MASTER OF WINE Tries WORST Wines from VIVINO Under $20

Hi my name is konstantin baum i’m a Master of wine and a few weeks ago i did A tasting of highly rated wines from Vivino Here on this channel because i thought You might like it turns out you loved it And want more So here we go again with another vivino Tasting session this time i really Scraped the bottom of the barrel to find Some of the worst rated wines from the Vino and i’m going to taste and review Them here I’m not really sure whether i’m ready For this i hope you are So let’s go Getting into the tasting i want to say Thank you to all of my subscribers we Recently crossed the 10 000 subs mark and i’m very grateful for Your support I’m looking forward to seeing where this Journey is going and if you want to be a Part of it then Please do subscribe to get this out of The way right away i’m not being paid by Vivino To make this video and i’ve not used the Platform much in the past But there are quite a lot of people who Are using it apparently Vino claims that there are more than 52 Million users And 74 million reviews on the app

Which is quite a lot bivino is an app That allows you to rate wines with one To five stars You can also write tasting notes on Those wines and share that with your Community And today you’re also able to order wine On vivino there’s quite a lot of Information on vino today And you’re able to search and filter for The ones that you’re looking for But it’s very difficult to find badly Rated wines on vivino there’s no option To search for One or two star wines but why would you Look for this kind of stuff As a matter of fact i did not find any Wines rated below 2 stars And i found only a few ones rated below 3 stars even after looking through their Database For a long time i wanted to get ones That are internationally available So that you can get them in your market And taste along if you wanted to I will compare the vivina score against The 100 point scale And i will add my rating to each and Every one of the wines I will not taste the wines blind because I want to taste them just like any vino User would So let’s get tasting so we’ll start off With

Sparkling wine the j opman brute this Winery was founded by Joseph opman in 1865 After he learned how to make sparkling Wine in champagne and the winery is Based in franconia The wines some of them at least got Really really bad Scores on vivino i didn’t get those i Got the premium product here To give myself a bit of an easy start so As you know If you open a sparkling wine bottle you Should actually not turn the cork you Should turn the bottle And then it makes this sound and that Means That you’ve done a good job so this one Is a brute which means that it should Have less than 12 grams of residual Sugar And it’s made with the traditional Method the flashing girong Which is a second fermentation in bottle In order to get the bubbles into the Wine And this is the classic method from the Champagne region for example So the wine got an average rating of 3.8 Stars On vivina which would be roughly 89 paka Points But the other wines from this winery got Really bad scores below

3 stars i actually agree that this is Not a terrible wine But it’s definitely not 89 points in my Book It’s quite juicy fruit driven quite Clear but it lacks brioche flavor And additional complexity that you would Expect from a Better sparkling wine on the palate it’s Actually a bit too Sweet which is something that i don’t Really like i like a dry And fresh and crisp finish and this one Doesn’t really have that I would rate it 81 points But that said it’s only seven us dollars So it’s actually Pretty cheap and at that price you can’t Really expect Too much from your sparkling wine but Still this is not really something I would want to drink so the next one is The scavia and bianco which means the White and it retails for 7 usd 30 and got a vivino score of 2.8 Stars their motto according to their own Website is Bianco is a real treat when served neat Pretty funny in my opinion they also Recommend Serving this wine with soda water and Decorating it with Mint which already tells you what this Wine is supposed to be

So it’s from trentino in northern italy And it’s a blend of chardonnay Pinot bianco and riesling italico Riesling italico has nothing to do with Riesling It’s not even related it’s also called Vegetaling and it is Mainly available from austria and Eastern europe If you’ve seen my video on the master of Wine tasting exam I was mentioning that i was tasting a Very bland wine Before the exam in order to prime my Palette and this would be a perfect Choice for that Maybe it would even be too bland for That purpose It tastes of nothing it smells of Nothing if you really Focus and concentrate it smells a little Bit of apple On the palate there’s nothing there’s no Acidity There’s no aroma there is just A little bit of whiny substance in your Mouth i don’t see why Anybody would want to drink this apart From just getting drunk save up those Seven daughters 30 And buy something nice at some point i Would rate this one 75 points because it’s super Boring and let’s move on good

Bye so here we have the 20 20 yellowtail And oak chardonnay Means in yellowtail’s case that the wine Is made without the addition of oak Chips Oak chips are not necessarily a bad Thing wine has been aged in bariks for a Long time And berries impact the wine in two Different ways first of all it increases The age ability of the wine in bottle If the wine is stored in barrique and Secondly It also impacts the flavor of the wine Oak chips only impact the flavor And in some cases the oak chip flavor Gets too strong and too pronounced Is not well integrated and that’s not Good yellowtail is a big success story The brand was created by the casella Family in 2001 in australia and it’s now Available everywhere i haven’t tasted The wines In a while so i’m kind of looking Forward to Tasting this this is actually better Than the previous wine it smells of Lemon zest and apple And in a blind tasting you might be even Able to identify this as a chardonnay On the palate it’s a bit flabby it lacks Acidity And freshness and there’s also a little Bit of a vanilla

