Method 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley

Here’s method cabernet sauvignon 2019 Napa valley so this is the wine that Trevor sheen and uh Master selma ian koble Collaborate on And as always Just amazing sourcing For these method wines This one They’ve sourced grapes From a vineyard in In saint helena that’s uh farmed organic So I think this is the first time they’ve Done Organic Wine But um Pretty cool Aged 18 months In french oak barrels And yeah this is always a really solid Wine You know these 2019’s Really good quality all around Really enjoying these 2019s So Beautiful deep color on this Getting nice Cherry a little hint of violet on this Just a touch of vanilla really pretty Nose nice Combination of that fruit and floral A little bit of that spice brown spice

Let’s try it Yeah so there’s a beautiful ripe quality To the fruit Just really Lifts up When it hits the palate And then there’s a nice backbone to this The tenons are soft But it just feels like everything’s Really nicely in place Lingering on the finish Um yeah drinks beautifully right now Because that fruit is so nice and bright But this got that good backbone Good intensity Um and As always This one’s a super value Happy drinking [Music] You