MASTER OF WINE Tries RED VIVINO AWARD Winners for Under $30

Hi my name is consulting bomb i’m a Master of wine and yes we are doing Another round of vino wine tastings you Asked me to do this so today i’m going To review six red wines that won the Vivino wine styles award in the best Value category there were some really Interesting finds amongst the white Wines from this category so let’s find Out whether the rats are as good [Music] Full disclosure this video is not Sponsored by vivino and i will rate These wines completely independently the Wine styles awards are determined by Wine drinkers users of the vivino app And they’re given out once a year to Less than one percent of all wines rated On vino you can search for one star Award winners on the app even though That option is not super easy to find And you can identify them by the red Seal below the wine like last time i Searched for ones that cost less than 30 Euros or 30 us dollars have received Great scores and should be fairly widely Available so if you want to join me and Taste the long you should be able to get Most of these ones in your country of Origin i will rate the wines myself According to the 100 point scale and i Really want to find out whether this Vino wine style award is something to go By or whether it’s just another award

That doesn’t mean anything So Let’s start pouring man so we’re Starting off with the 2017 capsicum Estate red from stellenbosch in south Africa it costs 11 euros in germany and For whatever reason vivino states that Its price in the us is 30 us dollars It’s kind of crazy how the cost of Distribution adds to the price of a Bottle of wine over there so i’m tasting A wine from south africa almost as if You would have picked it i will actually Do a video on south africa pretty soon So stay tuned for that steinbach is South africa’s most famous wine district And it’s most associated with great red Wines they’ve been producing wine there Since the 17th century which makes you Wonder is south africa actually part of The new world or the old world capsist Is a family-run winery and this is a Caviar of roughly 60 cabernet sauvignon And 40 percent shiraz as they call it They could also call it surah but Because they picked the name shiraz Instead this kind of suggests that this Is probably a more rich and concentrated Red wine it definitely is pretty dark Very concentrated purple color but let’s Smell it it smells of blackberries and Cassis but i also get this old pipe Character which is a bit of a mix Between peppery notes and tobacco leaf

Notes and for me and this is very Characteristic for red wines from south Africa so it’s a bit spicy herbaceous a Bit wild if i would get this in the Blind tasting i might put this into South africa just for this aroma alone On the pellet it is quite round it feels Like there are a few grams of residual Sugar left it lacks a little bit of Structure and concentration intensity And length so It is not a very profound wine it isn’t Bad but it is Not great either the wine got 3.8 stars On vivino and i would rate it 84 points It’s good but it’s not very good whether It’s a good value really depends on Where you are and how much you pay for It if you pay 11 euros in germany then This is a pretty good value but if you Pay 30 us dollars it’s not really a Great value wine so let’s move on to the Next one so here we have the 2019 Penfolds max from australia it costs 25 Euros or somewhere around 20 us dollars Penthouse is the most famous wine brand From australia they started in the 19th Century and they’re one of the few Wineries that managed to produce large Quantities but managed to create great Price quality ratios in each price Bracket max is a tribute to former Penfolds winemaker max schubert the Inventor of the penfolds grange and it’s

A caviar of shiraz and cabernet Sauvignon which is interesting another Shiraz and cabernet land this is not a Wine from a single vineyard or from a Specific region it’s a multi-regional Blend which is quite common for penfolds Wines even the top wine the penfolds Grange is a multi-regional blend this One again is super dark in color it’s Very deep purple which is not an insane Surprise because both cabernet sauvignon And shiraz are able to produce quite Dark and concentrated red wines so this Doesn’t suggest that there are any Shenanigans that are going on with this Wine the wine itself smells explosive Very rich and concentrated it first of All smells of chiraz with this Blackberry blueberry fruit character and Some peppery notes and you also get some Cassis aroma that reminds me of cabernet Sauvignon but there’s also this Beautiful eucalyptus flavor in the wine Which is very typical for australia and Which is probably one of the few Examples where it’s pretty easy to Identify terroir in a wine eucalyptus Trees grow all over australia and you Can smell them when you walk around the Vineyards and these flavors actually Settle on the berry’s skin go into the Wax layer on the berry skin and then end Up in the wine as well so you can Actually smell the eucalyptus flavor

