MASTER OF WINE Tries white VIVINO AWARD Winners for Under $30

Hello my name is constantinbaum i’m a Master of wine and today we’re doing Another round in the vivino wine tasting Series i’m going to taste these six White wines that have been included in The best value category of the 2020 Vivino wine styles awards and i’m going To check for you whether they are any Good ready [Music] As always i’m not sponsored by vivino And i will review these ones completely Independently i just know from your Comments that a lot of you guys use the App and find these tastings useful in Order to separate the good from the bad Wines vivino started the one size awards A few years ago and they claim that they Are the only wine industry awards that Are determined solely by wine drinkers Not by wine experts or critics for the Sixth edition vivino went through Millions of reviews in order to find the Best whites rats and sparkling wines as Well as the best value wines in order to Qualify for the awards a wine must have Received at least 50 reviews on vivino i Selected best value ones that cost less Than 30 euros have received great scores And should be fairly widely available so You should be able to find most of these Wines in your markets if you want to Taste along i will taste them not blind As most vino users would i’m looking

Forward to finding out whether this Award is actually something to go by so Let’s pull out those corks and get Tasting Yeah that’s how the master does it So let’s start off with the first one The 2019 gavi di gavi la sculka Etiquette d’anera gavidigavi is one Hundred percent from the cortezer grape And it’s from the north west of italy From the piedmont region around the town Of garvey gavi digavi is a bit of a hype Wine oftentimes it is quite expensive And pretty thin and diluted las golga However is one of the pioneering Producers in the region that have really Focused on higher quality wines so let’s See whether this is any good the wine Has received 4.0 stars on vivino and From what i’ve learned and this is Roughly equal to 90 points in the 100 Point scale okay so this taste of green Apple pear a little bit of thyme as well So you have some herbaceous notes there On the palette it’s quite juicy it’s Fresh it’s vibrant there’s quite a bit Of acidity there but not a lot of body It has 12 percent of alcohol which is Great it’s a fresh and lively wine it is More concentrated than most garvey Degaves that i’ve tasted before which Can be quite diluted i don’t really see This as a great value wine though I think this is probably an 87 point

Wine in my book and it costs 25 euros or 30 us dollars so i think for that price You can find really amazing rieslings Jenners or other wines from other Regions that are far more cheap and Bring a lot more concentration and Richness to the plate but It’s agave digavi if you want the Gravidigavi this is probably one of the Best ones you can have but i just Wouldn’t buy another bottle of it so Let’s move on to the second wine So the next one is the 2019 eliado Pinero nvidia kojina which is an Albarino from riaz baishas I’m quite looking forward to tasting This wine because the label is quite Intriguing it is a cartoon character and I have no idea what they really want to Tell Me with this label but nvidia cochina Apparently means eat your heart out and I don’t really know why the wine is Called that they try to explain it on The label i don’t really get it it’s Probably me that just doesn’t get it i’m A bit stupid sometimes this should be Quite interesting it was rated on vivino With 4.2 stars and in retards around 22 Euros so let’s see whether it’s worth That so riaz bishops is a pretty Exciting do in galithia in the northwest Of spain this is very close to the Vinoverde region in portugal and the

Grape variety is one hundred percent Ivarinho the vines are pretty old they Are 40 years old on average and grow on Granite subsoils and the climate is Pretty cool and damp in that region very Much influenced by the atlantic so the Wine smells of lemon-zest ripe apple but You also have this freshly baked bread Character there which is quite beautiful On the pellet it’s actually quite rich And concentrated even though it finishes Fresh and lively but if you look at it In the glass it already looks pretty Concentrated so you have quite a lot of Power there quite a lot of concentration The finish is very long you almost have A slightly salty finish here so i would Drink this with seafood if you have for Example pan seared scallops this should Be a beautiful beautiful match i would Rate this 92 points so this is pretty Good And i Certainly agree with the people at Vivino that this is high quality i think Also the price is pretty fair so we’re Moving from the western edge of europe To a region that is actually pretty Close to my home to alsace and i’m Tasting the 2017 trimbak pinot gris Reserve which received 3.9 stars on the Vino and it retails at 20 euros to 30 us Dollars the trimba family can actually Trace their roots back to 1626 and they

Are now in the 13th generation of wine Makers which is pretty amazing they Produce everything from pretty entry Level basic wines to the very high-end Best wines from the regions the most Famous ones are probably clos santon and Cuvee friedrich But Wait a second So this is actually the 2008 cubicle Riesling which was named after friday Emir trimber who received the highest Distinction at the brussels wine fair in 1898 but we’re not going to taste this Today we are tasting this the more entry Level pinot gris reserve so let’s try it Pinography was also named tukai dal zas Until the term was outlawed in 2007 in Order to avoid confusion with the wine Growing region of tokai the wines tend To be a little bit more rich and Concentrated over there as compared to Kraubugun in germany or pinot grigio From italy pinot gris often has a pink u This is because the berries of the Grapes tend to have a slightly darker Skin they look a little bit reddish and It’s difficult to get that color out of The wine so this is quite typical in the Blind tasting this is a good indicator That you have a pinot gris in front of You this wine is quite concentrated and Rich it’s made of ripe pear a little bit Of plums it smells a little bit of mango

