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Hi my name is constantin baum i’m a Master of wine and this tasting is going To be a freak show so Let’s get freaky So i believe as a master of wine i Really have to taste everything i can’t Just focus on the best wines From bordeaux and burgundy i have to Taste wines from all around the world From all different price points in order To really understand what’s going on In the market this isn’t always fun Though and i’ve Assembled a lineup of different wines That are all a little bit freaky From different places in the world where Most people wouldn’t really think that There’s Even any wine production different grape Varieties And just slightly odd bottle shapes And all this kind of stuff so i’m going To taste through the wines And let you know what i think about the Wines i don’t really know much about the Wine so i will just let you know What i think about the wines taste them Smell them and Then give you my opinion on them so Let’s go so the first one i’m going to Taste Is a very interesting wine it’s from the Far north of germany a place where no Wine production

Normally exists it’s called cool from Weingut vallen and it’s a blend of the Grape varieties yuanita And solares and i’ve never tasted wines From that part of germany so i’m really Looking forward To trying this i will rinse my glass Quickly Just to make sure that it’s absolutely Immaculate And let’s see what this is like i mean This is a really bright colored fresh Wine light yellow in color Oh the flavor is actually really good i Was expecting something a bit weird But this smells like a white wine which Is a an Odd thing to say about white wine but You know this place Isn’t really known for any white wine Production or any wine production at all It smells like lemon zest a little bit Of Apple and peach so it’s quite complex Actually i mean Not super complex but there’s some Complexity there On the palette it’s not bad either so It’s fresh Vibrant it’s a little bit of residual Sugar But it’s dry a few grams of residual Sugar i would say It’s actually really refreshing really

Nice so i would give this one 78 points so it’s it’s average i mean It’s not Super exciting it’s good for what it is And where it’s from but It’s not in a general context a great Wine But it’s fun i would definitely Recommend it i mean it’s it’s kind of Interesting So let’s do wine number two so the next One is the one that i’ve seen in many Places I’ve bought it but i’ve never really Tasted it It’s available in many chinese shops and Also in some Chinese restaurants it’s great wall Chinese white wine Dry i have never tasted it Because i never really felt like tasting It and today is an opportunity to change That China is actually a pretty big wine Producing country now they’ve expanded Their vineyard holdings Massively so i’m looking forward to see How this wine tastes i’m not expecting Great things to be honest because This is one of the big brands That is produced in high high quantities So i don’t think that it’s at all Representative for What china is able to do at the top end

Of the market but Let’s see oh wow wow Yeah this is kind of what i was Expecting i mean To be fair i think this bottle has been On my shelf for Uh a few years a couple of years two Years maybe I mean it smells really off [Music] What man this is This is tough this is no fun I mean on the palette it’s really harsh The acidity is Like in your face and really grips you Tears off the skin of your tongue and Just doesn’t feel feel right if i have To give this one a score i would rate it 60 60 points i mean it’s that It’s clearly flawed i don’t know how Anyone would put this into a bottle And why anyone would spend 4 euros 70 on It Apart from the fact that i actually Bought this bottle so i clearly spent 5 Euros on it And shouldn’t do that again Okay one two three so i normally try not To judge a book by its cover but this is Just Too beautiful so i had to buy it it’s Bottle shaped Like a woman who’s carrying an amphora On her shoulder and some

Berries in our arms so it’s Really really pretty The wine is called vinolia it’s from Southern moldova and it’s Off dry leapless we call it in german So i don’t think i’m not i’m Really not expecting much from this Whoa nah so the first one Was actually kind of nice the second Wine was Completely terrible and this is a little Bit in between It smells a little bit sweet it smells Like if you Have some gummy bears and smell into the Bag that’s kind of What it smells like but it’s not as Clean in flavor But it smells artificial i mean it Doesn’t really smell like Real fruit so i’m not really sure what They’re putting into this but Let’s taste it Oh who’s drinking this i mean Why would you be drinking this apart From the fact that the bottle is really Beautiful but i gotta be honest it’s Better than the great wall so i Would rate this 70 points I want more so onto four so the next one Should be interesting It’s from turkey and the producer is Called tugra And the grape variety is bogasquera

