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Hi my name is constantin baum i’m a Master of wine and today i’m going to Answer one of the oldest questions in The world which wine matches best with a Beautiful piece of meat i have this Little t-bone steak here and i consulted The wine at vivino in order to find the Best wine matches with beef i received a Wide variety of suggestions and i’m Going to taste test which ones match Best sounds like a tough job but Somebody’s got to do it [Music] Before we get into the session i just Want to say thank you for all of your Subscribes likes and comments they are Greatly appreciated and are very Motivating but now let’s talk about the Basic rules behind food and wine Matching the first thing you need to Understand is why there are some do’s And some don’ts the only thing that Really matters is whether you are having A good time with your match sometimes i Pick a wine for dinner because i want to Drink that wine on that evening and if The meal doesn’t perfectly match that’s Fine too i still have a great bottle and A great plate right in front of me that Said in order to find great matches you Need to follow some basic rules and we Will go through some of those rules Today the most important rule for me is That the wine should give the food

Something it needs and vice versa a Piece of meat might taste great but it Doesn’t taste acidic or bitter and the Red wine might add those dimensions to Your sensory experience i’m therefore Not looking for similarities between the Wine and the food i’m looking for Opposites that attract in order to find These wines i went on vivino because Many of you use the app and i searched For internationally available affordable Wines that are according to vivino a Great match with beef the results were a Bit of a mixed bag but i’m looking Forward to find out which one is the Best match with that t-bone steak but First of all i have to cook that steak What Yes first of all i gotta say if this Whole master of wine thing doesn’t work Out i could still be a fairly decent Line cook the first one is the white Acoustic wine from monsant in spain a Region where there are some great white Wines coming from i’m looking forward to Trying this even the white wine Obviously isn’t the most obvious choice When it comes to red rare beef normally Would rather go for red wine because of The power and concentration of the meat Flavors but if you have a powerful and Concentrated white wine that could work Too so let’s try it this is indeed a Powerful white wine with lots of

Concentration and body there’s quite a Lot of oak there as well because the Wine was fermented in french oak Barriques but there’s also some citrus Freshness there the alcohol is high but There’s also good acidity and this is Also because of white grenache which can Produce really structured beautiful Wines in spain i’m a big fan of this Grape variety even though it’s powerful It often also has great freshness and Vibrancy so i’m going to try the first Piece of meat And i’m going to see whether it works With a wine if it doesn’t that’s fine Because this meat looks delicious so you Know what this one is actually so Powerful that it even overpowers the Meat a little bit i have quite a lot of Astringency and aggressiveness in the Mouth with this wine so i’m not a big Fan of the match even though it isn’t Too shy it doesn’t kind of fall apart When the meat is there as well It just doesn’t match right even though I would have liked to see the white one Match well with the beef i gotta say This is a bit of a fail they just don’t Really sink and therefore i gotta say no Thank you the next wine is the wine that Leon picked and it’s a bit of an Interesting wine from alto articho in Italy the winery is called pransec and The curvy is la green and vernach and

It’s very light in color and very light And alcohol as well with 11 of alcohol This could actually work quite well with The beef because of its freshness and Vibrancy and this wine might give the Meat a little bit more freshness as well Yeah this is a really fresh and vibrant Wine lots of fruit flavors coming Through there’s red currants cherries a Little bit of raspberries as well coming Through on the palate it’s lively fresh And very light the only issue i can see Here is that the beef might be too Strong too flavorful I still love my job so this is really Nice the wine matches the food it Doesn’t overpower the meal the meal Doesn’t overpower the wine i think if You have like a very dark and Concentrated sauce with the beef then This would probably be too much for this Little wine but in this case it works So i would give this a thumbs up so now We’re looking at the more classic Matches this is a cross amitage from the Northern rhone so it’s a surah and this Could be a really nice match surah is Often used with meat oftentimes served With lamb but you can also serve it with Like pigeon game while born these kinds Of dishes so let’s see whether it works With a t-bone steak this is a really Classic surah it smells of blueberries But also cherries it’s quite