From the tree that traveled through the Onto the bunch and then into the wine on The palate the one shows good intensity And concentration the tannins are Polished but there’s a nice texture There and also good freshness even Though this one has 14.5 percent of Alcohol in my opinion this is quite a Bit better than the previous one even Though it only received 0.1 star more Than the capsic cabernet sauvignon Shiraz blend i would say this for me is 88 points it’s a very good example of Its kind so the next one is the 2019 Dido la universal which cost 13 euros in Germany and 25 us dollars so again There’s a big gap between the price over Here and the price over there which is a Bit of a shame for the americans i guess This received three point nine stars on Vivinu and it has a wax capsule i’m Actually a fan of wax capsules they look Pretty cool they feel pretty cool Somehow they feel more natural even Though that doesn’t really make a lot of Sense but they can be a bit of a pain to Open depending on the quality of the wax This is a bit more difficult here so you Could just take off the cap like this And then stick in Your corkscrew and pull out the cork and Well Then you can pour your wine so rene baby Is the son of the rene babie who made

The wines from chloe morgador famous and He’s working on this project with his Partner sarah perez so this one is from Monsant which is a not so famous dop in The northeast of spain in catalonia and It’s made from ganacha or grenache noir So the one is a little bit more light Colored than the previous two which is Typical for grenache ganache doesn’t Produce the most dark colored wines in The world but this is not an issue dark Color or light color doesn’t tell you Anything about the quality of the wine So on the nose in the beginning it is a Bit reductive which means it smells a Little bit of rotten eggs a little bit Sulfury but if you swirl the glass a Little bit give the wine a little bit More air then it opens up and something Beautiful might emerge after a while in The glass the wine really shows some Great fruit flavor there’s ripe cherry There there’s a little bit of strawberry A little bit of raspberry it’s all quite Complex it isn’t in your face and super Concentrated there’s a beautiful Elegance here on the palette it’s fresh Vibrant there’s some nice grippy tenons But they are not overly powerful it’s All quite harmonious and really well Made it’s a great great wine so this one Was fermented in concrete tanks and it Was then aged in larger oak vessels or Concrete tanks as well so it doesn’t

Have a lot of oak flavor it’s quite Balanced quite subtle and quite elegant I really like this as a side note it’s Also quite interesting to see that all Three wines have a little bit of surah In them so maybe the secret to getting a Vivino wine style award is adding a bit Of syrup i don’t know so this wine Received 3.9 stars on vivino which is in My opinion quite a bit too low this is Not for you if you want something really Concentrated and rich but if you like Elegant complex wines then this is right Up your alley i would say this is a 92 Point wine and For it coming in at 13 euros or 25 us Dollars this is a great value so i’m Already reserving this for tonight but Let’s move on to the next one so the Next one is the 2016 binomial multiple Channel Reserver which comes in at 30 euros or 53 us dollars and it received a pretty Good score of 4.2 stars on vivino so Let’s pull that cork montepulciano is a Red wine made from the montepulciano Grape variety in the abruzzo region in Italy there’s no direct connection to Vino nobley the monte pucciano which is A san jose-based red wine from tuscany Monte puccino dabouts is normally not The most profound wine but this is Pretty dark colored so there’s a real Deep purple here there’s a beautiful