Apologies to all of my turkish friends But my turkish isn’t great If you’ve seen another wine in the intro Then that’s because that wine was corked So i Swapped it for another wine from turkey Because i thought it was Quite interesting to taste something From turkey turkey is not necessarily a Place That people associate with wine making There’s a long Long wine making tradition there if you Actually look at the bible noah was Producing wine on mount Ararat and this mountain is actually in Turkey today He stranded there and planted the first Vines and then got drunk From it so interesting story not sure Whether that’s true but There’s certainly a lot of history when It comes to wine making in turkey Unfortunately the tradition isn’t really In place As much as it used to be the government Is kind of making it more and more Difficult for producers to make wines Bokeh scale if i remember it right is a Grape variety that produces more Round and soft wines they reminded me a Little bit of Mellow when i last tasted them so let’s Dip into this

This one actually has a little bit of h It’s from 2013 vintage So it’s not a young wine but it actually Looks fairly Young it smells of ripe cherries a Little bit of blackberries so it’s very Clean and fruit driven quite nice so There’s also a little bit of chocolate There It’s quite nice on the pallet It’s rich round intense Really beautiful i don’t know whether i Like this wine so much because the wines Before that one was so bad but i Actually think it’s really enjoyable Really velvety texture i would Give this one let’s see i would give This one 86 points So i mean it’s not a great great wine But it is a pretty beautiful wine so Well done so let’s move on to the next One and i can already tell you that i’m Not really looking forward to this one It’s the great wall red wine and after Tasting the white wine from great wall I’m not expecting much the interesting Thing i noticed Just now is that it actually says on the Capsule a name You can trust trust to disappoint i Guess but well let’s taste it first Before i judge it So the color looks alright it’s purple Slightly brownish

Pretty clean so yeah it looks fine It smells weird it doesn’t smell as Weird as the white one that’s for sure But It smells like black fruit Combined with soy sauce or some spices On the palette it’s quite Dried out the tenons are pretty rough a Little bit acidic So i would rate this one I mean it’s definitely not good it’s not Average i think it’s Below average so i would give it maybe 70 75 points so i mean it’s okay but Yeah it’s not a good wine at all this is Just bitter Bitter bitter wine so no thanks Next so the last one we’re going to Taste is actually a wine that i know and I knew that this tasting is going to be Tough so i really Needed something to look forward to it’s Chateau musa And the interesting thing about chateau Mizar is that it’s From lebanon from the big car valley And it’s a blend of cabernet sauvignon Carignon and salsa so the color Is purple with a little bit of garnet Reflexes in it it’s actually the 2007 Vintage So it has some h on it it smells really Nice

It’s definitely the best one in the Tasting easily alone from the nose So it smells like cassis blackberries You also have some mint flavors there It’s a little bit of spice too so on the Palette it’s really rich and Concentrated Even though it’s 14 years old it still Feels quite young And fresh the tenons are still grippy So i think this will definitely age a Little bit longer so i would rate the Chatu muzan 91 points it’s really really Nice definitely worth seeking out it’s Not the greatest wine in the world but It’s a beautiful Wine and a beautiful age-worthy wine With a lot of character So out of all of these wines i Definitely loved the shuttle museum that Was a beautiful wine I would taste the bokaskera again that’s For sure and this was really interesting The Valencul i thought it was a nice wine Considering that it’s from the north of Germany So i’m quite surprised that the quality Up there can be this high All of the other wines will never see The inside of my mouth again I might use them for cooking but that’s Pretty much it

So no thanks but i hope you enjoyed this Video if you liked it then please like It down here subscribe to my channel if You haven’t done so Already i hope i see you guys again soon Until then don’t drink this kind of Stuff Drink the good stuff and stay thirsty Bye [Music]