Hi my name is constantinbaum i’m a Master of one and today we’re going to Do something really special I noticed that quite a lot of you are Fans of the appvino i rarely use it but I decided that it might be interesting If i ordered some wines that are highly Scored on vivino Under 20 us dollars tasted them and Rated them myself and shared all this With you So ready set go [Music] So first of all i have nothing to do With vivino and they certainly didn’t Pay me to make this video today About all of the wines myself and i’m More than happy to give you my honest Opinion on the wines i just decided to Use vino Because it’s widely used in the wine World more than 52 million Users are on vivino according to their Own website i was therefore able to find Some wines that are widely available And you should be able to find most of These wines in your market if you like To Vivino is an app that allows you to Write tasting notes and score wines Based on a five-star score Your score will be averaged out against Scores from other users for the same Wine

I want to find out how useful these Scores are and i will rate the wines Myself based on the 100 point scale that I’m usually using If you want to find out more about Scores then check out my video on scores I’ll link it up Somewhere up there i will taste the Wines the same way The vino user will taste the wines not Blind so Let’s pop corks so the first wine that We’re going to taste is the Thai men’s sauvignon blanc from the Suitstermark in austria Austria has a super exciting winemaking Country that is producing More and more really exciting Interesting wines that show a lot of Flavor A lot of distinction so the zuchstein Mike specializes in sauvignon blanc and You can see that in this wine It has some really bright some really Aromatic flavors In there you got lemon zest you also Have some grassy Fresh green notes on the palette is very Fresh very vibrant This acidity is beautiful because it Waters your mouth And really makes this wine a great match For richer Fattier dishes so it’s really really

Good i would definitely like to have Some fish here some soul with a buttery Sauce would be Absolutely amazing the vino score for This wine was 4.0 i would score this one 90 points it really has everything a Sauvignon blanc needs But it could have a little bit more Concentration richness complexity Even though this is very nice and very Precise It doesn’t really have the complexity of Great sauvignon The good thing with these glass stoppers Is that if you Finish drinking and there’s still wine In the bottle you can just pop them back Up and put them back in the fridge so I’m actually going to reuse the glass That shouldn’t be a problem in a tasting Like this and it would be too much of a Hassle to have Lots of different glasses in front of me You can reuse the glass a few times No problem so next up is the 2019 Johannesburg gel black riesling from the Reingard in germany The term feinheim that you can find on The label here is not clearly defined by Law But it means that the wine is not dry But not sweet so it’s usually Between 15 and 25 30 grams of residual

Sugar So this is really riesling in its purest Form It smells of lemon zest but also Green apple and there’s also a little Bit of petrol there So this is pretty classic riesling Coming from a classic estate So on the palette the wine isn’t Concentrated but it has a lot of power And freshness the acidity really carries The sugar Which doesn’t feel sweet at all it’s Fruity it’s lively It’s vibrant so this is really benchmark Riesling on the vino the wine got the Same score as the sauvignon blanc Before this wine so 4.0 I would say it’s a little bit better i Would give it 91 points I had to get another riesling in here And it’s the 2020 fun ferguson riesling Rochiefa cabinet from the mosul or if You want to be more precise from the Tsar This is actually closed under screw cap Which is quite handy this is another Really historic Estate the history goes back to roman Times and the current owner Roman nivodnichansky took over the Estate in 2000 And really turned it around it’s Producing some of the greatest wines

At the tsar so this one is called Rochefort because it’s grown on iron Rich red slate And the cabinet style from the mosul is One of the most Classic wine stars in the wine world There are very few places in the world That can produce something So distinct so beautiful and so complex But Let’s taste this one so the nose is less Intense than the previous Riesling it’s more refined you got some Flavors of white peaches Some green apple flavors as well but It’s all very delicate You don’t have any of those petrol notes That the previous wine had So it’s much more fresh much more on the Fruit this is super refreshing it Apparently has 25 grams of residual Sugar but you don’t feel it at All it just disappears in the mouth and It’s just fruity And nice and beautiful so a really good Wine It also received the score on vivino of 4.0 which is quite common in this Tasting apparently And it costs 13 euros in germany so that Would be Roughly 15 us dollars it is A bit less concentrated less complex In comparison to the previous reasoning

So i would rate this 88 points which is still really good but I just don’t think That it has the same concentration and Vibrancy As the previous riesling so let’s put This back on and save this for the Operative tonight So the next one is a rosie the m-minuti From the provence the provence is really The benchmark for producing great rosie And they’ve been doing this For a long time a long time before jose Was a big Hype so now everyone’s trying to emulate What they are doing Down there this one actually has the Lowest score on the vino With 3.9 but i mean 3.9 4.0 What’s the difference really this costs 15 euros 16 and then in the us it would be a Little bit more than 20 us dollars but i Guess If you look at the right place you find It at exactly 20 Us dollars so if you look at the color This is really the typical jose color In the provence so this wine smells of Strawberries raspberries it’s Quite delicate and fine there’s a little Bit of gummy bear flavor as well so A little bit of artificial fruit flavor Which is not necessarily something that

I really like on the palette it’s good It has some juiciness a little bit of Grip there as well But it’s not really exciting i think This is a pretty Good rosie but it’s not great i mean It’s not something to rave about So i would score this 85 points which is Quite a bit lower than all of the other Wines But yeah i think this is a good wine but It’s not something outstanding Not good enough for more than 85. so This is another classic Marquestres car has actually been around Since 1858 So for a long long time and this is a Wine I don’t really know how much they Produce of this but it’s available Pretty much Everywhere and usually it’s pretty good So this is from the rioja region I don’t actually know why they always Put this net around the bottle It’s decorative i guess Okay i can already smell this wine it’s Very concentrated and rich i don’t even Have to hold the glass to my nose It’s funny it’s been a while since i Last tasted a rioja wine so It’s quite nice to see an old friend Again So you have this combination of ripe