Aftertaste i think if you produce an Unoaked chardonnay It should be more on the fruit than this Wine this received a score of 3.3 Stars on vivino i would rate this only Slightly better than the previous one i Would give this 77 points i’m not really sure whether I’m going to find any wines for dinner Today so the next two wines i’m actually Going to taste Side by side because they’re both rid Cena’s and they’re both from the same Producer Santali this one here that santa lee Redzina actually got a Vino score of 2.6 stars while This one the greca terra got actually The worst vivino score i Found 2.3 stars on vivino So this should be exciting retsita is Made like any other white one except That small pieces of Resin from the pinots jelly pencils pine Are added to the must and left with the Wine until the first racking Sabatiano is usually the principal grape Variety And today redzina is not very highly Regarded because producers have often Used Bad resin to cover up floors in bad Quality wine the last time i was in Greece i actually did a retina tasting

And we tasted some Amazing wines so not every retina is bad But many are so let’s see whether i can Double pour these Yeah i’m a pro i gotta be honest i was Actually hoping that the people on Vivino just don’t get this style of wine But these are pretty bad wines the most Important part About retsina is that you have a good Quality wine Mixed with good quality pine resin and Then you have a bit of a balance you Have some Flavor of the wine and in addition to That you have the raisin flavor Here you just have pine flavor which Isn’t really appealing It’s very perfumed and very dominant In my opinion the graca terra is Actually a little bit Better even though it’s pretty bad than The straight Santali retsina here in my opinion the Wine also seems oxidized And this is just no good combination For me these wines are bad i would say This one is probably a 69 While this is a 64 so it already goes Into the direction of something that i Just wouldn’t accept In a restaurant or anywhere because it Seems Flawed in my opinion i looked through

The reviews on vivino for these wines And one of the reviewers wrote it’s like Chewing on a christmas tree Which is a pretty accurate description i Would say But now let’s move on so the next one is The 2020 domain the howard spygate Jose feederspieltagassen i was a bit Surprised to see this wine Got such a bad rating of 3.3 stars on The vino Because i know that domaine baja is Producing great wines i just recently Had a 1982 domain vachau riesling which showed Beautifully So i wanted to try this bachao is one of The most highly regarded Regions in austria and swigert is an Interesting grape variety it’s the most Widely planted red grape variety in Austria and it’s a cross between Blau frankish and sant laurent it can Produce Great quality wines but it is often used For Mass production so the wine has a pale Pink Color which is something that i quite Like flavor wise it’s not super opulent It has Flavors of rose petals strawberries a Little bit of cherries It’s quite clear quite neat quite

Precise On the palette it’s fresh vibrant you Have good grip A fresh acidity which makes this wine Quite lively Quite refreshing this is not a great Rosie by any stretch but it’s better Than the score would suggest 3.3 stars on vivino but i would say This is actually more of a 84 point Wine this is actually something i might Be drinking tonight as an aperitif Let’s see it was actually quite Difficult to find any red wines rated Below three stars Which is maybe not that much of a Surprise because red wines usually get Higher scores Which is unfair white wines and roses Should also be able to get The highest score as possible if they Are really great so the next one is the Leopard sleep classic collection merlot Which got 3.3 stars on the vino and Retails for less than four us dollars According to vivino Which is very very cheap especially when You’re considering that 40 of the wine is aged in barik and the Rest Is aged in stainless steel tanks with Wooden staves And micro oxygenation in this case the Wooden staves would actually

Give the wine a little bit of oak flavor As well and the micro oxygenation Would have an impact on the structure of The wine the wine would Actually taste a little bit more like a Wine that was aged in barik i told you That i’m going to taste more south African wines i don’t really know Whether that’s the best example But anyways let’s try it so if this one Is really less than four us dollars You can’t really complain about it it is Quite Nice on the nose you have plum cherry Flavors you also have some spicy nose Coming from the wood on the pallet it’s Structured It’s grippy the tenons are present but There’s also a fresh finish It finished a little bit bitter on the Aftertaste But it’s pretty good at this price point I gotta say So can’t really complain much about it My favorite review on that wine was Actually Decent wine for the price bit of an Aftertaste and take two paracetamols Before bed for the slight headache you Can expect the next day I can’t really comment on that but i Gotta say this is a pretty good one At a vivino score of 3.3 i would Actually say this is more

Of an 80 point wine in my opinion so It’s pretty good at that price point So the last one of the tasting is the 2016 kalitera My back reserver from chile it got 3.2 stars on the vino and it retails For just about 20 us dollars i did not Really find a lot of information on this One So i would just taste it like this my Bag is Actually a grape variety that is very Famous In argentina it’s not as famous in chile But i’m kind of looking forward to Tasting a chilean example of a malbec so Right off the bat The wine smells very reduced reduction Is the opposite of oxidation But the good thing about reduction is That it actually Will go away if you expose the wine to Oxygen for a bit so let’s swirl it for a While So if you give the wine a little bit of Time it opens up you got some blackberry Aromas Some cherry aromas coming through also a Little bit of Mint on the palette it’s quite juicy and Rich Well balanced it was rated 3.2 Stars but i would say this is actually More of an

83 point wine it’s not a great chilean Wine There are some really amazing wines Coming out of chile but It’s pretty good so i would give it 83. So that’s it I’m going to go brush my teeth to get The retsina flavor out of my mouth I hope you enjoyed this video if you Liked it then please like it down here Subscribe to my channel If you haven’t done so already my Question of the day is Which wine that is rated on vivino Should i review next Please comment down below i hope i see You guys again soon Until then stay thirsty