Hello there my name is hudson baum i’m a Master of wine and i’m not really sure What i’m looking forward to this tasting Normally i’m tasting the greatest wines In the world on this channel But i was asked by a few of you whether I could taste the cheapest wines instead And i obliged so i’m going to taste These four wines without knowing Anything about them except that they are Really Really cheap so Let’s go [Music] Normally i’m tasting great wines on a Regular basis but many of you don’t know That when i was a student i was actually Making some extra money by tasting Really cheap wines the company i was Working for Was doing quality assurance for Supermarkets and discounters and we were Tasting some of the cheapest Wines spirits and coffees in the world Back then you knew that the day is going To be tough when they brought out the Tetra packs but Hey i was young and needed the money Even though i rarely drink wine that Cost less than 10 I still find it important to see what Happens at the bottom of the price scale Too Wine is an interesting product as it is

All fermented grape juice But a bottle can cost from one dollar to 558 000 a bottle which is incomprehensible To most people Some of it is obviously related to Quality but when a bottle costs more Than maybe 50 dollars a lot of it’s also hype Germany the country i’m based in is a Very competitive market for wine And the prices are extremely low for Wine and many other products as well On average germans have paid 2.78 cents Per bottle of wine Which sometimes makes me wonder how After paying for the bottle The capsule the label the cork and the Transport There’s any money left for the wine and This is the average But today so i’ve been told we are Tasting ones that are even cheaper Than that i do not know anything about These wines except that they are all From a big discounter whose name starts With L and ends with d and that they are the Cheapest my wine could find Did i just say wine i meant wife i’m Already drunk sorry Okay let’s start with bottle number one Looks like a white wine pretty clearly Golden color so let’s see what it smells

And tastes like So one one smells fine it smells a Little bit like apple and pear There’s a little dull flavor in the Background smells a little bit like Bruised apple But it’s fine there’s no big fault there Let’s taste it It’s pretty light very little body It has good acidity so there’s a bit of Freshness there But it has a very short length so it Disappears out of your mouth Like this which is probably not a bad Thing considering that this is not a Great wine But let’s think about where this wine Could come from It can be quite difficult to identify The origin of a wine where the wines are This cheap Because they are not as expressive as More high quality wines So they don’t really directly tell you What they are Most of them are quite diluted like this One which Just doesn’t have a lot of expression And concentration but i would say This is from a cooler climate i kind of Say This is probably a german wine entry Level Maybe from a big growing region like for

Example ryan hessen And i would guess that this is probably Pinot gris or groupogon as we call it Over here in germany So this appley pear character The roundness on the palette the Freshness Kind of sounds like raw burgundy to me But let’s see What’s in the bottle or behind the Curtain Oh pretty close i would say so it’s not Raw vaguely but It is vice verguna from ryan hessen And it cost 2 euros 29 Cents which would be a little bit more In dollars so Pretty cheap so let’s move on to wine Number two The bottle is already quite a bit more Heavy which isn’t a sign of quality at All But it feels more valuable when the Bottle is heavy But it’s not a good thing i’m not a fan Of big bottles or heavy bottles because They obviously cost more money to Produce and they have a higher co2 Output so you should actually avoid the Heavy bottles i prefer Everyone bottling their wires in very Light bottles so let’s taste this So a similar color is also slightly Golden a little bit darker than the

First one Oh there’s quite a lot of Ripe and opulent fruit here it smells a Little bit Like mango there’s also some papaya There There’s some pineapple there so it’s More exotic fruit I can also sense a little bit of wood But i’d guess That as it is a cheap wine it’s probably Not aged in berries but aged With chips in contact with chips but There’s some spiciness coming from from Some oak flavor To me at least it’s not obvious but but There’s something there So let’s taste it So in the palette the wine feels quite Rich And rounded it has quite a bit more body Than the first one And the acidity is there but it’s also a Little bit lowish So it’s a more opulent more rich style Which would suggest for me that it’s Probably from a slightly warmer climate But yeah let’s think about the origin of This wine it’s not Not that easy for me it doesn’t really Feel like new world even though The style the opulence and richness is Quite New worldly but for me it feels not

Clean enough if that makes sense for a New world one So it probably rather be in the old World but in a warm part of the old World It’s maybe in spain or southern italy Or the south of france maybe even but Um yeah it’s tricky i mean star wise and As i know that This is a cheap wine i would probably Go to a place like sicily where They use grape varieties like insolvia Grillio Which produce a similar style to this Wine Or maybe where else could it be from i Mean It could be from the longer dog crossing From a big Brand producer who yeah uses Some of those local grapes over there But I’d go for sicily so let’s see Ah okay it’s Bianco italiano Italia italiano italian so um and it’s a Liter So um it’s heavier because it’s a liter It’s not heavier because the bottle was Heavy i guess Um that makes sense the grape varieties Aren’t mentioned on the label it just Says curvy But yeah it might be in zolia and leo