Cherries Coconut and a little bit of chocolate as Well the coconut and chocolate flavor Comes from the american oak that is Usually used For storing rioja wines this was stored In 100 American oak and they really give the Wine quite a lot of flavor Which is pretty typical for rioja the Other side The cherry notes come from tempranillo This is 96 percent tempranillo so the Majority By far is temporary entrepreneur has These beautiful cherry flavor notes That go really well with the oak flavors So on the palette This is silky and rich the tannins are Really velvety The length is very long this retails At below 20 us dollars so i think this Is a real bargain i mean consider also That this is an Aged wine 2016 vintage this was got 4.0 on vivino which is just 0.1 points More than the rose which doesn’t make Any sense at all to me I think actually that this is probably More in the 90 To 91 point range i think this is a Really Great effort at scoring 91 points so now We’re leaving europe and flying across

The Atlantic to argentina this is from Mendoza And the winery is called vina cobas Which is a project By a very talented wine maker paul hopps So I’m quite looking forward to tasting This one so mendoza is really the center Of the argentine wine scene i was there A few Years ago and it’s quite a stunning Place [Music] So i’m actually not 100 sure because i Don’t know the wine but it feels A little bit tired it feels a little bit Oxidized so i’m guessing there might Have been something wrong With the cork i’m not going to rate this But if i had to I wouldn’t give it a high score nope so This is actually a wine that i’ve never Heard of it’s the 2017 bodegas bosom From campo de borga in spain which is Located in north east of spain it’s Quite a hot Zone very hot very dry produces Quite concentrated and rich wines and This is actually the highest scored Wines In the tasting on vivino at least with 4.1 Points so let’s see what is quite

Interesting Here is that it’s actually called shiraz Not surah Usually wines from europe that are made With a grape variety surah Are called surah and the wines from Australia or other places in the new World Are called shiraz but it’s also a Statement when it comes to the style Shirazs tend to be more concentrated Rich And maybe a little bit more oaky than Surahs so Let’s see what kind of style this is so This is definitely Very concentrated and very rich you have Bright fruit flavors Like cassis a little bit of blueberries As well but you also have a lot of oak A lot of coffee flavors there’s vanilla There a lot of concentration And richness this isn’t Bad in general i think there’s actually Quite a lot of balance and complexity There so I wouldn’t say this is bad it’s just Very powerful Very rich on the palette you also got Lots of concentration power Vanilla so it’s actually a bit overdone In my opinion The score of 4.1 actually makes a lot of Sense lots of people like this

Concentrated enriched style for me it’s A little bit overdone It’s not my cup of tea i would still Give this one 90 points but It’s not great greater than all of the Other ones Just more extracted more concentrated so The last one in the tasting is actually A very Successful brand the 19 crimes the Banished Dark red 2019 vintage received a 4.0 Vivino score And it’s among the top 1 of all Wines in the world apparently so let’s See whether that’s actually the case so This is a wine based on a marketing idea Rather than an origin or a chateau name The label features people who have Committed one of the 19 crimes and were Therefore sent from england To australia and this is obviously Loosely based on the history Of australia so i have heard a lot about These wines haven’t tasted them yet I’m looking forward to changing that i Guess there’s actually also an App that you can use to scan the label And then the person on the label Will tell you his or her story my name Is james wilson And i fight to the end okay let’s see Whether the wine is actually more Convincing than that so there’s very

Little information on the wine on the Label So it doesn’t mention any grape Varieties and the origin is southeastern Australia which is kind of the biggest Designation In australia itself and this obviously Doesn’t really Make me think that this is going to be Great but Let’s taste it it is certainly very dark And that’s kind of The name of the wine as well dark red And so It is very dark and that’s for sure i Actually thought it would be more Powerful More cooked and concentrated but it’s Actually less concentrated Than previous the syrah so this is Quite yeah bland i’d say i mean There’s not a lot of complexity there You got cherry flavors there you got a Little bit of cassis as well There’s some coconut coming from us oak I assume On the palate it’s juicy the acidity Is quite harsh and there’s not much Talents going on there so it’s Not terrible but it’s quite boring Really And it doesn’t show a lot of complexity It got a vino score of 4.0 Which i completely don’t understand

All of the other wines also got 4.0 and I don’t think This sits in the same category i think This is probably more like an 82 83 point wine it’s well made there Are no big issues there but it’s Certainly not on the same level of Quality than any of the other wines in The tasting So what the hell okay we didn’t finish On a high note but that’s fine I gotta say that the selection was Pretty good there were some Wines that were worse and some wines That were better but overall it was Pretty good I don’t quite understand the scores Though because All of those wines were 4.0 3.9 4.1 so Very close together Even though i didn’t think that they are Quality-wise Very close together so i’m not really Sure whether the vivino score Helps me as much as a 100 point score For example Especially because i actually quite like The individuality Of a 100 point score from one critic So if i know that person likes a certain Style I can put the numbers the score into Context With the rating whereas on vivino i

Never really know Who scored the wines what do they like And what don’t they like but i would of Course be interested in hearing what You guys think of the vino do you like It do you not like it Please comment down below and let me Know what your experience is With vino’s scores thank you for Watching i hope you enjoyed this video If you liked it then please Like it down here subscribe to my Channel if you haven’t done so already And i hope i see you guys again soon Until then stay another one Thirsty [Music] You