Meet our students: Pinotage Youth Development Academy 2022

[Music] Uh my highlights were shannon blanc It’s very versatile grape and It’s well known to all of its facilities I was interested in whistling cabinets I think it’s france and Where they can make a full-bodied red Wine with the producer to me i like Things that are full-bodied The most challenging part is pronouncing The words and writing them it is quite Challenging learning all the different Label appellations from different Countries in regions but luckily i’m Always up for the challenge these styles Are Quite difficult and they’re quite hard To pronounce it at times but we’ll find A way around it mostly german labels we Can relate to it because it’s fighting Africans but it’s also challenging Because we have to use the words the Languages of Their countries and it’s too much to us I would like to become a song one day Somalia and [Music] I also like to travel and explore things I like to learn new things And also come back to my country and Help Um children or people that will Disadvantage and Love to have the knowledge that i have i

Have a plan of having my own pub so It will work for me It can take me too far places it’s a Great opportunity for everyone the wsat Qualification is Is the one that will take me far and to Bridge the gap between my goals And with that i’d like to say thank you [Music]