Maybe some chardonnay or something else That they just drop in there It costs 1 euros 99 for a liter so this Is A lot cheaper than the first one but to Be honest It’s actually a little bit more fun than The first one so i’d probably If i had to choose between the two i Would go for this one Um it’s just a bit there’s a bit more There so and the label looks kind of Nice too Yeah i wouldn’t drink it but but if i Had to choose I would go for this one next So let’s move on to wine number three Which feels like a normal bottle again Not a liter bottle By the way all of the first three wines Were bottled under screw cap which is a Good thing i think In this price category and the wines are Not supposed to be aged Screw cap works fine with those wines You can close the bottle after You had a glass and put it back in the Fridge and nothing happens So definitely use more screw caps Oh this looks like like a rosette Maybe i don’t know what this is supposed To be This is a slightly weird color but Yeah i’m guessing it’s probably supposed

To be a rose it’s pretty light Anyways [Music] Oh oh Oh so yeah i mean this smells Very bland i mean it smells like Strawberries but not The fresh strawberries but more like Strawberry Gums so it’s not really it doesn’t Really feel very natural There’s not much there there’s a little Bit of lactic flavor To the wine as well which can be fine But In this case i think it’s a little bit Too much Yeah i mean on the palette it’s just not Nice Not nice at all i mean it feels sweet so There’s definitely some residual sugar There There’s very little acidity this is not A fresh and vibrant Rose it’s more yeah it feels like a Cooked Uh roseanne that had some sugar added to It So it’s not very fun at all i don’t i Don’t like this i don’t like this So when it comes to origin this is kind Of difficult i would actually Again be in germany because the fruit Flavor the fruit

Profile doesn’t really feel very Maybe spanish where they also produce a Lot of cheap rosettes It feels a little bit yes simplistic Could be a dawn feather jose from a big Growing region from big producer In germany again maybe ryan hessen or False I would guess so let’s see Oh this is Pretty much spot on so this is a dawn Felder rosie From where’s the growing region Ah from false so um i was right Yeah um don’t forget yeah still not a Wine that i would want to drink It’s hard talking which means that it’s Off dry And i don’t like off dry roses as a General rule so This would not be something that would End up on my kitchen table so let’s move On to wine Number four the last one that um That i have to taste this is actually Not bottled on the screw cap so Not bottled under cork let’s see It’s a red wine as you can probably also Tell Okay this smells funky it smells a Little bit like cherries but there’s Also some greenness To the wine so it doesn’t really feel Like the grapes were

Fully ripe i also have to add in this Price category Red wines are probably always the Underperformers I think if i would only have three euros Or three dollars for a bottle of wine I would rather go for white wine because In general in this price category white Ones Are better than red wines red ones just Generally cost a little bit more to Produce So it doesn’t surprise me that this is Not the best wine In the tasting so on the palette it Actually feels alright it’s Juicy and fresh there are some tents but Very little tenants And it doesn’t really feel like anyone Has put a lot of effort into this wine Which isn’t a big surprise if you’re Only spending Little money on a wine then you can’t Really expect it to be a great wine or That anyone would spend a lot of time With this wine But um yeah it’s okay i mean it’s it’s It’s a decent wine i would say So let’s think about where this wine Could be from i think it’s kind of Tricky it’s difficult to say On the palette it feels like it could Come from a warmer climate but on the Nose it actually feels like it’s from a

Cooler climate Because there’s some unripeness there Some green herbaceous notes So i’d probably end up in a cooler Climate In europe and it could actually be a Dawn felder From false or ryan hessen again Like a big bug produced Dawn feather red wine could also be from The south of france Like a very simplistic wine from uh South of france vignette even though This part of the world is a little bit Warmer in general So normally you wouldn’t really get Those herbaceous notes I don’t really see it coming from like The loire Or any any place like that it could Maybe be from bordeaux but The channels are not there so i’d Probably end up again With dawn felder which is the grape Variety from jose as well And i would say it’s probably from From the false again so let’s see oh Uh was completely wrong there this is A merlot from sicily Which is not in my defense not Necessarily The most classic wine but Yeah okay it’s not bad sicily wins this Tasting in my opinion

The two best wines were probably the Sicilian ones And this cost 179 one euro 79 Insane i think what we learned today is That you get what you pay for None of these wines were completely Terrible even though The rose was pretty close but Is that really what we should be aiming For shouldn’t we aim for more than Terrible Wine for me to tell a story and all of These wines don’t really tell a story Not a story that i want to listen to at Least And i also want to make sure that the Wine i drink pays the producer’s salary If i’d have to pick a favorite out of These four wines I’d go for the good old liter bottle of Sicilian white It’s pretty alright not too bad i’m not Going to drink it but It’s pretty alright so thank you for Watching if you like this video then Please Like it down here subscribe to my Channel subscribe to my channel My question of the day is what is the Lowest you go when you Buy wine please comment down below i Hope i see you guys again soon Until then stay thirsty No not that kind of thirsty bye

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