Balance between the cherry flavor and Ripe fruit characters as well as the Oaky chocolaty and flavors that come Through in this wine on the palette it’s Really rich and concentrated the tannins Are quite velvety and round and there’s Great freshness so this is a beautiful Wine i wouldn’t necessarily say that it Is super typical for what manta pachana Da butsu to me represents but it’s a Really well made wine reserva by the way Only means that the wine was aged for a Prolonged period in barrel this doesn’t Necessarily mean that the wine is higher In quality but in general those wines Are more expensive And also higher in quality on me we know The wine received 4.2 stars which is for What i know about vivino scores a pretty High score in my opinion it is not as Good as the previous one i would rate This 91 points it’s a very good effort And it’s probably one of the best one to Put channel doubles that i’ve tasted the Next one is from my home country it’s The 2018 becca landcraft gauden heimer Spitbook and hessen Did anyone ever say that german wine Names are easy It was rated quite high on vivino with 3.9 stars and it cost 13 euros in Germany or 30 us dollars in the states Interestingly i’ve never heard of this Winery so i’m looking forward to tasting

It for a long time ryan hassan was a Producer of very cheap and uninteresting Wines but it’s today a real hotbed for Innovation and there’s some amazing Wines coming out of the region so this One was asian barik which is quite Common for schweitbukunder pinonua and It is bone dry which is also quite Common for german wines people from Outside of germany often think that Germans only produce sweet wines but That’s not the case there are a lot of Really really good dry wines so the Color in this case is a lot lighter Which is typical for pinot noir and Pinot noir doesn’t produce very dark Colored wines it’s quite common that They are light colored like this the Wine smells of cherries and strawberries There’s also a little bit of spiciness Coming through reminding me of black Pepper on the palate it’s quite round And rich it has good freshness as well But it’s not a very profound and intense Spate burgundy for me it lacks a little Bit of concentration depth and structure But it’s well made it’s not a bad one at All it received 3.9 stars on the vino And i would give this 85 points here we Go the last one of the tasting and it’s From the other side of the world it’s The 2016 vina purcura malbec from Colchagua valley in chile it received a Score of 4.1 stars on the vino and it

Cost 22 euros or 25 us dollars so let’s Get in there coachago in chile is one of The largest and most dynamic wine Growing regions it is pretty close to The pacific so it’s very much directly Influenced by the pacific winds by the Pacific ocean my back has a great Variety is more associated with kaur and France where it became famous or Argentina was very widely produced but Chile actually claims that they had the First plantings of malbec in south America in the 19th century and they Seem to be producing more and more of it As my back is a pretty successful grape Variety right now one way of spotting my Back in the blind tasting is going by The color my back is a very very dark Color and it has a very distinct purple Rim which is very very typical and can Point you in the right direction here The wine is very aromatic and smells of Ripe cherries blueberries also a little Bit of spice a little peppery notes a Little tobacco notes so it’s quite Complex and pretty beautiful on the Palette it’s rich and concentrated and Has a lot of body but it also has a very Nice texture so the tenons are present Ripe but also grippy and there’s good Freshness in the finish it was rated 4.1 Stars on vivino and i would rate this 92 Points so for me this is pretty good Quality so at 20 euros or 22 euros and

25 us dollars you have a pretty good Price quality ratio here okay so i would Say this was a pretty good lineup i Wouldn’t say that the wines were all on The same level or even in the same Category but there were some beautiful Wines in this tasting for me The capsicum and the schpepergun from Germany fell off a little bit but they Were also the cheapest or amongst the Cheapest wines in the tasting to me Personally the best quality price ratio Here is absolutely in the dido or dido Which was also the best one in the Tasting in my opinion an absolutely Complex fragrant aromatic wine if you Give it a little bit of time so Absolutely beautiful but the other wines Also performed really well overall i Gotta say that the vivina wine style Award is a good indication for quality But you also have to factor in the price Not all wines are on the same level if They have this award some might be Outstanding and some might be just good I hope you enjoyed this video if you Liked it then please like it down here Subscribe to my channel if you want to Learn more about wine my question of the Day is which was the best wine you ever Found on vivino please comment down Below I hope i see you guys again soon until Then stay thirsty and i’m so thirsty for

This one so this bottle will be finished Tonight Bye [Music] You