MASTER of WINE Rates Affordable CELLAR TRACKER Favorites

Hi i’m Konstantin Baum master of wine and today 
i’m going through one of the most comprehensive   Wine databases to find wines you like and 
i’m not talking about vivino today instead   I’m talking about one of the first wine rating 
websites cellar tracker i’m going to taste a   Whole range of wines that received high scores on 
cellar tracker and that retails for less than 40   Us dollars so that i can find out whether those 
scores are actually useful so let’s do this. Cellar tracker was created in march 2003 by eric 
levine whose name kind of predestines him for a   Career in the wine business he was working for 
microsoft at that time and he wanted to program   A tool that helped him keep track of his wine 
collection he soon realized that others would like   To use this tool too and it became a big success 
today it is according to numbers from celler   Tracker used by hundreds of thousands of users and 
it contains more than 9 million tasting notes i   Found out that there is an official ranking of the 
people who wrote the most tasting notes and number   One at the moment is rajon wine who wrote close 
to 48 000 tasting notes since he first signed   Up in 2004 which is pretty amazing users can write 
tasting notes indicate whether they like a wine or   Whether it was flawed and then rate it according 
to the 100 point scale out of all of the scores   Seller tracker then creates an average score that 
you can use in order to find new interesting wines   I do not use setup tracker much but i find it 
quite useful as users tend to be real wine geeks   That taste all different kinds of wines i 
also prefer scores in the 100 point system   As i score that way myself and i find it easier 
to compare scores that way today i want to find   Out whether seller tracker scores are useful for 
you to find new interesting wines i therefore ask   Leon to select some highly scored affordable 
wines from seller tracker that should be   Available in most markets so that you can taste 
long if you want so without much further ado   Let’s pop some corks quick shout out to all 
of my subscribers i want to thank you for all   Of your support if you haven’t subscribed 
yet then please do so it really helps out   The channel and it gets me to taste 
more wines for you and for me as well   Obviously we’re starting off with 
the pieper heidsieck brut non vintage   Which has a celler tracker score of 89 points and 
retails for 40 us dollars but it sometimes comes   A lot cheaper than that it is from one of the 
oldest champagne houses founded in 1785 and legend   Has it that marie antoinette was a big fan of this 
champagne but who knows whether she had good taste   So let’s open this you know what i haven’t saved 
a bottle of champagne in a while so it’s time I think i might have broken one of my lights the 
cost of living dangerously the champagne smells   Of lemon zest bruised apple and there are also 
those brioche almond notes in the background i   Think it’s more fruit driven rather than dominated 
by the brioche flavor so if you don’t like brioche   Then this is more your kind of wine but this 
suggests to me that it might not have been   Aged on the lease for such a long time on the 
palette it’s actually quite rich and concentrated  

It doesn’t show a lot of acidity which is for me 
a little bit of a bummer i do like quite fresh   Vibrant and a little sharp champagnes but if 
you like something a little bit more round   And a little bit more yeah silky then this 
might be for you in my opinion this is a very   Good sparkling wine but it’s not a great 
champagne for me this is an 87 point wine   I think it’s good but at that price point you’ll 
find lots of better champagnes the next one is the   2019 kumeu river estate chardonnay which has 
a setup tracker score of 90.3 and it retails   For 30 us dollars i’m a big fan of new zealand 
chardonnay ever since i worked down there in 2007   And kyumyo river is probably the most well-known 
winery for this variety in new zealand while   Most famous wineries in new zealand are in the 
south island or in the south of the north island   Cumin river is actually up north next to auckland 
the winemaker here is a master of wine but i won’t   Be influenced by this and the wines are really 
really undervalued in my opinion they can be great   And prices are not that high the wine was 
fermented in barrels with indigenous yeasts   And it’s quite complex and really exciting it 
smells a little bit of lemon zest there’s also   Popcorn notes coming through a little bit of 
caramel there’s a little bit more fruit than   I would get in burgundy for example so it’s a bit 
more explosive when it comes to fruit but it’s not   Kitschy it’s not over the top it’s quite balanced 
on the palette the one is rich and concentrated   But it also has grip and fresh acidity this is 
just the estate wine but it’s already really   Really balanced i do like this wine quite a 
bit here i also agree with the seller tracker   Score i would score it a little bit higher 
91 points i think this is just beautiful   Really really good wine and you should 
not be sleeping on new zealand chardonnays   They can be really really good the next one is 
the 2019 la crema chardonnay from the sonoma   Coast in california it has a cellar tracker score 
of 88.9 and it retails for 20 us dollars it was   Founded in 1979 under the name la crema vignera 
which means the best of the vine and this wine   Is from the sonoma coast ava which covers quite a 
lot of ground in the area north from san francisco   And all of those bits and pieces are somehow 
influenced by the ocean by the pacific and   It’s therefore one ava but it’s quite diverse and 
produces lots of different styles so let’s open it Chardonnay is one of the most important grape 
varieties in california and if you follow me on   Instagram you know that i recently did a tasting 
of different chardonnays from different areas   In california and it’s quite exciting to see how 
many different styles there are how many different   Terroirs there are really even though this is from 
the slightly cooler sonoma coast ava it is quite   A lot more intense and opulent than the previous 
wine it smells of peaches but also of ripe apple   There’s quite a lot of oak influence here as well 
but it’s fairly well balanced because the fruit   Flavor is so intense on the palate this is really 
rich and intense it’s quite round quite smooth the   Alcohol is actually fairly low with 13.5 percent 
but it feels much more yeah much more opulent and  