As well so it’s quite ripe a little bit More exotic in flavor profile on the Palate is quite rich and velvety there’s Even a little bit of vanilla coming Through so it’s quite concentrated and Big i’m not the biggest fan of pinot Gris from others because they tend to be A little bit too round and like Structure in my opinion this is quite Typical but it’s not necessarily a great Wine it lacks a little bit of balance i Would rate this 88 points and i think It is not bad value so now i’m going to The other side of the world to California the napa valley and i’m Tasting this stack sleep aveda sauvignon Blanc from the 2018 vintage and this Retails for 30 us dollars 30 euros Roughly and it’s got 4.1 stars on the Vino let’s try it stack sleep is a very Famous winery in california it’s the Winery that actually won the 1976 judgment of paris where the best Wines of france competed against the Best wines of california if you want to Learn more about this watch my video on California i’ll link it up somewhere up There so half of the wine was fermented In stainless steel and half of it was Fermented in oak and all of it was then Aged in berries so you have a great Combination of toasty oak aroma but also Passion fruit and gooseberry flavors Some lemon and orange flavors so it’s

All very balanced in the nose there’s Great complexity there so on the palette It’s richer and more concentrated than The sauvignon blanc from the loire or From marlborough in new zealand for Example but it is still quite fresh and Has great body great concentration it Reminds me more of a bordeaux sauvignon Blanc a great quality sauvignon blanc From bordeaux i would have hoped that The wine has a little bit more freshness And vibrancy on the finish and that the Alcohol was a little bit lower i would Still rate this as 91 points i think It’s a great wine a beautiful wine a Very complex wine but maybe they should Pick a little bit earlier or get fruit That is less ripe in order to bring in More balance so the next one is the 2018 Asean verdejo from nyeva in spain this Was rated 4.1 stars on the vino and cost Roughly 30 us dollars so this sounds Actually pretty interesting because it’s From really old ungrafted vineyards it’s Not 100 clear what ungrafted vines Actually bring to the table in this Region phylloxera couldn’t spread Because the soils are pretty sandy and It just can’t move very well in sandy Salts it’s pretty clear though that old Vineyards are very good for quality old Vineyards usually bring less fruit more Concentrated flavors and are more Reliable in extreme circumstances so old

Vineyards can produce some of the Greatest wines in the world veda the Grape variety used in this wine is Actually quite interesting it reminds me A little bit of sauvignon blanc and Produces some really aromatic some Interesting wines coming out of roida The region most associated with this Grape variety this smells quite Different to most radar verdejos it Actually still smells a little bit of Fedex but the oak influence is quite Pronounced so you mainly have like Chocolaty cedar wood flavors that Dominate the aroma of the wine and also The texture is quite different to normal Vedejo it’s quite rich and concentrated Quite powerful there’s liveliness and Freshness at the finish but it’s mainly Quite a big and concentrated wine i’m Actually a little bit disappointed about This wine when i read up on the story Behind the wine i was actually quite Excited to taste it but now i don’t feel As excited anymore i think the oak is Quite dominant and doesn’t really let Anything else come to the surface so it Feels very much like a wine that could Be from lots of different places it’s Just quite round rich and powerful i Have to recognize though that this is High quality wine making it just lacks The excitement factor i would rate this One 89 points this is very well made but

It could be from anywhere else in the World so here comes the last one the 2018 chardonnay enemy From mendoza in argentina it got 4.3 Stars on the vino which is an amazing Score and it retails between 20 euros And 30 us dollars James suckling gave it 97 points which Made me a little bit suspicious but i’m Trying not to let that influence me so Let’s taste it so this one is made by Adriana cartina the youngest daughter of Nicolas cartina and alejandro vigil the Head of enology at cantina sabata Adriana cantina is an historian as far As i know so i don’t really know what Her involvement with the winery is but Alejandro vigil is one of the most Highly regarded wine makers in south America el enemico means the enemy and The story behind the name is at the end Of the journey we remember only one Battle the one we fought against Ourselves the original enemy the one That defined us well this is a Chardonnay from guadalajara in mendoza And it’s aged in 500 liter french oak Barrels the interesting thing about this Wine is that it’s also partially aged on The floor floor is a yeast layer that we Know from sherry for example or jura This develops on those wines if you Leave a little bit of space in the Barrel they also do that to add a little

Bit more spice a little bit more texture Just another dimension to the wine this Is really nice i gotta say i’m not a Huge fan of argentinian chardonnays in General and there are some great Examples and some bad ones but Oftentimes they are a bit boring and a Bit rich and plush and lack texture and Energy But this Is quite complex it is intense and Concentrated the flavors are quite ripe You have flavors of Peach Ripe lemon but you also have some almond Some Chestnut some Nutty characters that are coming through This might be the influence of the floor As well as the oak but the oak flavor is Very well integrated on the palette you Have lots of richness and concentration But the wine finishes fresh so i would Rate this wine 93 points i think it is Absolutely Delicious and it’s definitely a real Good value great chardonnay for 20 euros Or 30 us dollars is not that easy to Find and this certainly is a great Chardonnay a wine that tells a very Exciting story and i also like that they Did something a bit special here with The integration of floor yeast i mean This is not something that a lot of

People do and they really did a great Job with this so well done so thank you For watching i hope you enjoyed this Video if you liked it then please like It down here subscribe to my channel Obviously my question of the day is Which suggestions for videos do you have Which formats do you like which ones Don’t you like please comment down below And let me know i hope i see you guys Again soon I will taste this beautiful chardonnay Tonight i hope you have something great In your class as well but whatever you Do stay Thirsty [Music] You