Hi my name is constantin baum i’m a Master of wine and i’ve been challenged To a blind tasting My intern leon who has been working for My company for the last few months has Picked two wines and i’ve picked two Wines that we’re going to blind taste And identify all wines were put into Randomly numbered bottles so that we can Tell the wine from the bottle shape and Don’t know which ones are leons and Which ones are mine so it might happen That we get our own wines confused which Would be kind of embarrassing i can win Points if i correctly identify leon’s Wines and vice versa you get two points For the correct grape variety country Region vintage and price point and you Can get one point if you’re close with The vintage and the price point we will Taste the wine separately and reveal the Scores in the end those are the rules so Let’s do this [Music] So you might think that this challenge Is a bit unfair but leon is not only my Intern he’s also a very talented taster So leon why don’t you introduce yourself Hi guys i’m leon i’m studying International wine business and yeah i Really love drinking wine and tasting it And you love being an intern for me i Was on the best company on earth yeah Definitely

Excellent so leon what got you Interested in wine and do you want to Become a master of wine Um i got interested in wine because There’s like always something to learn And it’s um yeah just very like my Passion it’s just very interesting topic For me But i’m not sure if i want to follow the Path of a master of wine we’ll see I’m not sure about that so the few Months with me turned them off Becoming a glass of wine clearly so Before we start the tasting you have to Decide which weapon you want to use I’m pretty sure which glass i will use But Uh what do you want i would be i would Love to be a self-confident to take this Class but I think that will not work for today so I’m going for the gabriel this time Excellent choice i’m going for my Trusted reedl champagne glass i’m going To start the tasting and leon has to get Out of the room And he will come back and then do the Tasting after i’ve finished and then We’ll come back for the big reveal in The end so get out of here This is why number one and like i told You the wine is not in its original Bottle so i don’t get any clues from the Bottle shape i will have to rely on my

Nose and my palate so let’s fill that Glass i like to rinse my glass to make Sure that there’s nothing in there that Might change the smell or the taste of The wine so i just pour out this little Sip And now it’s go time the wine is pretty Aromatic so i can already say that this Is definitely an aromatic grape variety It’s melts a little bit of ripe apple Peach there’s also a little bit of a Tropical note so there’s a little bit of Pineapple flavor in there as well so Quite aromatic and the flavors already Kind of point me in one direction which Is riesling oh this is beautiful this is Quite fresh and vibrant the acidity is Intense there’s also quite a lot of Sweetness there so There’s a good balance between sweetness And acidity and sweetness is quite nice In the blind tasting because it already Narrows down the list of options quite Significantly this could now be a chenin Blanc or riesling but i was already very Much in the reasoning camp and this kind Of confirmed it to me the acidity is Just very very fresh and sharp there’s Good texture there there are great Rieslings coming from all parts of the World today but for me this feels very Much like a german riesling the quality Is just very high and the balance Between the sweetness and the acidity is

Great so this feels for me like Something that could only come from one Part of germany from the mosul because Of this balance the stylistic expression Just feels very much like a mosul Riesling so i’m going riesling germany Mosul the vintage should be 2016 and the Price i think it’s pretty cheap even Though this is a great wine but mosul Cabinets tend to be really really cheap So i would say this is maybe 15 euros so Yeah we’ll start with bottle number one And see what’s In there So the wine got like a pretty bright Lightly oxidized color I’m pretty sure that’s my wine because It has that Very distinct lemon zest Green tea Like sweet sweet notes It’s very fresh actually Um although might have a few years oh i Like i do know it has a few years of age Because i chose to wine But you kind of feel it’s getting a Little bit more Yeah more complex everything and i quite Like that it’s the 2016 maximin Greenhouse upspec cabinet Which is a wine that really got me into The mosul area And i’m a huge fan of this like Very precise very juicy um delicate

Style of white wine from germany and i Think this is like the perfect example Of how This wine style should be So let’s move on to wine number two it Should be my wine but let’s see maybe There’s a third white wine in the Tasting so this is the one i picked it’s A classic it smells of gooseberries a Little bit of nettles as well there are Green flavors coming through it’s very Aromatic a really aromatic grape variety Again very clean and clear Wine It should be fairly easy to identify Especially because leon has worked in The country where this wine is from It is a marlboro sauvignon blanc from New zealand so a very distinct wine Style and i’m hoping that leon gets this It’s very fresh and vibrant it’s not the Most exotic marlboro sauvignon blanc It’s a little bit leaner a little bit More on the freshness but it’s a Beautiful very clean wine so the wine is Quite aromatic There’s a very very bright fruit aromas And Like those very distinct gooseberry Gooseberry fruit And in the mouth it’s quite acidic it Has Not too much texture it’s quite Quite linear although like it has i said

It has great acidity um which leads me To Somehow Which is um Yeah quite nice to have in a in a blind Tasting But the question is whether it’s from France From new zealand or from anywhere else In the world so i think this one is from New zealand Um i think it’s a zombie blonde i think It’s from the Nelson region I’m guessing it’s 2019 vintage and I’m also guessing that the price point Is 13 euros So we’re moving on to wine number three Which should be a red one i think leon Picked a red wine and white wine but Let’s see So this is a little bit more tricky Because i don’t know what leon picked And I haven’t really tried the wine that i Picked i just thought i picked this Because it’s fairly classic but This feels like the wine that i picked But let’s taste it in the nose i get Quite a lot of cherry fruit which is Present in quite a lot of different Grape varieties for example saint Gervais but it could also be tempranillo