The acidity is a bit lower from my perception at 
least so this is more of a rich and concentrated   Chardonnay style so this is a very good white wine 
i would rate it 88 points it’s not as complex and   As balanced as the previous wine so i wouldn’t go 
above 90 points here if you want to find out more   About the scores that i used go below this video 
uh wrote down all of the information that you need   To know on the 100 point system the next one is 
the 2020 kim crawford marlborough sauvignon blanc   From new zealand which has a seller tracker score 
of 87 points and it retails for 16 us dollars kim   Crawford was established in 1996 by kim crawford 
who is a man by the way many people in the u.s   Seem to think that he’s a woman but he’s a real 
man he built the brand quite quickly into one of   The best selling sauvignon blanc in the world and 
it was then sold for 50 million us dollars kaching   The wine is less expressive than most new zealand 
sauvignon blanc it smells a little bit of green   Apple grassy there’s also a little bit of passion 
fruit there on the palate it’s quite fresh but   It feels a little bit diluted so it doesn’t 
really have a lot of body and concentration and   Yeah that’s not necessarily great i would rate 
this wine 85 points so it’s a good to a very   Good sauvignon blanc from new zealand but i think 
at this price point you might actually find some   More interesting wines and i just think it lacks 
a little bit of concentration i want a little bit   More punch from my new zealand sauvignon blanc and 
this doesn’t pack the full punch the next one is   The 2020 miraval rose which has a seller tracker 
score of 88.4 and it retails for 22 us dollars   Everyone knows this wine because it was owned by 
angelina jolie and brad pitt now it’s just owned   By brad pitt and angelina jolie sold her steak 
in the company to another company and apparently   There’s now a legal battle over this sale but i 
don’t really want to get into all of the gossip   I want to stick to the wine let’s taste this 
this wine became a big success not just because   Of the owners of the winery but also because they 
got the panga family involved in this project   Which is a famous wine family from the south 
of france it owns chatubo castel and does many   Different projects in the wine world and they 
really know how to make wine and that helped   Angelina and brett because i don’t think they 
knew anything about wine the wine has this pale   Salmon color which is quite typical for roses from 
the provence it smells of strawberries a little   Bit of raspberries it’s quite fruit driven there’s 
also a little bit of herbaceousness coming through   On the palette it’s actually quite rich 
and concentrated the acidity is a bit   Lower than i would like it to be and yeah it’s 
quite a impressive a little bit more full-bodied   Jose one in my opinion this is a very good jose 
but is it worth 22 us dollars that’s the bigger   Question for me i would rate this 86 points and 
at that score you can find some really good poses   At retail for 10 us dollars or 15 us dollars at 
least so you definitely pay a premium for the name   Of the owners or formal owners yeah but it’s 
good it’s a good wine there’s nothing bad about   It it’s just not as good as the price might 
suggest the next one is the 2012 la rioja alta  

