette the wine is quite rich and Concentrated a little bit smoky but also Tannic if you leave white grape skins in Contact with the juice you will also Extract some tenons that will add a Little bit of Grip i find this one quite fascinating It’s complex and multi-dimensional and i Think this would go really well with Lots of dishes so you could either go For crustacean seafood or you could also Serve this with chicken or even veal or Something like that because there’s just So much texture here and that will stand Up to more concentrated dishes as well i Never taste any wines that i sell in my Online shop here on this channel but i Make a little bit of an exception this Time for this wine because it’s a very

Interesting rose this is the 2018 cloche Bounty borin from the performance that Retails for 35 us dollars and this is Very interesting because normally people Drink rose straight away and they don’t Age it at all this is actually a wine That can be aged for 10 20 years the Grape variety that is used here is Called tiborin and it’s pretty rare There are not many places where this Grape variety grows but it produces Really great roses in this area the wine Is actually aged in large oak vessels That give this wine more complexity and More Flavor and also more age-worthiness the Color of this one is actually quite Light even for jose from the provost it Smells of pears and plums and also Licorice it’s quite complex and on the Palate you have lots of structure lots Of concentration there’s no tenants but There’s lots of Fresh and vibrant acidity and it Finishes very long and i can tell you I’ve tasted this wine after 10 15 20 Years and it’s still very much there and This is obviously not the only case you Only have to make the rose in a way that Makes it age-worthy but you can Definitely age jose if you want to this One had a seller tracker rating of 90.2 Points and i would rate it along the Same lines

It’s a complex and very versatile jose One this is the 2020 domain tom pierre Van doyle jose from the provost it Retails for 47 us dollars and it had a Seller trigger score of 91.5 The professors for jose wines were Champagne is for sparkling wine or Burgundy for pinot noir they focused on That wine style long before it became Popular all around the world and they Are still the place that people look at If they’re trying to make jose wine in Another part of the world generally Roses from provence are light in color Because they don’t use long maceration Times this is a cuvee of movatre Clenach and sarso three grape varieties That are very common down there and it Was fermented in stainless steel and Concrete vets domain tompir is really Well known for their rats from bandol But their roses are also quite popular This is actually really good it smells Of strawberries and cream with rhubarb But not in a boring way it’s super fresh Super precise flavors on the palette It’s actually really rich and Concentrated there’s great freshness There it’s a little bit of grip as well There’s so much texture Wow this is not your ordinary rose i Mean it’s obviously also Quite expensive for rose wine But i think this is really outstanding

It had a seller trigger rating of 91.5 Points but i would rate this 93 points This is really good next up we have the 2019 navi container rosato from Piermonte in italy it retails for 23 us Dollars and it has a seller tracker Score of 89.7 points italy is one of those Winemaking countries that doesn’t really Have a long and strong history in jose Wine making this is maybe also the Reason why prosecco took such a long Time to introduce a jose prosecco Piermont is definitely not really well Known for its jose wines and this is Based on nebiolo and naviolo Rarely have i tasted a nebula jose there Are different ways of making a jose wine You can press the grapes directly you Can leave the skins in contact with the Juice for a bit and then remove all of The juice from the skins or you produce A senior and this is a senior method Wine you basically take out some of the Juice after pressing the grapes and then Keep the rest in contact with the skins In order to make a red wine so you Basically make rosie as a byproduct of Red wine making it’s basically a win-win Situation on the one hand you have a More concentrated red wine and on the Other hand you have an additional Product a rose that you can sell to your Customer base but in my opinion in many

Cases this doesn’t produce the best Roses because it’s just a by-product for Me it’s better to pick the grapes for Jose wilde separately in order to make Sure that it has the right levels of Acidity freshness and fruit flavor the Wine is very light in color it smells Interesting i mean it smells like Cherries and there’s also a little bit Of licorice coming through which is Fairly typical for nebiolo the grape Variety On the palette it’s rich and Concentrated and you can definitely feel Some of the tenons however this is Really good this is quite complex and Complete this is not your usual super Light jose wine that should be consumed At 80 degrees celsius straight out of The fridge i actually have it at 16 Degrees here and this is Almost perfect i mean i think if the Temperature would be lower the talents Would come out even more so This is very very good stuff i actually Think this is a 90 point one Pretty good here we have the 2020 Bodegas muga rioja rosado that retails For 15 us dollars and has a seller Tracker score of 88.5 They pick the red grape variety ganache And the white grape variety viewer Together and create this field blend and Let’s taste it spain is also known for

Producing quite dark colored roses that Are usually called clarette this is a Rosado style which is lighter in color And looks more like a jose from the Provost the wine smells of cherries and Cream on the nose it’s quite clean and Quite nicely made on the palette it’s Juicy and fresh but this doesn’t have The depth that some of the previous Roses had so for me this is more of a Really good jose style and i would rate This 87 points the last one in the Tasting is also a classic in a way this Is the 2020 behringer zinfandel jose From california that retails for 10 us Dollars and has a salad tracker score of 83 points this wine style has a low Level of alcohol a high level of Residual sugar and it’s also known as Zinfandel blush or white zinfandel Legend has it that it was invented as an Accident a container of zinfandel got Stuck in fermentation and you ended up With a sweet but low alcohol wine this Style became super famous in the 70s and 80s And It kind of fell out of fashion over the Last few decades but the interesting Thing also is that it kept quite a lot Of old zinfandel vineyards alive during A period where zinfandel wasn’t really In demand some of these 100 year old Zinfandel vineyards were kept alive

Because of zinfandel blush or white Zinfandel or zinfandel rosie The flavor is oozing out of that bottle The wine smells of strawberry jam a Little bit also of onions for whatever Reason it’s really sweet on the palate You have 40 grams of residual sugar And The alcohol is pretty low So you can drink quite a lot of it if You want to But yeah it’s not really in balance i Think it’s not refreshing it’s more Sweet a little bit clawing in my opinion I don’t really know i can understand That this might be accessible to quite a Lot of people because it’s just fruity And lots of people like fruitiness but For me This would get boring quite quickly After the first glass i wouldn’t be Interested in this wine anymore I rate this 79 points it’s solid it’s Well made But it’s just average really okay rose As you can see the colors are all Different and the wild stars are very Different too i think the times are long Over that rose was just like a simple Very easy to understand wine style there Is much more going on today there are The simple roses of course but you also Get wines that have lots of complexity And are really great food wines as well

My favorites of the tasting were Definitely the domain tompeae which is a Beautiful wine there’s also a great food Wine the big salmon was just delicious And i also got to say the boom boom cha Is a really interesting one not the best One in tasting but an interesting wine And i think i have to re-taste most of Them outside on the chairs now in the Sunshine i hope you enjoyed this video If you liked it then please like it Subscribe to my channel if you haven’t Done so already my question of the day Is what is your favorite rose wine let Me know down below in the comments I see you guys again soon until then Stay [Music] Thirsty uh [Music]