Which for me is more likely in this case You also get a little bit of sweetness There not sweetness in terms of sugar But more ripe fruit there’s a little bit Of candied orange and candied cherry Flavor coming through as well so This points me more towards tempranillo You definitely have quite a lot of oak Here and there’s lots of chocolate there A little bit of vanilla and this is very Much in line with what i know of Tempranillos from rioja so this is quite A concentrated ripe and intense wine Grippy tannins quite a lot of structure As well feels very young but there’s Quite a lot of oak influence there so This is really putting me towards rioja So the wine is quite transparent Like i could see my my finger i could Read newspaper through that Um And i got like Dark berry aromas some very distinct Cherry aromas Some chocolate there are too Not a lot of tenants but some A nice acidity And Again some some woody characters to it So i’m guessing the wine is From germany I could imagine that it’s from the baden Area That’s a pinot from from baden

It’s not as elegant as i would imagine a Burgundian wine although i’ve got a lot A lot of like new woody characters to it A lot of burgundian um traits i’d say Yeah pretty like recent vintage A pretty warm vintage might be i’m Saying 18 2018 And price wise I’m guessing it’s about 16 euros The last one i’m fairly confident that I’ve got the last three wines right but This one will tell me whether i was Right with the first red wine because if This smells like rocca i’m in trouble so I’m lucky this definitely doesn’t feel Like a rioja I know that leon has a little bit of an Interest in natural wines and this feels A little bit like the winemaker is Working very close to nature or doesn’t Really add a lot of so2 to its wines the Color is fairly light which points me Away from some grape varieties and Towards others like pinot noir for Example grenache can be fairly light in Color zweigard in austria can be fairly Light in color as well or gamma for Example for me this feels like an old World expression and it feels really French it’s quite vibrant and lively the Liveliness and freshness could also Point towards italy but i think the Lightness and vibrancy and the aromatic

Profile points more towards northern France i think this could be from the Loire in theory where cabernet franc is Being produced but where some really Light and fresh and elegant wines come From but i don’t really get the green Metoxypirazine character that you often Get in those wines so this feels more Like a beaujolais so this is not the Maseration carbonic kind of beaujolais Which means of cherries and bananas so I’m going game france beaujolais 2020 And i think this is pretty cheap i mean Virgin lane tends to be really cheap and Even though this is a very good example I think this will be around 15 euros Maybe i’m pretty sure that’s my one Um And i was quite curious to to see what Constantine says to that Because it got a little bit of like a Natural wine funky Taste to it and i really like that so The wine has very clear fruit aromas um For me it’s a very distinct cassis Blueberry um Blueberry aroma type of thing Got a little bit of that barnyard funk Which i like it’s not too much but but It’s it’s there good amounts of um Of tenants good amount of acidity But you feel that’s very a little bit Green like it got harvested early um But it’s a vine style i very much like

And i enjoy drinking um When there’s it shouldn’t be too complex Just you know Having fun stuff like that okay this is Exciting now we’re on to the big reveal And i’m not 100 sure whether i got the Wines right yeah are you me neither no Okay But i’m pretty sure you did a great job And Let’s check out the wines so wine number One it’s backed up to make it a little Bit more exciting so let’s see What is in the bag And it’s The 2016 riesling cabinet from the mosul So i got full scores on that one yeah i Also got full scores well done well done But your scores don’t count it’s also my One But but i’m really happy about this a Very distinctive very clean very Clear very precise style so one number Two Was my one and what did you say it was Um nelson blanc from 2019 Well done but uh not quite very very Close very close so it’s the 2020 Sauvignon blanc from marlborough which Is very close to nelson so you did a Good job there it’s okay but i thought We were both in nelson doing a harvest There and i thought you were doing like Nelson but melbourne is obviously like

Yeah um okay Melbourne is the classic and this is a Pretty classic wine villa maria so now On to the red wines the first one is Obviously wine number three and i Thought that was my wine i’m pretty sure That was my one Did you think the same yeah okay that’s That’s good already so what did you say It was um pinot noir from barn i’m not Sure if it’s ban but It’s actually A bit of a lateral for pinot uh it is A It’s a rioja Reserver 2016 and i actually um actually Thought you liked spanish wine so much So so i kind of thought Don’t beat yourself up this has happened To me lots of times before so It’s not not entirely wrong you’re in The right continent that’s what That’s like a third of a point here So now let’s see whether i failed on the Fourth one which was leon’s wine then Apparently And this is for the money because i Think Well I don’t know whether you can still win It but uh it’s close at least so so Let’s see if i’m completely wrong on This one then You might still win the prize i’m quite

Excited for that one then so let’s see I actually said it’s a beaujolais oh It’s not boujoulet Damn So Ah okay yeah all right So i’m completely wrong on that one This is this is from germany it’s a Lemberger but a lemberger with eleven Percent of alcohol so a very light one I’m also in the right continent but That’s pretty much it so we actually Have to count the points now to see who Is one the intern or the master of wine Let’s see Okay the score is in and looks like a One Yeah so um i got this but you did a Really really good job i promised him a Bottle of champagne if he wins Maybe i’ll still give him Maybe i still open the bottle and Champagne let’s see So thank you for watching if you like This video then please like it down here Subscribe to my channel if you haven’t Done so already my question of the day Is did you like this format should i do More blind tasting games just comment Down below I hope i see you guys again soon until Then stay thirsty Right yeah Cheers

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