Master drinks WINES that are NOT WINES

The sponsor of this episode is Skillshare hi i’m constantinbaum master Of wine and like i just said i’m a Master of wine this should mean that i Know a lot about wine in general but i Really only know a lot about wine made From grapes there is a lake or even a Whole sea of wines made from other Plant-based material and i want to Explore these wines to find out what They have to offer ready set Go [Music] Wine in most legislations has to be an Alcoholic beverage made from fermented Grape juice but fruit wine can be made From all sorts of different things they Are amongst the oldest alcoholic Beverages and they might even be older Than wine made from grapes but it’s Difficult to say the big advantages of Grapes are that they grow in large Volumes in the vineyard and that they Contain a lot of sugar and therefore Ferment readily but grapes don’t grow Everywhere so people got creative in Order to produce wine the most Well-known western fruit wine is cider Made from apples but you can also make Wine from bananas pineapples cherries or Even dandelions and there’s meat made From honey i picked some high quality Examples of fruit and flower wines in Order to find out whether they can be as

Tasty as grape wine so without much Further ado let’s Go tasting the first bottle is not a Wine it’s the fun visa verbena and Quince and it’s an alcohol-free Carbonated fruit juice drink sexy Category name huh the basis of this Drink is actually celeriac juice that Underwent malolactic conversion they Also use quince which is a fruit that You can’t really eat on its own but it’s Often used for jam or jelly production And they also use verbena which is often Used in tea but this is just an aromatic Compound to give this drink more Complexity there’s no alcoholic Fermentation so there’s no need to Remove any alcohol but they’ve added co2 To give this one Fish It sparkles just like a sparkling wine Would but the color is quite golden so It doesn’t really look like a sparkling Wine and it smells very intense it Smells quite a bit of quince quince has This intense flavor that reminds me Quite a bit of apple or pear it also has A flavor of verbena so that comes Through quite nicely it just underlines The quince flavor it’s not dominating But it’s quite nice because it adds Complexity to the wine on the palate It’s quite juicy and intense it has 24 Grams of sugar per liter so it’s not

Super sweet and it’s less sweet than Most alcohol-free wines would be but it Has good freshness as well so there’s Great balance there it’s actually a Really enjoyable drink something for Summer if you don’t want to drink Alcohol this I would recommend this on the 100 point Scale i rate this 84 points it’s really Good it’s enjoyable it’s a lot of fun I like it next up we have the first real Wine with alcohol in it it’s the kisten Cuvee 17 i think that is from brittany In france and it retails for 12 euros Like i said earlier apple cider is Probably the most well-known fruit wine It’s very common in northern france but It’s been produced all around the world In the production of cider different Kinds of apples are being used not the Ones that we can buy in the supermarket They use 16 different old types of Apples in this wine and they’ve also Used the famous apparently marwoni de Redon chestnuts that are being macerated In the wine one is then fermented in Stainless steel and out comes this cider I’m pretty sure this is my first maruni Cider so i’m Excited to see what it tastes like So this has a really dark golden color It’s almost orange i would say it’s Quite frothy so there’s quite a lot of Co2 and you can also see the bubbles

Froth staying on top of the wine for Quite a long time it’s massive apples But not really fresh apples more like Bruised apples There’s also quite a lot of nuttiness Here but would i actually identify these As maroneys as chestnuts i’m not really Sure it smells almost a little bit dusty In my opinion on the palette it’s Actually very rich and concentrated it Says that it’s only 9 grams per liter of Sugar but it feels like a lot more meat It’s quite juicy quite intense the Alcohol is at 4 percent so it’s lower Than most beers would be and It’s quite an experience i don’t know What to say about the wine i think it’s A bit of an acquired taste it’s quite Special but i think it would work with Quite a lot of food really well i can See this with goat cheese for example as A great grand match but yeah it’s a bit Weird a bit funky but due to its Intensity and complexity i have to rate It a little bit higher than the previous One i would say this is an 87 point Cider not wine and It’s definitely something worth trying Next up we have the 2020 eric baudelaire Pour granite which is a pear based Sparkling wine from normandy in france And it retails for 17 us dollars eric Baudelaire worked as a zombie in a Three-star michelin restaurant in paris