Vina ardanza reserva it has a seller tracker score 
of 91 points and it retails for 36 us dollars   The winery has a long history it was founded in 
1890 by five families and their most famous brand   Vina adanza was registered in 1942. the rioja alta 
is also the name of one of the three subregions of   Rioja which is known for high quality and high 
altitude vineyards i’m quite a big fan of la   Rioja alta the wines tend to be really really 
good and really affordable think about the cost   Of inventory i mean this one is from 2012 it’s 
available now and it’s still fairly affordable   I think no other country in the world can do it 
like spain does and especially rioja has really   Great aged wines at fairly affordable prices but 
this is really good for me this is the prototype   Of greater yoja it is garnet in color showing some 
age there smells of cherries of cocoa of chocolate   And also slightly elevated so there are some high 
pitched notes coming through on the palate it’s   Quite rich and velvety but the tenons are grippy 
and structured and there’s great freshness at the   End this is not just powerful it’s really really 
well balanced beautiful wine in my opinion the   Seller tracker score is quite a bit too low here 
91 points might seem like a lot but i actually   Think this is a 95.1 this is brilliant quality 
really complex it’s aged obviously but it’s not   Old at all and i think this is a really great wine 
at a really good price mamma mia did i say that   This is beautiful next up is the 2016 chateau 
Cantemerle which has a seller tracker score   Of 91 points and it retails for 40 us dollars 
and i have a personal relationship with this   Winery because i think it was the first bordeaux 
i ever bought and believe it or not i bought it at   Aldi for 20 euros i think at the time chateau 
countamel was for a long time an under performer   But today they’re producing really good wines at 
fairly affordable prices interestingly this estate   Was involved in one of the biggest scandals of 
the 1855 classification it is today as sankiam   Kuklase but back then it wasn’t included in the 
original classification and it was later added   In a different handwriting that was because the 
brokers who made the classification didn’t have   Information on the prices for this wine and it 
was only added as the sunken crew classe when the   Owner caroline de villeneuve durfour showed up and 
literally showed them the receipts 2016 was a very   Good vintage in bordeaux so i’m expecting a really 
good one let’s see it’s a bit difficult for the   Contour metal to follow the vinya dancer 
because this is quite juicy quite fruit   Driven it’s much fresher and more vibrant even 
though it’s not that much younger than the 2012   Rioja it smells of blackberries and cherries 
there’s a little bit of grilled bread character   Coming through as well on the palette it’s 
actually quite juicy the tannins are fairly mellow   And it’s not the most concentrated wine so it 
lacks maybe a little bit of body and concentration   But it has good freshness and vibrancy i don’t see 
this aging terribly well so i don’t think it will   Age for decades and decades as some bordeaux’s do 
i would rate this 90 points it is a pretty good   Bordeaux but it’s quite difficult to get great 
bordeaux great classified bordeaux in particular  

At this price point the last one of 
the tasting is the 2018 fontodi chianti   Classico which has a cellar tracker score of 
89 points and it retails for 40 us dollars. For today belongs to the magnetic family 
since 1968 and it is with 70 hectares on   The vines a pretty big estate but it’s completely 
certified again this is a san jose and it was also   Aged in breaks but you don’t really get a lot 
of brick flavor coming through it smells of   Ripe cherries there’s also a little bit of 
licorice coming through a little bit of spicy   Notes as well on the palette it’s really fresh and 
vibrant i like that about sanjivasa it brings lots   Of acidity but you also have some grippy tenons 
there there’s a solid mid palette so this is   Quite a good chianti classico quite classic get 
it? classico classic get it i would rate this one   90 points i think it’s a bit underrated on seller 
tracker but at this price point i would find some   Really amazing kmt classic course as well so i 
think the price quality ratio is not quite there   So our seller tracker scores to be trusted i 
think yes i mean i was pretty close in most   Cases the scores are obviously averaged out so you 
lose a little bit of the lows and a little bit of   The highs which is not always ideal but i think 
overall the scores are to be trusted and i think   That’s maybe because quite a lot of people on the 
platform are really into wine so they might have a   Similar way of tasting as i do my favorites 
clearly the cumier river chardonnay and the vina   Dansa both amazing wines and both really good at 
their price points so thank you for watching if   You like this video then please like it down here 
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about seller tracker do you not use it do you   Use it what is your handle please comment down 
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stay thirsty and you stay thursday too okay bye.