Concentrated and rich they are also Black olive notes coming through and Obviously a little bit of pepperiness Which is quite typical for the grape Variety on the palette there’s body There’s structure it’s not the biggest Wine in the world but it has some Tannins and some rough edges and the Meat or the protein in the meat might be Really useful to polish off those Tannins tannins react with the proteins In your mouth and if you add a little Bit of meat you have more proteins Against the same amount of tannins and You therefore have less astringency on Your palette so that can really help to Make the sensation of eating and Drinking more pleasurable yeah the wine Actually feels less rough which is a Good thing i think actually that this One might be a little bit too powerful For the meat i think if you have a Really dark and concentrated sauce this Will give the meal more power and Therefore the wine will seem less Overpowering but in this case i actually Think this is a bit too edgy so it’s not A fail but it’s also not the greatest Match so far so i would rate this Like this the next one is the black Stallion cabernet sauvignon from napa Valley this is also a really good deal If you’re searching for affordable wines From napa it’s a concentrated and rich

Wine but it’s really well made so let’s Taste it it actually has a very complex Flavor composition so you have cassis Flavors there so concentrated ripe fruit But you also got a little bit of Greenness a little bit of herbaceousness There you also have the oak influence Because the wine is still fairly young But it’s very complex and very appealing There’s quite a lot going on in that Glass on the palette it’s bold and Concentrated but it’s a little bit more Polished than the cross emitage that i Had previously so the tenants are a Little bit more rounded a little more Mellow This is quite nice let’s see whether it Works with the beef this actually works Really well because of the fact that the Tannins are more polished the meat Doesn’t get overpowered if you’d serve a Brown sauce with it it might be an even Better match but it actually works Really well like this already so Ding ding the next one had to be a my Back from argentina when i traveled Through argentina i realized that they Eat a lot of beef and when they eat beef They usually drink malbec with it so i Had to include it in this tasting this Is an interesting one because it’s the El enemigo Back from mendoza in argentina and i Tried the chardonnay in one of my

Previous videos and really liked it so I’m looking forward to tasting this one Man they really know what they’re doing At el enemiko this is very very nice It’s quite intense and vibrant but There’s also quite a lot of structure There so the wine smells of blackberry a Little bit of cassis there’s also some Pepperiness coming through on the Palette it’s quite structured there are Grippy tenons but also lots of freshness And body and everything is in perfect Balance this is not a super powerful Wine it has 13.5 percent of alcohol so It’s not too alcoholic at all and i Really like it and now i want to see Whether i like it as much with the beef Or more or less Let’s see oh i’m very excited about this Match we have a beautiful red wine and a Great piece of meat and together they’re Even better than when they are apart so This is what matchmaking is all about a Beautiful beautiful combination and Yeah i like it as you can tell the last One is a bit of an oddball but it was Suggested so i thought i’d check it out It’s a 10 year old tony from graham’s so It’s a port wine that was aged for a Long time in barrel it’s alcoholic and Sweet and i have no idea whether this Would work with the beef this is very Nice i really like port one and i don’t Drink enough of it it smells of plums a

Little bit of walnuts so there are Roasty notes coming through as well on The palate it’s quite intense and Concentrated there’s beautiful sweetness There but also freshness and vibrancy in Length so this is very very good but Yeah i don’t really see how this will Work but Let’s Dig in Okay this is not the best combo but it’s Definitely also not the worst i think There’s something there if you would add Some blue cheese to the dish or if you Have a concentrated and rich sauce that Matches the concentration and richness Of the port then possibly you could find A way to match the wine and the beef but Not like this it would be great if port One could be matched with a dish like This it’s a great wine but it’s Underappreciated and if you could pour It more frequently in a restaurant Setting with different dishes that would Be amazing drink more port wine because There’s so much diversity of style and a Rich rich history just don’t drink it With this these are my top three matches And they come from three different Continents i made from different grape Varieties in different ways they’re very Different stylistically and this goes to Show that you should just experiment More and try different combinations and

See what works and what doesn’t my Favorite definitely was the el enemy Malbec a beautiful wine and a beautiful Match so i hope you enjoyed this video If you liked it then please like it down Here subscribe to my channel if you Haven’t done so already my question of The day is which is your favorite wine With beef comment down below let me know And i hope i see you guys again soon Until then Stay thirsty [Music] [Music] You