He studied enology in bone and then Decided that he wanted to make cider at The same quality level with the same Quality standards as great wine as the Name would suggest this is actually from Old pear trees that grow on granitic Soil and they use 20 different really Small pairs in order to produce this Aromatic pair of sparkling wine this is Actually six percent of alcohol it is Off dry and it ferments spontaneously Like many great wines would but the big Question is does it taste like a great Wine let’s find out This smells very intense of pairs i can Really imagine how they use these tiny Pairs because you had so much Concentration on the nose on the palette Though it’s a bit bitter and a little Bit harsh i don’t know it feels like It’s slightly out of balance in my Opinion this bitterness doesn’t really Work in this wine style i rate this wine 82 points i find it a bit unfortunate That this bitterness is so pronounced Otherwise i would have rated it a lot Higher but Yeah it just can’t go much higher than 82. next up we have the 2015 colt hand Wine riom rhubarb based sparkling wine From denmark which retails for 36 us Dollars so this is a rhubarb based Sparkling wine made with the traditional Method and the rhubarb type is called

Swenborg vin baba whatever and the Interesting thing is that it’s 2015 so It’s already seven years old And the oldest fruit wine so far so i’m Excited to taste this the rhubarb is Sourced from organic farmers in denmark They press it in an old cider press and Then chapterlize the mesh so they add Some sugar in order to kick off Fermentation the fermentation takes Place spontaneously and then there’s a Second fermentation in bottle and they Leave the wine in the bottle for six Months on the lease before disgorging it So this sounds like a fairly serious Sparkling wine i don’t know whether you Can see it but they actually printed Their logo the cold hand on the inside Of the label so you can see it through The wine which is a pretty nice touch i Think on the north it’s super Interesting it actually smells of Rhubarb obviously but there’s also a Little bit of soy sauce coming through Quite complex there are also yeasty Notes swimming in there so it is a very Interesting complex flavor profile on The palette it actually has the right Balance there’s some bitterness and Quite a bit of acidity coming through From the rhubarb but there’s also a Little bit of sweetness rounding it up So it feels quite complete well balanced Long refreshing vibrant this is really

Really good i should also add that the Wine has nine percent alko so it’s Higher than for all of the other ones That we’ve tasted so far And the alcohol obviously gives the wine A little bit more texture a little bit More roundness on the palate but it also Carries more flavor so i think the Alcohol really helps the wine to shine But this is really well made i also need To add that this wine still feels really Young i would rate it 90 points this is Really great stuff and a really exciting Experience here we have the suff winery 1785 birch sap sparkling wine from Sweden which retails for around 20 us Dollars and sounds pretty interesting The birch tree sap is collected by Drilling a hole into the tree at the end Of winter beginning of spring when the Juices start flowing again and it’s well Known in nordic countries as a cosmetic Product as a drink but also for Producing syrups and alcoholic beverages The birch tree sap is fermented in Stainless steel before fermentation ends They add sugar and yeast and then Ferment it again in bottle it’s been Disgorged after a few weeks they don’t Add any sulfites during the wine making Process and they call this method So are you interested in tasting this Because i am i’ve actually never tasted Birch trees sap so i don’t really know

What to expect but that’s what life is For right making new experiences first Of all this is quite light in color it Looks much lighter than most wines that We’ve tasted so far Wow this is super interesting it smells Of marzipan lemon a little bit of green Apples Nutty Wow Purchase that What the hell i was thought that this Has 19 grams of residual sugar but it Feels quite a bit lower than that it has 11.5 Percent of alcohol And It’s really grippy and textured and Refreshing and vibrant There’s a lot going on there this is Really awesome i do like this quite a Bit it’s so delicate but yet so complex So i would rate this 92 points it’s Really good stuff as you can see i love Making new experiences and learning new Things and this is why i’m happy to Introduce the sponsor of this episode Skillshare skillshare is an online Learning community with thousands of Different courses and members all across The world it is easy to use and offers a Vast range of classes from animation to Web development and even wine i always Want to improve my own abilities and i

