Moillard 2021 Bourgogne Chardonnay

So today we have something very cool This is moyard 2021 we're going this is Uh Elevate and fruit and it is Chardonnay 100 it's got the wax top Going on so something I learned that was Pretty interesting to help open these is Take your hand and rub it a handful of Times on the top of it it helps to kind Of warm it up so that the worm can drill Through just a bit easier and that's Really the trick a lot of times with These wax tops is you do want to just Drill right through no need to try and Cut the wax off so uh talk about the Wine a little bit this is a we're going Meaning the Grapes can come from anywhere in the Region of burgundy the grapes for this Wine are sourced mostly in the South so It's a little bit warmer down there near The mechanese And this has Uh About 10 months Of Oak they use 25 new Oak and then they Use a handful of one year a handful of Two-year used and they just kind of mix All of these barrels together the vines Here Are up to 40 years old so it's really Really old mature Vines Um for this wine and They they go in Uh and do the the leaves stirring uh you

Know while it's sitting in that oh 10 Months Um so go ahead and you can really Get that uh sort of yeasty You know kind of rich During what's going on here but fruit First and foremost is really nicely Developed and crisp and clean apple and Hair green fruits you know leading the Way here so really nice lemon zest A little bit of peach a little bit of a White blossom floral note there's Limestone Yeah it's like a beautiful mineral Character on here they do smell lactic Fermentation so you get a little bit of That Butternut definitely a little bit Of the uh The Oaky uh kind of notes here but it's All you know beautifully well integrated And really aromatic you know really Pronounced intensity out of the glass Here it's good taste [Music] You know it'd be hard not to call this The code to Bone if you were uh blind Tasting I mean this is really complex Um it's Rich uh there's a a balance here Between the acidity Fruit the oak notes The texture on the palette is Minerality to it on the finish in Particular really lingers and hangs on For a long time

Um this is a really well crafted complex Wine and I know it's more gone but you Know they took the care here to to put The wax top and and to put a really Beautiful package together which doesn't Always mean that it's a great wine but In this case it actually does so Um you know in terms of value what You're getting here for borgon really High quality great pairing with some Rich seafood dishes turkey duck even This could stand up to Rich complex wine Only available here at Wine Express so Check it out cheers [Music] Thank you