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Stainless steel at low temperatures This is quite light in color as you can See it smells of honey obviously there’s Also a little bit of lavender coming Through it’s quite floral and Yeah quite nice but it really smells of Honey and not of much more on the Palette it’s quite intense and sweet There’s 32 grams of residual sugar left In this wine and it’s called extra breed Which doesn’t really make sense for me Because extra boot means something else In wine entirely but Yeah it’s definitely not extra brute It’s not very dry it’s more Quite sweet And round and rich i don’t know i don’t Think this is really super exciting i Think this is well made it tastes and Smells of honey and it’s quite sweet and I guess that’s what people would expect If they order or buy a bottle of this But for me there’s just not much Excitement there i would rate this 81 Points it’s good it’s well crafted but It’s not super interesting so here we Have another interesting one and it Looks like it’s the first non-sparkling Fruit wine it’s the bodegas plateau Blanco semi secco from the canary Islands and it retails for 12 us dollars Banana one is apparently quite popular In africa and southeast asia platano Means banana and that’s why the winery

Is called this and it’s made from fruit Sauce from local farmers bananas are Then peeled and fermented for four weeks And then filtered and bottled so Let’s open the cork before i open the Bottle i just noticed something Interesting this looks like it was Clogged with one of those handheld Caulking machines not with a big Industrial caulking machine which is Kind of funny i don’t know i mean this Is what my bottles look like after i Caulk them myself So i don’t really know how big the Production here is but Apparently it’s not huge it really looks Like a light white wine it doesn’t Really give off any indication that it Might be made from bananas this is Really interesting i actually expect This to smell very intense of banana but It actually smells more like a wine it Smells like a chardonnay Not a great chardonnay maybe but one That was made in a warm climate smells a Little bit of orange a little bit of Lemon but also has these banana flavors Coming through on the palate it’s Actually also really rich and round There’s some freshness there it’s not Super sweet there is Quite a bit of texture there as well There’s a little bit of saltiness coming Through so this is

An interesting wine for sure the Question is do i rate this as a wine or As a banana wine in a blind tasting i Would think this is maybe an average Pretty industrial white wine but as i Know that this is a banana one i think It’s actually really good i would rate This 86 points i think it’s very good And it’s Quite surprising that you can make this Out of bananas the last one is the Fridge style kiersberg Reserve a cherry wine from denmark and It retails for 50 us dollars this Project started in 2006 they only Produce cherry wine and they claim that They are the only winery in the world That produces cherry wine just like Grape vine so they actually do Spontaneous fermentation and aging in Barrels and Hopefully this is worth the money They’re using the svensberg cherry which Is a sherry that you wouldn’t Necessarily eat because it’s so tannic But it’s great for wine making Apparently and the reserve wine is Actually aged for at least 30 months in 225 liter barrels this actually looks Like a vintage pot really really dark Pretty much opaque you can’t see Anything through the wine Wow this is really rich it smells of Cherries obviously but also of chocolate

Of spices a little bit of blackberries Cassis flavors coming through so it’s Really really concentrated very complex And Really interesting on the palette it’s Really rich and structured it feels like You can almost eat this there’s quite a Bit of tannic grip quite a lot of Sweetness great freshness though And It’s very well balanced so there’s quite A bit of sweetness but the acidity just Kind of breaks up the sweetness makes This wine a really interesting Product fascinating stuff i think this Comes really close to a great sweet wine Because of its intensity complexity also The structure so there’s really grip There It doesn’t just feel fruity and fresh There’s also a real bite to it so a Really good one i rate this 93 points It’s really good and i can really see Myself drinking this with the stilton For example or with some braised meat it Just brings so much to the table okay It’s time for the wrap up my three Favorite wines where this the kia spare One just Just delicious this stuff That was just something else i really Like this and i definitely have to try It again and the rhubarb wine so Looks like the nordic countries win they

Have produced all three of those wines And all of them are really worth seeking Out but the tasting also showed that There is quite a lot going on in this Category and i should definitely taste More fruit wines in the future So thank you for watching if you like This video then please like it down here Subscribe to my channel if you haven’t Done so already my question of the day Is have you ever tasted fruit wines let Me know down below tell me which ones You liked which ones you don’t like i Hope i see you guys again soon until Then stay Thirsty [Music] You